11 Helpful Tips & Ideas to Make Your Virtual AGM a Success

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There are no rules or fundas that can make your virtual meeting a success. You have to work on engagement, communication, and networking during a virtual AGM. All you need is to choose the best virtual AGM platform and share all your requirements with them.

Still, if you need little tips and ideas to reach success with your virtual meeting, here are the 11 tricks that can be the best.

  1. Search for a Tech Stack Virtual AGM Platform

You can start your planning with the right virtual AGM platform. Do an online search and compare the various available platforms. Your chosen solution should include several features that can make your meeting experience immersive. Moreover, you need the best virtual Exhibition

The solution as shared follows:

  • Browser-Based Solutions
  • Custom Environment
  • Standard Microsite
  • Easy Navigation
  • Dynamic Banners Functionality
  • Document Download
  • AI Matchmaking Tool
  • Gamification
  • Leaderboard
  • AR Photobooth
  • DIY Booth Button Icons and Names
  • Pop-Ups and Notifications
  • Networking Tables
  • Business Card Exchange
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler
  • Emoticons
  • External Integrations
  • Access Control
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 100% Safety and Security
  1. Keep Practicing for Your Session

It is necessary that you include some sessions from different experts. You have to reach the industry specialist for such sections on your virtual meeting platform. Moreover, these virtual sessions are for knowledge sharing and discussions. It increases the engagement rate and keeps the attendees busy at your virtual meeting.

Also, you can take this session as a problem solver for many users. They can ask all the questions and get straightforward answers from the experts. It can make the participants think critically about every aspect.

  1. Test Your Virtual AGM Platform

It is necessary to share all your requirements and needs with the virtual AGM platform experts. They will create a solution for you according to your demands. Moreover, you should take every expert’s opinions and develop a list of features that you will need in your virtual meeting. The best virtual corporate meeting platform with full customization will provide you with every aspect just like you need.

As soon as your virtual meeting platform is ready, it is time to run a test. You have to check whether it works perfectly or if there is an error in any feature or link.

  1. Develop a Script for the Chairperson

It is obvious your chairperson will be present on your virtual AGM platform. So, you have to be ready with a script. It can help the chairperson to acknowledge all the employees well. You can start with a welcome line, followed by an introduction. Moreover, the employees know you, but some newcomers may get confused.

So, you should always add a brief introduction at the start to clear all the doubts in the first place. Then you can add all the details the chairperson is required to share around the topic or anything. End the script with a proper ending. It can be a motivational dialogue or appreciation.

  1. Add Real-Time Responding Elements

It is crucial to make the audience’s experience at a virtual corporate meeting platform engaging and similar in person. So, you should add some elements similar to what the audience does at a physical meeting, like hooting or clapping. Moreover, you can get heart, like, clap, hoot, and various emoticons with the best virtual AGM platform.

It can be helpful to respond in real-time to all the points shared by the experts. Attendees can encourage the speakers with this, as well as can enjoy the session fullest.

  1. Decide the Ambiance and Backgrounds

It is vital that you and your speakers decide on the virtual event ambiance and session backgrounds. Moreover, you can get full customization with the best virtual meeting platform. So, you can design and decide where to put what elements.

You can add animated lights to the hybrid event lobby and background melodies to give an in-person experience. Also, you can get various spaces for banners, gifs, and videos where you can display and promote your brands and other sponsors.

  1. Have Backup Plans for Last Minute Hassle

You can always have a plan B for the last-minute hassles. Situations, like when your speaker can not join the virtual event platform because of an emergency or their internet connection is weak or several other conditions. You have to be ready for all of these situations. Keep some backup ideas that you can use in such circumstances.

  1. Follow the Tight Time Frame

You should schedule short and simple sessions. It can reduce the boredom that pushes the attendees away from the virtual meeting platform. Moreover, you can create a scheduler displaying all the topics, sessions, speakers, and timing of the event sessions. Also, you must add frequent breaks to give participants time to relax and prepare for the best session.

  1. Get a Recording of Your Session

It is necessary that you keep a recorded copy of your sessions. You can share these recorded sessions with the attendees who were unavailable to join and attend your event. Moreover, you can upload these videos to your website to get more engagement. Also, you can charge an amount to share these sessions.

  1. Ask for Feedback At the End

It is crucial to know how your event was and how much people liked it. You have to prepare a feedback form for such follow-ups. So, add all the questions that you think can be helpful to know about your events and attendees will like to talk or rate. You can display these forms as pop-ups in the middle or end of your virtual meeting with the best virtual AGM platform. Also, you can take these follow-ups via email.

  1. Utilize the Detailed Analytics and Report

It is vital to get an event analysis. You can calculate the success rate of a virtual event easily. Hence, the top virtual corporate meeting platform provides detailed analytics and reports after the event. It includes appropriate footprint information that can be helpful to know the number of registered and logged attendees, the most and least alluring part of the event, time spent on every booth, and many more.

So, these are the various helpful tips and ideas that can be helpful to make your virtual AGM a success in 2022. Hope, you will find this article beneficial to pivot your virtual meeting into a success.

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