How Facebook & Twitter Can Help Your Business Grow

Thus, Facebook & Twitter falls under the most renowned social media website that incorporates more than hundreds of millions active users. Hence, you can take the gauge of potential of these social sites’ role they can play in marketing. Thus, social media marketing come into existence. Hopefully, most among you might be already acquainted, even though I am initiating with basic.

Social media marketing is referred as earnest method of marketing through internet in order to achieve branding and marketing communication goals by associating with famous social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. What can you aspect with this tool for your marketing? Let me explain what social media does.

→ It gives a statement about you, who you are and the products and services you used to offer.
→ It enables you to build relationships with large extent of people who might not acquaint with your products and services or what your company symbolize.
→ You can employ social media to associate with your peers, who might be catering his services in same target market.
→ By means of social media you can communicate and interact with consumers about what they are looking for.

Therefore, in this post I have targeted on two most renowned and world’s top social networking site Facebook & Twitter which incorporates millions of active users. These great tools are highly potential to drag more customers and clients to your business. But before we proceed further, I must let you know one thing that on these social networking sites the most critical thing is not to build relationships with people but also provide them great value. Dismally, many people and even big companies don’t put attention towards this. These are not a specific place to promote or advertise your product and services; however, you must be cautious towards accessing these social networking sites, otherwise within no time your healthy esteem may fall down. So, you should always think to provide more value to your ‘fans’ and ‘followers’ as well as make them to feel they are important for you. However, in bottom line, you can concord this social media marketing as creating babble followers and fans as well as establish a strong community and groups around your business.

However, in coming next section of this post “How Facebook & Twitter Can Help Your Business Grow” I have congregated some useful tips on social networking sites ‘Facebook & Twitter’ separately under distinct sub-heading for you that will play an earnest role to grow up your business successfully. Before we go ahead, let me designate some reason, why social networking sites should be implemented in context of growing up your business.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Facebook & Twitter are the world’s largest social networking sites which comprises millions of active users. However, keeping tabs on friends and resolving quizzes is not the end, also it can be employed as excellent and highly effective business tool which is very worthy and significant for marketing your products and services as well as connect and engage with valuable customers of yours.

Reasons to employ social networking sites ‘Facebook & Twitter’ for your Business:

Meet & Search Your Friends

By means of Facebook & Twitter, you can meet and establish the communication with all your friends who still are in touch with you and also attempt to re-establish the relationship with those who have lost at some stages of your life.

Find Business Contact

More than millions of active users are present on these social networking sites and of course are not your friends. However, you are supposed to be ON, as some of them might be your prospects, your competitors, customers or partners.

Build Relationship

You can build and cultivate your relationship with customers by engaging them in conversation and confer to meet their need and requisite. This is an excellent method to adapt your business and marketing services.

Raise Visibility

Increase your visibility and credibility as expert in your specific area. It can be accomplished by posting relevant content and information. You can show yourself consistently and being a though leader.

Instant Gate Opener

As Facebook & Twitter members are open and its free to connect with them. So, it is very easy and convenient to establish a communication with famous and highly successful people even though who were not in touch earlier.

Develop Your Personal Brand

It provides you complete freedom to reveal information as much as you can or as little you desire, which excellently lets you to personalize your products or services brand.

Market without paying cost

Facebook & Twitter don’t cost for its services and results in driving more traffic, more regular active subscribers and more paying clients.

Hopefully, you might be acquainted with power of social networking sites and got a effective path for success of your business. Now, let me take you away with various measures to accomplish an effective and result oriented marketing strategies with “Facebook and Twitter” one by one.

Most Useful and Easy Ways to Market on Facebook

Facebook is referred as an excellent social networking website which retains more than millions of active users and lets you to interact with huge extent of people. Thanks to facebook which also enables us to add friends, send them messages and most important update our personal profiles and make notify to our friends. However, it can be employed for business purpose too. Social media marketing is not quite easy but there are some ways available by means of which you can achieve success to your business. Therefore, I am presenting this post to discuss some useful and easy ways to market on Facebook and how to advertise or promote a product or services as well as make notify people with each and every update.

So, go ahead to browse these interesting ways:

Create a profile

First of all you are required to create your own profile on Facebook, as without profile, you can’t make a friend. It is very simple and easy to create a profile, however, in order to make you ease I have provided the link. So, follow this link and input your existing email ID and password. Then input your personal, academic, interest and other requisite information. Now, you have done it.

Post videos and pictures

In order to post pictures you can include real shots of people, product images or any other business related photographs like happy customers. Further, in case any user is present in respective pictures then they can be tagged with that picture even by their friends. These tags will now appear on news feed notifying all added friends.

Post news articles

Almost every individual is fad of latest news or event. So, posting any latest news regarding an organization, products of your business, or a person are potential to share on Facebook. Even you can post reference link regarding that stating a brief description.

