4 Ways Developers Are Changing the World as We Know It

If you flashback to 2006, it will dawn on you that we’ve really stepped into a new era since then, thanks largely to the advent of mobile devices and apps, search engines like Google, advancements in medical device development, social networking sites, and new applications across all operating systems. Here are four ways developers are changing the world as we know it:

1. Improving Mobility and Saving Time

Mobility and Saving Time

We classified these as the same because, obviously, by increasing your ability to be more mobile you’re also saving yourself time that would otherwise be put towards having to be in a specific location to get things done. Think about how many minutes your mobile devices save you every day in comparison to the “old way of doing things.” Now stop to ponder how much time we save per year by automating and simplifying processes using apps, and how much that has added up to within the past 10 years alone. Technically, you could say that the time we’re saving is being put towards progress, so we’re not only saving time, we’re gaining it, thereby causing our rate of advancement to increase exponentially.

2. Introducing Augmented and Virtual Reality


Flash back to 2016 and we’re seeing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) “become a thing.” Once again, time itself did not manifest the invention of these amazing devices, it was the developers, working diligently behind the scenes to turn science fiction into science fact.

3. Making Healthcare More Convenient


There are now more than 100,000 medical apps compatible with mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. It has never been easier for patients and doctors to fetch information, communicate with each other, take notes, keep track of medical records, and perform a wide range of other tasks related to healthcare. There’s no question that medical device development and innovators like DeviceLab are ushering in a new age of healthcare convenience and efficiency.

4. Increasing Our Intelligence

Increasing Our Intelligence

Last but certainly not least, and perhaps most important, developers are helping to increase the overall intelligence of society by introducing IQ-boosting technologies into homes and occupying our minds with challenges that would otherwise not exist.

You Should Be Producing or Developing Something

When we look at what this relatively small subgroup that we call developers have done for our society, it’s easy to get the impression that we should be all be contributing something to this so-called “internet of everything.” For the sake of being productive and progressive, it would seem that our best bet as a species would be to devote our time to advancing technology, as it is the tool we’ll ultimately need to solve a whole host of problems that we’re dealing with on a planetary level.

What do you think?

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