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Top 10 Twitter Tools Making You Social Networking Guru

But the main problem arrives at the point that in this fast growing world, we have not such enough time that we can spend a lot more hours each day doing all this. We require some tools which can accomplish these tasks automatically in effective manner lessening our work pressure to a great extent.

Thus hereby, in this post, we are going to present top ten Twitter tools which can help you to be a social networking guru eliminating all the chaos. Move ahead to cross check these tools; we hope these can prove helpful in making your online networking more efficient than ever before.

TweetAlarm- Get E-mail alerts when someone tweets

This is one of the most important Twitter ingredient or Twitter tool which enable you to get email alerts when someone tweets about your company, your product or anything that interests you. This in turn will help you to  know exactly how many people have clicked, retweeted, and how much reach your account has gotten.



Twylah – get more out of your tweets

Twylah is one of the most important Twitter tool which serves as the great way for websites, products, venues, and even individuals to create one page, which sums up what they’re about. Since the lifetime of a tweet is traditionally very short; recently it is confirmed that it lasts only for about 2.8 hours. The Twitter tool turns all tweets you have ever posted into a beautifully branded landing page, displaying all your past tweets in categories and rich media display. It is super-easy to use and a much better storefront for your Twitter brand helping others to understand what you are tweeting about. Its most important feature “Power Tweet” allows you to send tweets that reach up to 4 times more engagement, since relevant content is grouped around it.



Storify – tell stories with your tweets

This is an ultimate Twitter application making you clip both tweets and thoughts together. Storify allows you to quickly clip tweets, videos and pictures together and turn them into a post themselves which can then embed on to blog or on Storify page and distributing it as normal content across the web. One of its most noticing feature is that you can add clippings from a great variety of sources including Flickr, YouTube, and other blog posts.


source – read what is most talked about on Twitter

This application automatically shows you the most mentioned tweets from your network and orders it by number of mentions and thus it is a fantastic way to stay on top of the latest news from your stream without wasting too much time. Not only that, it also lets you to stay in  touch with a wider network.


WhoTweetedMe – find out who tweeted any URL

This is a remarkable Twitter tool that allows you to drop any URL in and get a great analysis around how it was spread around on Twitter. It enables you to know about the number of retweets, when they happened, and who the top people were retweeting it. It is a great way to see, at which times most retweets happen so that one can improve their timing and is mostly used to  mostly used to see how my own blogposts have performed and learn who the most influential people are that are spreading the word about the post.



Formulists – build your lists more efficiently

Generally, it is found to be quite cumbersome to put people into various lists to help growing my Twitter following. It is here, where Formulists proves incredibly useful. This Twitter application allows you to create lists automatically if certain things happen such as if someone is following, retweeting or mentioning you; these people automatically will put into the corresponding list already setup for them. Besides these, this tool possess one of the best online networking features that provides you with tabs of people you speak with the most.



TheTwitsprout – A Super Clean Twitter Analytics Dashboard

Although, there are lot of different analytics tools existing, yet none is so simple and pretty as TwitSprout is. It is really a remarkable tool that allows you to export all your analytics very easily as a PDF file and use it conveniently in presentations or reports. It will enable you to get a great overview of the number of retweets, mentions and new followers you have gained in the past all displaying in just one page. It serves as a great way to understand the speed of growth you are taking on Twitter.



Parrotfish – Read posts right in

If you are tired of clicking through to links and coming back, then Parrotfish will be right solution for you. It is a browser extension, that allows you to save posts to InstaPaper right from Twitter, so that you can skip visiting the page entirely; it also enables you to see a rich-media preview of the post or video right in



Mentionmapp – Who are your friends’ friends?

This is one of the most interesting application that is both entertaining and useful as well. It works in a very simple manner; you just need to put a username in and next everything is done by the tool itself. This tool automatically draws a beautiful Mentionmapp for you showing all about who is talking with you the most together with the number of interactions etc. With the help of this tool, clicking on any username linking to you and the network will naturally expand including people outside your network and hash tags.


source – What is happening in your Twitter network? is really an amazing Twitter tool that orders your connections into most relevant, influencers and potential leads and in this way helps you to establish your Twitter network. It includes a very comprehensive dashboard to engage with the members right inside the app and solely focuses on the widening of Twitter network or growing Twitter network. The most noticing thing about this application is that it even monitors mentions of the brand or personal name outside the network right inside the dashboard.



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Written by Tina Smith


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