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Best Search Engine List: Whether it is a professional IT geek or a common Internet user; Search engines are the most visited places by everyone. Search engines save the user from the hassle of searching the information in thousand on million of websites. These search engines are so much faster and powerful that they provides millions of results even before the user completed its query in the search box.

We all are aware about some popular names of free search engines that include Google, Yahoo, YouTube and a few more but can you even imagine that there are hundreds of other search engines too. In this post of mine I am going to compile the list of search engines based on different categories including General search engines, Video Search engines, Job Search Engine, Meta tag Search engines, Enterprise Search engine, Books Search engine and many more.

These all best search engines compiled in the list are used by millions of users all around the globe to solve the queries in millionth part of a second.

Check out the list of these Free Search engines and I promise that you too will be surprised after exploring the innovative and interesting approach of these search portals.

Following are the various categories of Search Engines:

All Purpose General Search Engine
Accounting Search Engine
Bit Torrent Search Engine
Blog Search Engine
Books Search Engines
Business Resource Search Engine
Enterprise Search Engine List
Forum Search Engine
Games Search Engine
Human Search Engine
International Search Engines
Job Search Engines
Legal Resources Search Engine List
Map Search Engine List
Medical Search Engine List
Entertainment/Multimedia Search Engines

All Purpose General Search Engine

This is the list of free all-purpose general search engines which can be used for any kind of Query. Google undoubtedly dominates the list but other search engines are worth to use too.

S.NO. Search Engine Logo Search Engine Name Description
1. Google It is undoubtedly the world’s most popular search engine.
2. Bing A failed attempt of Microsoft to beat the Google search engine. Still it is worth trying for related queries and suggestions.
3. Yahoo Earning the spot next to Google; Yahoo is the second most popular search engine for the general queries.
4. AltaVista It was ranked as the most popular search engine until the existence of Google. Now AltaVista incorporates the searching result of Yahoo.
5. Cuil Claiming to be the largest search engine present with 3 times more page indexed as compare to Google; Cuil is a good option to get the detailed query results.
6. Excite Excite is not a popular name among the search engines but you can use the impressive feature of Yellow page and White page search to get the desired results.
7. Go Go was first the internal search engine of the Walt Disney group but now it is a complete search engine for all genres of queries.
8. HotBot HotBot was one of the first search engines for general queries but now it only serves as a front end for ASK and MSN search engine.
9. AlltheWeb This search engine is currently owned by yahoo but it shows results with a different algorithm.
10. Galaxy Galaxy is actually a web directory where you can find the list of websites related to different genres.
11. Aol Aol is owned by Google and can be a nice option to search the general purpose queries.
12. Lycos It is a popular name in the Internet world and still ranks in the list of the top Internet portals.
13. GigaBlast It is a unique search engine which employes Boolean search algorithm and infix notation. This search engine is also termed as the ‘Green Search Engine’.
14. Alexa If you are looking to integrate the web analytic figures with the result of your search query then Alexa could be the name to click on.

Accounting Search Engine

This is the section of the search engine list which mainly deals with the query related to Accounts.

S.NO. Search Engine Logo Search Engine Name Description
1. IFACnet IFAC stands for ‘Images From All Cultures’. In this search engine you can find the complete information about any image, poster or artwork.

Bit Torrent Search Engine

Torrents are  the latest and most popular technique to download the movies, videos and much more data. Many a times we keep searching for the torrent files on different websites, so as to save you from that irritating hassle; I am providing the list of top Bit Torrent Search Engines.

S.NO. Search Engine Logo Search Engine Name Description
1. BtJunkie It can be considered as the Google for Torrent files. Similar to Google; It also crawls the torrent websites to search for the desired torrent queries.
2. FlixFlux It is one of the most popular bitTorrent search engine where the user can find the complete information about the movies.
3. Isohunt It is one of the best P2P files search engine where you can find the complete details about the movies and entertainment gossips.
4. MiniNova With more than 4 billion torrent downloads; MiniNova is yet another popular name among the list of Torrent search engines.
5. ThePirateBay This torrent search engine has a large indexed database but the content is not filtered on this search engine.
6. Torrentz It is a very effective torrent search engine which provides the result according to the geographical zone of the user.

Blog Search Engine

In this category; I had compiled the complete list of blog search engines which can be used to find the blogs and articles present on different Blog sites.

