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Google Ad Update: How Google Ads are Better for Everyone

Likewise several other internet companies, it is also assaulting on a large quantity of bad actors which works at large extent to spread spyware and malware. Moreover, these scammers always attempt to explore new ways to abuse our system. Therefore, it became mandatory to keep watch over such instances consistently. Literally, eradicating and checking bad ads is right step initiated by Google Ads, where they used to reach users who rely on this system in account of giving number of Google Search and legitimate businesses. Therefore, in order to ensure the better ads, Google has recently updated his strict policies.  So, I am writing here to deliver an overview on updated principles and new technologies of Google Ads.

Google not allows Ads which harm users

As Google commits to approach his ads system envisioned with safety and reliability. It claims to have a strong policies regarding Google Ads system incorporating a lot of issues that encounters throughout the globe in every country from where they operates their business. For instances, according to Google Ads system, they doesn’t grant ads or ads content for prohibited or illegal products or services such as simulated goods, malicious products like cigarettes and handguns, misleading claims like “guaranteed weight loss”, unclear billing practice and fraudulent scams like work at home etc.

How it works

Every year billions of ads are being submitted to Google as well as they employ sophisticated technology with manual review too in order to analyze and remove such kinds of Google Ads. However, to achieve success in the battle, they made statement to spend millions of dollars towards building advanced machine learning models and technical architecture that are efficiently designed to designate and expel the ads for malicious download websites which contain virus or malware before appearing on Google Ad. Furthermore, Google plea to review and scan landing page of a website as well as advertiser accounts by means of implementing automated systems. After, analyzing by Google automated system, if any potentially objectionable ads is pointed out, the policy specialists scrutinize the ads, accounts and sites in detail and take action.

Enhanced Detection Systems

Let’s take a look over some significant improvements in their system made by Google recently.

Enhanced “query watch” for counterfeit ads: When anyone reports counterfeit ads, Google employ this “query watch” to monitor sensitive keywords and queries related with counterfeit goods as well as enable them to arrest more counterfeit ads before they appear on Google.

Detect violations with “risk model”: The Google has detailed risk models in account which it determines whether an ad is potential to violate their policies or not. Recently, they have equipped their engineering system with new robust “risk model” which is capable to detect precise advertiser who violate their policies.

Rapid process of manual review: Even rather than of automated system some ads are required for manual review. Further, it justify that they in order to increase their response time towards checking ads from policy-violating advertiser, they accelerate internal system and processes.

24×7 response hour: After receiving any complaint regarding an ad the Google Ads proclaim to respond within 24 hrs. after.

In context of protecting people from betraying, Google Ads regularly analyze and update the areas which comes under it policy. For example, Google recently upgraded the policy regarding short-term loans. However, to check people from misleading claims concerning short-term loans, it ask advertiser to disclose complete details like annual percentage rate, overall fees, hidden charges if any, and implications for non-payment or late payment.

Removing bad ads

The Google Ads justify that their methods are working. For example go through this report. According to Google, In 2011, billions of ads were submitted, but eventually 130 million ads were disabled. In fact in comparison to year 2010, it claims to lowers the percentage of bad ads by 50%. Still they are capable to arrest majority of bad ads and disable them before they appear on Google or its partner networks.

Here, David Baker, Engineering Director is explaining how Google Ads can designate and remove scam ads.

However, undoubtedly online advertising can be concord as backbone of the web. Therefore, it is highly obligatory to render the ads trustworthy and reliable on Google and the internet.

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Written by Bryan Lazaris


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