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How Curious is Facebook about Search?

However, it is apparent that Facebook has determined for enhanced internal search as well as the internal team has keep this as their first objective. According to BusinessWeek, the former Googler Lars Rasmussen put a statement that in nigh future searching the social network would be far better and efficient.

In the last few years, social networks has implemented lot of things to jamb the privacy controls that may not avail by the users or may referred ineffective by them inadvertently. According to BusinessWeek;


Enhanced Site Search Results in Increase Query Volumes

Nothing to argue that an enhanced search capability will verily benefit Facebook in several distinct ways. Eventually, it lead to encourage users for improved search activity and in consequence they would be awarded with great experience compelling to self-reinforcing. Moreover Facebook would also offer a PPC ad opportunity and that is too advantageous to disregard.

However, Facebook will be capable to market for keyword-based PPC ads in search result as most probably there is stifled demand for such application. It is not abnormal for a website and provide an opportunity of monetization that will compelled Facebook to implement.

Facebook not Supposed to Challenge Google Directly

In near term, it is improbable to predict for Facebook that in context of web search it will challenge Google directly. However, the first reason that sits behind this is the relationship of company with Bing, that check to render the near term. The second one is that it is likely to congregate a huge resource commitment from Facebook.

Enhanced search on Facebook with captivating layout and presentation of result wouldn’t stand anywhere as confounded as regular web search. Literally, it would welcomed by both users and advertisers in account of PPC opportunities.

Hundred of Millions in Revenue “on the Table”

With reference of comScore data, BusinessWeek article states that, approx 336 million search queries were performed by Facebook users in February. So, if Facebook fixed search then that number might be turned into hundred of millions of dollars exponentially.

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Written by Steven Bowen


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