S.NO. Search Engine Logo Search Engine Name Description
1. AmaTomu Amatomu is a blog search engine which primarily focuses on the results from South Africa.
2. BlogLines Bloglines is a popular website where you can read the popular blogs. News and event stories occurred in a particular city or country.
3. IceRocket IceRocket is not so popular but an effective search engine to search the blogs.
4. Technorati Technorati is the most recommended Blog search Engine. With more than 112.8 million blogs indexed till 2008; Technorati is dominating the competition.

Books Search Engines

Looking for the books over the internet and finding hard to get it? Not more after this list of best Book search engines. With these search engines you can easily find every book based on every genre of writing styles, subjects, authors and many more.

S.NO. Search Engine Logo Search Engine Name Description
1. Google Books Powered by Google; this is yet another popular search engine for searching books from all around the globe.
2. This advanced search engine to search the books by the name, Author, text and even the in-document URL.

Business Resource Search Engine

It is easy to find a song or a picture on the search engines but the story is absolutely different when we search for the business resources like suppliers, buyers, services and many more. In the below section; I am providing the list of free Business search engines where you can even find the directories of the businesses and services around you.

S.NO. Search Engine Logo Search Engine Name Description
1. AliBaba Claiming to be the world largest database of suppliers; Alibaba is a trusted name among more than 250 countries. With the aid of this business portal the user can sell or purchase the services from any part of the world.
2. BankersAccuity First named as BankersAlmanac; BankersAccuity provides the complete banking solutions to the user.
3. is a popular name among the list of search engines for businesses. Here you can find and compare different service providers.
4. Hoover Hoover is an impressive search engine where you can easily find the leads, industries and much more.
5. Recommended by a lot of mega names of Business World; is a search engine where the user can find the services, company name, contact no. and much more important information.
6. LexisNexis LexisNexis is a popular search engine which provides a vast database for public records, forums, news, legal information and many more.

Enterprise Search Engine List

Whether it is is the internal search inside the own enterprise database or searching for the information about your competitors; Enterprise search engines are absolutely the sharpest tools of every organization.

S.NO. Search Engine Logo Search Engine Name Description
1. AskMeNow AskMeNow The leading search engine among the category of mobile search and mobile advertising. It integrates with the Wikipedia search with the brand name of AskWiki.
2. Autonomy Autonomy It is a subsidiary of HP and is rated as one of the best search engines for the enterprise search.
3. DieselPoint Impressive option for the enterprise searching with its powerful in-data searching algorithm.
4. DtSearch With astounding features of document filters and highlights hits; DtSearch is a popular search engine for instantly searching the terabytes of texts.
5. Endeca Endeca A part of Oracle; Endeca is a best search engine which enables the user to store, manage and search the structured as well as the unstructured data and information.
6. Exalead Exalead is a cloud based search engine that has a user following of more than 110 million.
7. ExpertsSystem With impressive attribute of searching hidden in text within both internal as well as social networks; Experts System is one of the best search engines from the list.
8. FunnelBack FunnelBack Funnelback is a top search engine which provides fast and accurate results for websites and enterprise search queries.
9. Google Search Appliance Google Search Appliance Another impressive service from Google; Google Search appliance facilitates the employees to find information inside your organization.
10. Microsoft Share Point Microsoft Share Point Microsoft Share Point is a platform where different users can synchronize and share the data and information.
11. NorthernLight NorthernLight NorthernLght is a popular name among the list of the best search engines that provides efficient results for business research content and portals.
12. OpenText OpenText Being the Canada’s largest software company; OpenText also provides ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions.
13. Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g Whether it is the documents, Technical white papers or source codes; OSES enables the user to have a wide horizon of an enterprise solution.
14. SAP SAP It is an Enterprise Search engine that finds information in both structured as well as unstructured data.
15. Vivismo Vivismo A unit of IBM; Vivismo is designed with an innovative approach of finding the relation between the search results.
16. ZyLab ZyLab ZyLab provide complete enterprise solutions including Searching, Archiving and Context Specific Content Management.

Forum Search Engine

Couldn’t find much but Omgili is simply a complete solution for the Forum search. You can suggest some more names in the category that you come across.

S.NO. Search Engine Logo Search Engine Name Description
16. Omgili Omgili Omgili (Oh My God I Love It) is the best search engine which enables the user to search for the Forums, Queries, Solutions and opinion about the topic by the target crowd.

Games Search Engine

Games are the best friends at the leisure and if you too are a game lover then this Games search engine list will help you to easily find your favorite game on the internet. Icing the cake you can even search for the game cheats, resources, weapons and much more.

