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Know What WordPress Theme is Being Used: Theme Detector

But we can create our own possibilities by browsing different WordPress sites and blogs. While doing the same odds are that you might find yourself stuck in a situation when landing on a website will make you wonder… “What WordPress Theme Is That”??? If you have already been to that phase and are still struggling with your grey matter to find the WordPress theme of that website, then no worries. We are going to discuss the tools that will help you find the answer. However, there are tons of tools or software application you can find on the web, but we did a deep research and after that collected the best sources that are popular for outstanding and quick response. You may go through every mentioned tool to find which suits you and your purpose the best.

Methods To Find WordPress Theme Of A Website

  • Check the source code
  • Browse specific website source code
  • Using functional theme tools – WhatWpthemeisthat, WPThemedetector, WhatTheme
  • Get Help From the Contact Form of blog

1. Check The Source Code

This is one of the quickest and lesser known ways to find the details about WordPress theme of a blog. You just need to check the source code > search its style.css file, and there you go. This is one of the trickiest ways to find a WP theme that works on the majority of blogs, but sometimes the information related to the theme in credit store is edited by site owners that prevents you from finding the actual name of the WP theme used in that blog. Don’t be sad, jump on to the below-mentioned tactics and continue your hunt.

2. Browse Specific Website Source Code

This is one of the invisible tricks which should be known to all, just because it is as simple as browsing a directory of contacts. Simply copy the URL and paste it in the search box. Go to the source code (Ctrl+U) and search style.css. Click on the code and you will get all the description related to the theme.

Example: Like if you want to search the WordPress Theme of (A WordPress powered website).


A. Copy its URL

B. View its source code file

View its source code file

C. Find style.css file

Find style.css file

D. You will find the name of the theme : Nice Bird

E. Click on the link and know about the theme in detail

3. Using Functional Theme Tools

This is believed to be one of the easiest ways for any novice or even experienced bloggers to find WordPress theme from URL. You just need to add the URL of the blog in the box given and wait for a few seconds. There you have it… the name of the theme along with its description, homepage, version and much more. Not just the name, these websites reveal the plugins used by the site too.

Some Popular Tools



Description: “What WordPress Theme Is That” is a widely used online tool helpful in detecting what WordPress theme a site is using. Scroll down, and you will be amazed! Yes it provides added details of detected plugins that are being used in the theme. And it is totally free…. Try It!



Description: If you just passed by a site and got really inspired by its theme, just copy the URL and paste it in the box section of WordPress Theme Detector. This free online tool is very popular for its amazing theme detecting features. Not just theme you can also know about the plugins used in the description provided below.


Description: “WHAT THEME” is rated top among these theme tools to know about the themes and their descriptions. It is specifically designed for inquisitive people like you to easily know the name of the theme a site is using. Simply copy the URL and paste it in the dialogue box given on the homepage of “WHAT THEME”. Press Enter and there you go. You will get all the information regarding the theme of that site.

Example: If you want to know about the theme a popular site is using. Just copy the URL and paste it in the space box, you will get the description as shown below:


4. Get Help From the Contact Form of Blog

If none of the above-mentioned tricks could serve your purpose of identifying the WordPress theme, then without any hesitation, drop a message (better email it) to the blog owner and request him to tell you about the theme and related information. Feel lucky if you get the answer!


Hopefully, with this article, you have got a bountiful of tricks and tips to find what WordPress theme was used in that particular website, which fancied you. You no longer have to go through that complex research and finding methods to know WordPress theme of website. Hence, use any of the above stated tools to best serve your purpose. If you have any suggestions/ additions, feel free to share with us.

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Written by Bryan Lazaris


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