Google+ Revamped Authorship to WordPress & Launched Post Embedding

Previously, it took lots of time in configuring content site with the Google + authorship, but now Google has renovated the mechanism. Secondly, it has declared a simple method for embedding the post of your account to your any other blogging framework although it takes a few lines of coding, but it is very helpful. Today, this blog presents both these methods in the extensive way to make you clear about how to link authorship with blogging site and how to integrate the post at any platform.

In current times, everybody wants to mark an impression with the content. To make it easy Google+ authorship recently presented simple and effective technique that assist in connecting the writer’s profile with the content at WordPress and Typepad platform. Now, with no or few clicks users can check the profile with related content on the search engine page. Here, you will see the two sections one is for linking authorship with WordPress and Typepad platform and other method to include the post with any framework.

Connecting profile WordPress and Typepad Platform User

Google+ has made the way straight for WordPress and Typepad user. Here, you only need to simply sign in the blogging account by using Google+ credential information (user id & password). After this, the content of your site will automatically get an impression of your profile. Secondly, you cannot only see yourself at search bar, but also at the news bar.

Webgranth Google+

Installing the Google+ post at any Platform

This explains how you can paste the post at Google+ account at your any blogging framework. The method is very simple. Follow the below given instructions step by step.

  • Sign in to Google+ account

First sign in to your Google+ account and go to the specific post, which you want to embed.

  • Click the drop down button, go the embed post command option

Now click the drop down button at the top of the post, you will see various options. Click the embed post option. It will open the coding part.

Webgranth Embedded Code

  • Copy the code showing in the box

Copy the line of coding in the box and paste that coding part in your content platform.

At last, you can now see that visitors can comment, +1 or follow your post at your content, but there is no sharing functionality.


Google+ has presented the simple way for connecting Google + profile at WordPress and Typepad blogging platform and secondly embedding the Google+ post at any of the blogging platform. Hope that this blog has given the brief idea. If you have any confusion regarding this post you can share through the comment section given below.

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