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Must to Know AJAX and JavaScript Cheat Sheets for Developers

In this fast pace, nobody has that much sufficient time to carry on deep research and lots of gooling for grasping any particular technology. Everybody just wants quick and efficient solution. AJAX and JavaScript cheat sheets serves the same purpose.

We feel ourselves pleased to assist the developers as well as designers to continue their work at fast pace and in a systematized manner. We are providing here some of the most important AJAX and JavaScript cheat sheets which will let the developers to accomplish their task smoothly. These cheat sheet serves as a reminder and a comprehensive quick reference guide as it contains plenty of shortcut tools and syntax code that may help developer in being a master of most widely used Applications on the web. We hope, these will aid you with the development in every aspect of Ajax and JavaScript; so have a look over them:

DOM JavaScript Cheat Sheet


This one is a small DOM cheatsheet handy to be used by developers. This cheatsheet will make you learn many things like creating new nodes, reading elements, attributes, node values and other data.


JavaScript & AJAX For Dummies Cheat Sheet


This one presents a table for the most common programming variables, commands, methods, and coding miscellany which are most frequently used in JavaScript programs, jQuery, and AJAX.


XUL JavaScript – JavaScript Cheat Sheet

XUL JavaScript Cheat Sheet contains many kind of information on variables and functions which prove quite useful in JavaScript.


Microsoft Ajax Library Cheat Sheets


Created by Millan Negovans, Microsoft Ajax Library Cheat Sheets presents an array of information on array extensions, client life-cycle events, date and boolean extensions, DOMElement class, DOMEvent class, number and error extensions, string and object extensions.


Prototype 1.5.0 Cheat Sheet

prototype java script cheat sheet

One can easily learn from the Prototype 1.5.0 Cheat Sheet as it presents the methods and properties of each of the modules within the Prototype JavaScript library in a comprehensive manner. It was created by Jonathan Snook.


Added Bytes – JavaScript Cheat Sheet


This cheat sheet contains various useful information for designers as well as developers. It serves as a reminder and reference sheet for designers and acknowledge them about the methods and functions, as well as regular expressions and the XMLHttpRequest object.


jQuery 1.2 Cheat Sheet

java script 1.2 CheatSheet

This is really a quite handy cheat sheet especially for PHP developers. Here developers can find many things realated to jQuery such as selectors, events, CSS, traverse and Manipulation tools and so on and so forth.


JavaScript and Browser Objects Quick Reference


JavaScript and Browser Objects Quick Reference is an ultimate cheat sheet which is downloadable in PDF format. It covers many aspects of JavaScript and browser objects.


Snipplr – jQuery CheatSheet


Snipplr is a remarkable jQuery CheatSheet which enlists important codes and information that can be used for jQuery.


Symfony Cheat Sheet – Helpers Javascript e Ajax


This is a fantastic JavaScript and AJAX cheat sheet which let you to learn many things at a glance. Created by Andreia Bohner, it proves quite useful cheat sheet containing JavaScript and Ajax helpers, remote call parameters etc.


Javascript Reference


Javascript Reference presents an awesome collection of very useful excerpt of VisiBone Javascript. These excerpets will prove highly beneficial in the course of design and development.


Javascript in one page


This JavaScript cheat sheet deals with almost all the aspects of Javascript development and let the developers and designers to learn various aspects of the same.


Regular Expressions for JavaScript

Regular expression

Regular Expressions for JavaScript is a sophisticated cheatsheet where you can learn about teh regualr expression and syntax which are used to validate form entry, parse URLs, and many other things.


jQuery 1.1 Cheat Sheet – A to Z


It is a quick reference containing A to Z of jQuery. It serves as an ultimate guide for the developers as they can be able to learn much more about Ajax, DOM, Events, Core, CSS, Effects, etc.


Javascript in Ten Minutes


Javascript in Ten Minutes, as the name signifies, it covers everythings which developers can see at a glance and quickly learn about JavaScript within ten minutes. It is downloadable in PDF format that serves as a refresher for those who already know Javascript.


Javascript DOM for Web Browsers

Java script DOM for web browser

Javascript DOM for Web Browsers is a must know JavaScript cheatsheet which serves as a quick reference guide for developers dealing with Javascript Document Object Models.

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