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Google Doodle 2012: Google is always ready to surprise and impress the users with its attractive logo designs for special events and history remarks. The current official logo of Google was the idea of Ruth Kedar. The Google announces the artistic logos or Google Doodles at every special occasion. The First Google Doodle was designed on August 30th 1998 by the Google’s founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. This was just an experimental touch for the occasion of ‘Burning Man’ but the response and like of this artistic approach turns this into a Google Fashion trend.

Google Doodles were a popular center of attention by the media this year. Some of these Google doodles were limited to a particular country whereas others were announced globally. Dennis Hwang is currently the international webmaster of Google who also designs the Google Doodle Since the year 2000. To celebrate the success of this artistic approach of Google; this year Google has announced the list of Top 10 Google Doodles 2012.

Rank 10 – Feberge Doodle

Feberge Doodle

To provide a tribute to the Feberge Doodle on his 166th birthday; Google presented this beautiful Google Doodle on May 30, 2012. Febergo was an artist, famous for his astounding ornate sensibility and artwork on eggs with gems and gold. The amazing concept and beauty of this Doodle pushed him in the list of top 10 Google Doodles 2012.

Rank 9 – Father’s Day

Fathers Day Doodle

Imprinting the presence since June 19, 1910; Father’s day is currently the national holiday in U.S and is celebrated among 103 countries on June 23 every year. To provide a token of love and celebrating the fatherhood with the whole world; Google showcased this Father’s day Doodle on June 23. The simple yet creative base theme behind this beautiful artwork assigns it the 9th spot in top 10 Google Doodles list 2012.

Rank 8 – Archery Doodle

Archery Doodle

The year 2012 was the year of the London Olympics. Olympics 2012 was the third most searched event in 2012 as per the Zeitgeist list prepared by Google. To enhance the spirit of the Olympics ; Google showcased the Archery Doodle on July 28, 2012. This was a live Doodle shooting game which was liked by millions of users and hence earned the 8th rank in this list of top 10 Google Doodles 2012.

Rank 7 – Valentine’s Day Doodle

Valentine’s Day Doodle

This amazing Google Doodle announced on the theme of Valentine day was an animated video which showcased the story of a lover trying to impress his girl. This Doodle earned a lot of attention and feedback that pushed it on 7th rank in the list of best 10 Google Doodles 2012.

Rank 6- Zipper Doodle

Zipper Doodle

To say thanks to the Gideon Sunback, the inventor of the zipper; Google pasted a big zip as its Google Doodle on April 24, 2012. The innovative and creative concept to search the queries by zipping the Doodle undoubtedly earns the 6th spot in Google’s list of top 10 Google Doodles 2012.

Rank 5 – Nemo Doodle

Nemo Doodle

To express the gratitude to the popular artist of the time Winsor McCay; this Google Doodle was themed on his comic character Nemo. This character goes through a journey of fantasy world in his dream; this animated Doodle perfectly showcased the character and is spotted on the 5th rank in the series. This Doodle was shown on the Google’s homepage on October 15, 2012.

Rank 4 – Halloween Doodle

Halloween Doodle

This Google Doodle is unquestionably one of the best animation Doodle confirmed by the Google. To embellish the festive spirit of Halloween; Google allows the users to explore the ghosts behind the gates at Google home page. This attractive Google Doodle was announced on October 31st 2012.

Rank 3 – Turing Doodle

Turing Doodle

To put a salute for the father of computer science Alan Turing on his 100th Birthday; Google announced this amazing Turing Google Doodle. This animated Google Doodle was based on the Turing machine invented by Alan to decode and encode the binary number system which is the baseline of a computer device. The innovative concept showcased in June 23, 2012 surely earns the 3rd rank in the Google list of top 10 Google Doodles 2012.

Rank 2 – Moog Doodle

Moog Doodle

Robert Moog was the inventor who provided a new definition of Music to the world with electronic music instruments. He invented the analog Moog synthesizer which was capable to record and played on that Keyboard instrument. This doodle too follows the same track and allows the users to play and record their own tune on a Moog synthesizer keyboard.

Rank 1- Soccer Doodle

Soccer Doodle

Spotting the 1st rank in the Google’s list of top 10 Google Doodle 2012; Soccer Doodle surely deserves the position. This Doodle was revealed on August 10, 2012 under the tag of London Olympics 2012. In this Doodle, the user plays as a goalie of the soccer match and has to secure the goals with the keyboard controls. Three miss chances are given to the player and the game stars are given at the end of the game according to the score. This game was liked by a lot of users and was a blockbuster in the series of Google Doodles 2012.

I hope that you too will be finding hard to choose the best from this list of top 10 Google Doodles 2012 just like Krisztina (Spoke person of Google). You can share your views in comments about the best Google Doodle in the year 2012. I will also love to hear the feedback and reviews about my post.


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Written by Steven Bowen


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