How to Create a Successful Social Media Competition


Terms and Conditions

Many social media sites have different terms and conditions with regards to competitions and promotions on site. For example on Facebook, the promotion of competitions is allowed, but the competition can’t take place onsite and so businesses must point towards entry on their own site. You must also send a request to Facebook to run the competition. Though, note these aren’t often replied to as resources are outstripped by demand. In such a case, maybe promote on Facebook after one request and hold the competition offsite.

Means to an End

Before you start a competition, be aware it’s a means to an end. Think what you hope to achieve from the competition, what sort of marketing you want to do, who you are targeting and will the effort be worth it in the long run. Are you just using a competition to capture email addresses? Do you want more people to send a newsletter to? Figure out what you want to achieve and then incorporate it into your competition.

Be Aware of the Three Types

There are three different categories of people who engage in competitions. These are split into viewers, joiners and initiators.

Viewers will click on links but don’t enter if the interface is too complex. Make quick and easy entry a priority to engage them .

Joiners are willing to join, so take it one step further and get them to vote, or comment and use the information for marketing purposes.

Initiators are the people who create video and other media for competitions. Use these people as a means of creativity for your brand, ensuring you can use their work afterwards for free if they win. Include this in the rules and terms of the competitions.


If the social media medium you’re holding the competition has comment boards, or ways in which to communicate, ensure you can monitor these and try to incorporate them in your marketing.

The Old Raffle

The raffle is one of the most popular forms of competitions offline and online. Simply, because it’s easy to enter. Making your competition easy to enter is the key to getting people to join it. Simply ask for an email address to enter and a name and add them to your mailing list for future research – simple entry, gets the most entrants.

Harvesting Time

Use message boards, comments and user data to get the most from your competition. Encourage people to share your site with friends and ask simple quick one off questions such as yes/no via the competition. Your competition has to have a means to an end and you want to make sure to get the most from the data on offer.

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