How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Business

Importance of Choosing Perfect Domain Name for Your Business

Before I give you tips and tools for choosing a domain name you need to know how much it is important to have a domain name that resembles your actual business.

After reading this paragraph you will get an idea how it is important to choose a domain name.

I am presenting you with a list of most priced domains ever sold in the history of the internet.

After reading this you will realize how far businesses are ready to go to secure a domain name that represents their business as it is.

  1. So the first one in our list is Can you imagine how much Brain Sharples of HomeAway paid to buy this domain?
    $35 million, yes $35 million is what he gave to the man who earlier owned this domain.
  2. Second is that was sold for $30 million in the year 2012.
  3. This deal happened in the year 2009 for $16 million. This is the third highest amount paid to buy a domain name in the world.
  4. Porn industry is a billion dollar industry and was sold for $14 million in the year 2010. There are others like sold for $9.5 million.
  5. We have seen boom in travelling industry so was bought for $11 million.

So these were domain names that were acquired by companies. Now you will get an idea how far these companies are ready to go when it comes to choosing a domain name that matches their business.

Tips to Choose Best Domain Names

Here are some important tips that you must follow before choosing a domain name.

Brainstorm Keywords for Days and Days and Then Make a Final Decision

Do not do anything in hurry. Brainstorm keywords in every angle before you make a final decision.

Later in this article I give you tools that will help you generating domain names. What I mean to say is take your time before you buy a final domain name for your new site.

Choose Domain Names As Close To Your Nature of Business

You have to choose domain names as close to your business. Few things to remember the domain name should be short, memorable and relevant to your business.

You also have to be creative when you find that most of the domain names you choose have already been taken.

The domain name must reflect your brand otherwise your visitors will not relate to it.

Never Go For Numbers, Hyphens, Dashes Etc

Usually it happens that you do not get the domain name that you are looking for. The domain name has already been taken by someone else so what do you do now?

I am going to suggest that never use numbers, hyphens or even dashes when you are coming up with a domain names which already have been taken.

If you do so then you are hurting the brand of your business.

You still have to come up with a unique name and there is no other way.

Simply do not it.

Appropriate Domain Extension

It is not just domain name that matters but also the extension. I would say for business .com is the best.
Sometime marketers compromise on domain extension because they are getting perfect domain name.
But still domain extension is important if you are going for business. If your business does not serve globally then you can also use country specific domain instead of going for .com.

Even .biz is ok. So in the end I would suggest it should be balance of domain name and domain extension.
There are many tools that will help you to find a great domain for your business. Check for finding some of the best tools & tips to use these tools.

Pay As Much As You Can If You Are Bidding for a Domain Name

Finally I would say if you have to pay even 10 times more than the budget you can afford for your favorite domain name then please go ahead.

Earlier I gave you 5 most expensive domain names ever purchased. I gave the list for a reason.
I wanted you to realize how important is it to have an appropriate domain name and how far companies are ready to go for it.

After you’ve chosen a domain name, what comes next? Well, you need to start your website. There’s a million ways to get started with this, but we would recommend starting a WordPress blog because it usually doubles as a website, not only a blog. It’s a flexible solution and the easiest way to get started, without having to pay a developer thousands of dollars.

What do you think?

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