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Make Effective Link Building with Event Blogging


In respect of SEO perspective you are supposed to make some preparation prior to an event where you can accomplish this in account of congregating some questions including:

  • Who is the online writer of event? Thus it is supposed that when anyone is too excited to roll out a post regarding the event, then they are highly potential to follow-up the post.
  • If any event promoting website is being scraped? If the post of promoter is being designated by other website, then it become more significant to achieve a link from that website and let the scrapers work on behalf of you.

The Primetime of Event

Whenever you attempt to write about an event you are required to answer yourself an useful question that is “Whats make my recap special?” However, when you are only one and first to write about this post, the answer is easy and hence there would be nothing more perfect to reference you work ever before.

The following listed below are three basic etiology where each event will get linked to:

  1. A higher level recap is supposed to link all of the recaps.
  2. Your unique contains recap the assets of link building.
  3. Your recap incorporate an unique slant.

Most often, in account of some unique stuff congregated from an event you will earn a link. However, a website does not allow to link distinct fiver other blogs accompanied with identical summary. So, you are required to assume in respect of linkable event-specific assets. The “linkable asset” model is an elegant source which helps you to build unique content. In context of an event, your linkable asset should incorporate:

Event Blogging

Participating the event with aim to achieve an unique linkable assets which often stands for creating anticipatory in account of employing a camera, documenting the resources, ripping time with presenter which are assigned with the presentations. Designating a unique method to convey the same item should be affable for those who attempt to read this. Moreover, if you wish to attend an event in purpose to write more than one or two post for diverse audiences, you must have the capability to transform your content move further.


Speed is considered as the most effective key for post-event link building. As, the life span is small (approx 36 hours), therefore, you are required to congregate, packaged and posted within the life span. Basically, people used to link with pre-existing content in contrast to go back and edit a post towards link insertion later. However, you are required to ensure in context of following and employing event hashtags while sharing your content on Twitter in order to make it reachable to large extent of people.

One another key also sits their which is called as “link gatekeepers” in order to congregate the initial you aggregated together towards creating your content. Also, you are supposed to have a quote or two from other distinct bloggers who participated the event. Apart of these all, ensure that the post you have written and published is being seen by those who attended the event as well as those companies and individual whose name has been employed in your write-up.

Extra Tips

  • Always do remember that the suggestion power has a wide life span. So, if you are in touch of any journalist or blogger who attended the event, inspire them write blog with this as well as offer your content as link-worthy whatever they write.
  • What will be the answer of any unrevealed question, of course, No. however, never hesitate to analyze recaps and write-ups as well as ask for link in those days which follows the event.
  • Keep it in your mind that if you assumed that when someone is not enthusiast in linking to your post it doesn’t say that they will not follow to your event assets which sits on another website like YouTube, Flickr, or Slideshare. They are potential to deliver an amazing benefits for its.
  • You are supposed to put live-blogging an event on priority. It requires lot of efforts, though you can often go to an event organizer or sponsor in context to put their link to your planned URL which has been employed within their concerned promotional material of the event as well as on their site. However, it is liked by almost all companies, in the case when it won’t be streamed.

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Written by Bryan Lazaris


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