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Vexel Art with Excellent Tutorials: Which Will Guide You How to Excel In This Kind of Art

The main idea behind the vexel art is that, these are raster images that look much like vector graphics and in most cases also created using the same technique as vector graphics but differ from the vector graphics as it is the output of rasterization of vector elements under a raster program. Here in this post we will acknowledge you regarding the vexel art, what it actually is and how vexel art can be created. If you are interested in vector art designing, we are also presenting 15 awesome tutorials to enhance your knowledge in this sector.

What is Vexel Art?

It is the new budding form of art that is entirely based on raster art and which basically copies the vector graphics style. Here one question may be raised that if vexel art imitates the vector graphics technique then what’s the difference between normal vector graphics and vexel art. Actually the concept is that vector graphics becomes a vexel art only after the vector elements are rasterized and further on the manipulation of images are done in raster; it is composed by using multiple layered shapes and primarily focuses on recreating an imagery using a raster program. Vector art can be carried on with the help of any image editing software that has a good Pen Tool including Photoshop. Also, in contrast to traditional rasterized vector graphics vexel images possess a unique appearance and high resolution.

Awesome Vexel Art Tutorials: Excel in Vexel Art

In this post we have gathered some truly awesome Vexel Art tutorials which will make you to learn how to create your own vexel graphics. These tutorials will be well suited for both beginner as well as professionals as it will guide them in real sense. So, what to wait for? Check out these tutorials and apply the techniques mentioned in these tutorials to create your own wonderful vexel designs.

How to Vexel

This is a kind of beginner tutorial and is worth reading for those who are newbie in creating vexel designs. This tutorial will explain all the basics about vexeling and will give you practical guidance on how to succeed with this art form.



Create a Complete Vexel Image Using Photoshop

This is a well known tutorial that instructs the reader on how to take a picture and create a vexel image out of it, with the help of Photoshop. In this tutorial you will find numerous vexel techniques which will acknowledge you how to use the Pen Tool to construct hundreds of shapes that results into a full vexel image.



Create a Basic Vexel Image

This is really a fine tutorial which will show you how to create a simple vexel image from a picture, how to put pattern effects along with some interesting texture etc. It will teach you the basic methods which are required to create a vexel image using vector based tools. It will make you master in operating pen tool.



Something Red Walkthrough

This is a great tutorial which starts with complete line work and gives you a complete overview of the process of coloring any graphics or designs in a vexel style.



Vexel Tutorial Hair

This is a wonderful vexel hair tutorial which is perfect for beginner in the concerned field. In this tutorial every step is thoroughly explained which will really give hands on expertise on how to excel in vexelling hair with superb hair output.



Vexelling Hair

This is another outstanding tutorial which covers hot to create a vexel image particularly with the hair. This tutorial will make you expert in using brushes to give a fantastic finishing to the vexel art.



Vexel Start Tutorial

This one is another great vexel tutorial which assists you to step up and start running with vexel graphics. In this tutorial you will find tips and ideas on using layer opacities, posterize, the Pen Tool, layer setup, and other basic vexel techniques.



Hair Tutorial

This is really a marvelous tutorial which will guide you how to create a vexel hair using stroke paths and gradients. You will find really nice output in this tutorial.



Vexel Eye Walkthrough Tutorial

This is a basic vexel tutorial which shows how to create an eye in vexel style. It will make you learn how to compose the vexel shapes one group at a time and also covers creating star bursts for the eyes as well.



Vector Car Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you step by step for creating a vexel car start from line work, coloring, to every part of the car or any other details.



Vexel Tutorial Basic Eyes

This is another great tutorial on vexelling a basic eye which shows you how the shading goes on grey scale and black.


Create a Vector Style Illustration in Photoshop

This tutorial will make you learn how to create an illustration of a model using Photoshop’s Burn Tool. This will teach you creating an illustration of a model in vector style and then rasterizing it to give a form of Vexel art. It will give you enough information to make your own vexel designs; only you need to be proficient in the use of the Pen Tool.



Vexel Carbon Fiber Tutorial

This is really an awesome tutorial which will let you to learn about how to get started with a high resolution digital vexel carbon fiber photographs.



Photoshop Vexel Demo

This is a remarkable tutorial which will teach you how to create effective vexel art using Photoshop. It will clarify your concept with the help of demo.



Designing a Vexel Banner

In this tutorial you will find some of the innovative techniques which are especially used while designing any banners. For having clear concept of the techniques explained in this tutorial you require to have a basic knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop. This tutorial covers all the basic steps for creating overwhelming banners.




Through the above contents now you might have become aware of the term vexel art and how to do it. How do you feel the post; if anything missing, please let us know your opinion. Don’t hesitate to drop your comments in the comment section.

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