9 Basic SEO Essentials You Need For Optimizing Your Site

If you are looking for the basics, you better make use of the tips below.


What the search engines will provide are results or links that are the most relevant to the query of their visitors. For Google, the way they rank different sites is not determined as of yet, thus better take chances.
Although not exactly determined, the result will all depend on relevancy, relevancy on different factors, such as the searcher’s search history, their location and the date and the time may be considered.

Be consistent with domain names

If you do not want Google to consider your site as spam, make sure that you are using domain names that are consistent. Making use of site address should be done with the highest consistency, for example if your website has no www. As prefix, Google should still route users directly to your site even after including www. on the address bar or search tabs, if this is not happening, you need to check out, as Google might be treating them as two different sites, thus may give huge results on your visibility.

Staying consistent with your domain is necessary to ensure that your traffic will not get lost as they make their search.

Keywords research

Keywords research

You have to be a bit careful making use of keywords, why? Too rich keyword on your pages, especially if it is affecting the overall quality and readability of your page, may not give you an assurance that Google still use the keywords to rank your page. Do not focus more on keyword stuffing, make sure that you prioritize valuable and quality page.

Meta description and title tags

Meta description and title tags

Although, not a factor to make your page rank, meta description and title tags can give you the highest chances of getting noticed and clicked by researchers. A meta description is what the searchers could see and read at the bottom portion of the link, thus a good meta description can let you invite people from clicking your page. Make your meta description interesting and intriguing to get attention and clicks from audiences.

On the other hand, title tags are used to give a simple and short introduction of what your page is all about. Your title tags should provide your target audience with a good description or idea on what they can get out of visiting your page.

Quality of your content

Some thought that keyword is more important than anything else to rank. Actually, that thought should be rectified, as Google may see more important matters as they rank sites. Are you producing articles, pages and the like, that are giving information, assistance and help to readers? If so, then Google may offer you the rank that you want.

Here is a good point to consider, instead of overusing keywords on your articles, make use of useful and readable articles and topics to share your audience. The better content you can make, the higher chances you get the most traffic.

URL structure

URL structure

This is one of the SEO essentials that may not be known to many. It is a must that you make your site highly structured. Linking one page to another and making sure they are well structured accordingly. Google search will give priority to those who have well-structured sites.

Headlines and permalinks

Headlines and permalinks

The headline of your article should consist of not more than 55 characters to give you an assurance that they are highly visible in SERPs. It is all up to you how to make them impressive, exciting and attractive to readers.
Permalinks, or for others they know as URL, need not to match the headlines, as per Google statement, you can make use of either three or four keywords that gives better value and description on your site.

Do not forget to optimize for multi-channels

Do not limit the accessibility of the website just on computers. Make it highly available and compatible to different devices especially on mobile, as per Google, responsive design is their preferred method for mobile optimization. Make your site compatible across different sizes and devices.

If they see ease accessing your site to their computers, it should work the same as they access it via their mobile.

XML Sitemap

This is something that can work huge towards your advantage. XML Sitemap is a transmitting report or information to search engines if updates or enhancements have been made on the site or the site’s availability for crawling, thus giving your page a high chance of getting traffic automatically.

Now that you know the 9 basic SEO essentials to optimize sites, you can start applying them to your websites. Nevertheless, if you see that things are not working or you are not confident that you can do the job, might as well get help from experts, SEO Services in Manchester to site one, to ensure that you will succeed on this aspect.

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