S.NO. Search Engine Logo Search Engine Name Description
1. CheatSearch CheatSearch CheatSearch is one of the best search engines for video game lovers. Here the user can find the cheat codes and tips for every popular game.
2. Wazap! Wazap! Wazap is a Japanese website which provides the complete information about the Video game reviews, Downloads, Cheat codes and many more.

Human Search Engine

Human Guided search engines are an easy way to find the solution of your queries. If you too are looking for a search portal which answers your every question than this list of free human search engines will give you the best.

S.NO. Search Engine Logo Search Engine Name Description
1. ChaCha ChaCha ChaCha is one of the top human guided search engines that allow the user to ask any question.
2. Eurekstar Eurekstar Eurekstar is a unique Human search engine which builds social search engines for websites that are known as Swickis.
3. Mohalo Mohalo is a new name among the list of Best Search engines. Here the user can find the answer and related videos to the asked queries.
4. Trexy Trexy Trexy is surely one of the top internet Meta search engine.
5. Wink Wink Wink is the Best human search engine where you can find the people by their name or email.

International Search Engines

Beside with the global search engines there are international search engines which targets to find the result within a particular country or area. In this list; I am providing the names of those popular International search engines of different countries.

S.NO. Search Engine Logo Search Engine Name Description
1. Accona Accona Accona is an amazing free search engine to search the business directories from all around the globe. Icing the cake; the user can even search for the profiles of the business identities.
2. Alleba Alleba Alleba is a popular and top ranked Philippians web search engine.
3. Ansearch Ansearch Ansearch is the top search engine from Australia which offers the amazing trait of ‘Popularity Search Feature’.
4. Baidu Baidu It is actually the Google in China. Baidu is the top search engine which had dominated the Google in the home country.
5. Daum Daum Daum is a Korean search engine which incorporates the web based services like email, messaging, shopping, news, forums and many more.
6. Goo Goo Goo is yet another free Japanese search engine which primarily crawls the Japanese websites.
7. is the most popular and free Slovenian search engine.
8. Naver Naver Naver is unquestionably the most popular search engine in Korea with more than 1 billion page views every day.
9. Onet Onet Onet is one of the most visited web portal and free search engine in Poland.
10. Rambler Rambler Rambler is a top search engine of Russia which also provides the complete information regarding the news, weather, hottest trends and many more.
11. Rediff Rediff Rediff is the top Indian search engine which also concentrates on the sectors like email, shopping, news and lot more.
12. SAPO SAPO SAPO is a popular Portuguese search engine which primarily provided the results from Portugal.
13. Search.Ch Search.Ch Search.Ch is a popular local search engine for Switzerland. Compiled in German language; provides complete information regarding directory, map, weather, news, cinema, job search, cinema and many more.
14. Walla Walla Walla is a Free Israel search engine integrated in Hebrew language.
15. Yandex Yandex Yandex is a Russian search engine that provides local search results in more than 1400 Russian cities.

Job Search Engines

Looking for a job or the employers? Job search engines can do this task in less than a second.

S.NO. Search Engine Logo Search Engine Name Description
1. CareerBuilder CareerBuilder CareerBuilder is a job search portal in India.
2. Craigslist Craigslist Craigslist is a complete network of Forums, Communities, Jobs and lot more. It is a Job Search engine that covers every major country from all over the globe.
3. Dice Dice Dice is a top search engine to search the technical jobs from different countries. The user can even register the email for the notifications regarding the desired job profile.
4. Eluta Eluta Eluta is a free Job search portal for the jobs in Canada. It also shows the results from other job portals.
5. Monster Monster Monster is one of the most popular names among the list of top free job search engines. With more than 1 million jobs posted anytime and more than 1.2 million resumes; Monster is serving the job seeker from 36 countries.
6. Incruit Incruit Incruit is a Korean job search engine which connects millions of job seekers and employers.
7. Indeed Indeed Indeed is undoubtedly the best job search engine for the Indian and US job seekers.
8. announces itself as the leading job portal in Poland.
9. JobsDB JobsDB is a free job search engine which covers a wide genre of job profiles in different Asia/Pacific regions.
10. JobPilot JobPilot JobPilot is another unit of which primarily deals with the job openings in European countries.
11. Jobserve Jobserve Jobserve is a free job search engine basically for available jobs in India.
12. is unquestionably one of the top job search engine from India. It has more than 35 million registered job seekers and more than 42000 corporate customers.
13. is a free worldwide job search engine that allows the user to search the jobs from all across the globe.
14. Simply Hired Simply Hired Simply Hired is another big name among the category of job search websites. With millions of job listing; it allows the employee to find the best job in different profiles.
15. StepStone StepStone StepStone is a free European job search engine with more than 11.2 million active subscribers.

Legal Resources Search Engine List

Whether you are looking for information regarding any law or hiring a lawyer; these Legal Resources search engines are the best place to knock.

S.NO. Search Engine Logo Search Engine Name Description
1. Canadian Law List Canadian Law List Canadian Law List is a free search engine to search the lawyers and Law Firms from Canada.
2. is a top search engine to search the Lawyers from all across the world for different areas of law. Icing the cake, user can also find information about any law and can even discuss the issue on online forums.
3. Find Law Find Law Find Law is another popular website for legal information and resources. Here the user can find the latest news, information, updates, Lawyers and lots more.
4. The Lawyer's List The Lawyer’s List The Lawyer’s List announces itself as the Lawyer’s directory for United States and Canada.
5. Martindale Martindale Martindale is actually a unique search engine where the user can find the lawyers, merchants, Real estate agents etc. Martindale is a unit of LexisNexis.
6. QuickLaw QuickLaw It is another renowned unit of LexusNexus which deals with the legal information and resource of Canada.

Map Search Engine List

According to the recent survey more than 55% of the people prefer to check the map and review of a restaurant before going there first time. This list of best map search engines will provide you a handful of options while tracking the path of your destination.

S.NO. Search Engine Logo Search Engine Name Description
1. MapQuest MapQuest MapQuest is another free online mapping service. It is owned by AOL and provides the impressive feature of ‘My Map’.
2. Google Maps Google Maps Google Maps is another successful project from Google which provides online maps. Google Map is available as an API and mobile compatible too.
3. Yahoo Maps Yahoo Maps is a popular name among the list of online mapping services and give the toughest competition to the Google Maps.
4. ViaMichelin ViaMichellin is not so much popular name among the list of best online mapping services but it provide an array of impressive features like direction finding, spot finding, shortest distance, economic distance and many more advanced navigation options.
5. Windows Live Maps With the name of Bing Maps; this free map search engine offers an amazing feature of ‘Bird’s View’.

Medical Search Engine List

Medical information is surely a hard thing to search on the internet but the below provided list of free Medical Search engine will surely liquefy the task. With the aid of these searching portals you can even dig up the complete information about the chemicals, drugs, diseases, cure etc.

S.NO. Search Engine Logo Search Engine Name Description
1. BioInformatic Harvester Compiling the results from more than 6500 science sites and 100s of search engines; BioInformatic Harvester. Here you can find the information about any chemical, product, job and much more.
2. SearchMedica SearchMedica is another search engine for the information regarding medicines and diseases but the user need to register itself (Free) to access the results.
3. KMLE Medical Directory KMLE medical directory is a free medical search engine where the user can find the information regarding the medicines, diseases and many more.
4. GoPubMed GoPubMed is a top search engine for the technology and biology related queries.
5. Entrez Also known as the Life Science Search Engine; Entrez is a best search engine for the medical information and database.
6. EMBL-EBI EMBL-EBI is a very effective search engine to search the information from the database of European Bioinformatics Institute.
7. WebMD It is a complete guide to the information regarding the use, side effects, warning of a medicine. It also provides the basic information about the disease and the way to tackle it.

Entertainment/Multimedia Search engines

Videos, songs, movies and TV serials are searched by millions of internet users every day and most of the search results ended with dissatisfaction. To flush the situation; below is the list of Free Multimedia search engines where you can find any multimedia file.

S.NO. Search Engine Logo Search Engine Name Description
1. YouTube YouTube is the biggest and most popular video library on the internet. In this Best Video Search Engine the user can find billions of videos related to different categories.
2. Musgle Musgle is a music search engine where you can search the music and songs from all over the world.
3. MetaCafe MetaCafe is another popular video library where the user can find the latest music videos, movies, Serials and much more.
4. Blinkx Blinkx is a free Meta Search Engine with more than 20 million hours of videos.
5. Find Sounds Find Sound is an amazing search engine find any sound in different formats from all across the internet world.

I hope that this list of free search engines will surely help you to find the best solution of your query next time. I will add up more search engines in this list as I came across; you too can suggest the names of the remaining search engines in the comment section. Also Feel free to give your reviews and comments about this post of mine.

What do you think?

Written by Rinniee Ginsburg


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