Create a Fan Page

This method “Create a Fan Page” fall under the most worthy and earnest Facebook marketing tool and hence even most renowned companies never hold back to employ this. But it meets one obstacle towards this direction that all Facebook pages are not effective. The “fans” congregated by such Fan Page are verily not your fans but basically they are your friends and relatives therefore keep in your side. If you are really keen to make your business success in account of Facebook Fan Page, you are required to enrich this with compelling, unique and consistent content. Creating a Fan Page is not so difficult.

Create a Group

Rather than of creating a Facebook Fan Page, you may also consider to create a group as it might be more broader and reachable upto more people. For illustration, instead of requesting people fan mike web-developer, that is of course very limited in it’s appeal, and may be less-reachable. You may go ahead to start and create a group with Web-Developers in my city. Now, your this group will work as a platform to pull out many web-developers from your city at one hub. Further, they would like to discuss about web-development issues and in return you will got the benefit of awareness in account of establishing the community together. Also, you can promote your own place periodically.

Facebook Ads

When we talk about Facebook Ads it can be referred as highly efficient tool in context of boost up and grow up your business in excellent way. They might be highly effective rather than of search ads as it offer target based on profile key-words. However, you can bring Facebook ads into existence at low budget as well as analyze results an implement modification. It incorporates self-service mechanism that can be effectively employed to set-up and target your ad campaign. If you are literally keen to setup an ad campaign on Facebook, follow these simple instructions –

Step 1: Designate and click the link to “create an ad”
Step 2: Then click either “I want to advertise something I have on Facebook” button or “Suggest an ad” button.
Step 3: Next, Facebook by itself pulls text and image from your concerned Facebook website or page.
Step 4: Now, you can employ changes regarding both text and image in order to refine your ad message.

Facebook Events

This is the perfect way to acknowledge the people in advance, when you are going to launch any new product. Whenever, you have intended a launch party might be you employed online invitation tools and punk more to online registration software. So, for the next time whenever, you go to speak or host anything, consider generating a Facebook event in context of making people acquainted.

Participate in a Group

Though, you have build up your own group, you are required to participate in other existing groups by means of liking, posting comments, sharing a link, photo, videos or any worthy information. However, be cautious to check spam it is concord as unprofessional and annoying. This is a great an excellent way to drive awareness among people.

Participate on Other Fan Pages

In this method, you are required to employ Facebook search feature in order to pull out other fan pages that is relevant to your business, industry or location and opt to entangled with these pages. Here, again you must take caution not to spam and not to be irrelevant. However, it may be quite obvious to participate in other fan pages rather than of your competitors pages, so avoid to participate in competitors’ page.

Link in Your Other Accounts

In this method, you will be pleased to know that it includes such application which allows you to link your other social network accounts such as Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. and also share your content of other sites where applicable. However, this action will verily result in maximizing the value.

Facebook Application

This is a brilliant way to reap more exposure in context of making something useful and full of enjoyment. So, you opt to create an application for your business. You may include like games, contest etc. that must be relevant to your business and capable to compel the people to participate.

Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect is highly worthy to link your website and blog directly with your Facebook and thus congregate more exposure. Rather of this you are also supposed to encourage your fans to share content on facebook.

Facebook Widgets

In order to link your facebook business page with your website or blog, it has widgets also. These widgets are very simple, affable and easy to install to your site or blog and allows visitors to connect directly with facebook pages in real time. Thus, results in proliferation of fans number dramatically.

Some Worthy Tips on How to Use Twitter for Business

Twitter is an elegant social networking sites that provide a great social media platform where you can tweet (post update) as many times you wish. But towards this context you meet one hindrance that your tweet must be limited upto 140 characters. In contrast of Facebook where you can “like” or “friend”, on Twitter you can just follow people. When you opt to follow any people you can view their tweets and in the mean time your tweets will be visible to those who follow you.

Likewise, other social media tools Twitter also incorporates provision to share, subscribe, follow or friends of desired number of twitter feed you would like. However, developers strive and conferred together to create tools hastily which enables the users to twist and bend the twitter feed in creative ways.

It is very common to observe that many businesses are entangled as well as put their effort to employ Twitter to grow their business, but it seems to be a confounded job just like piercing the fish eye. However, if you are also accompanied in the same direction of using Twitter for your business, it is quite obvious to do it ‘strategically’. So, you are required to take a look over some worthy tips on how to use Twitter for business being described below and implement this into your Twitter strategies.

Make a Professional Profile

First of all create a professional profile by providing genuine information and good description of your business. Also don’t let any information column blank. Fill it out completely. However, you may desire to set up multiple Twitter account in contest of distinct purposes like one for customer service channel and other as company main page. Here, you may also suppose to link your company website and embellish Twitter home page with desired custom design. As, it is highly efficient to represent your brand in front of large extent of people.

Learn, Listen & Keep it Simple

As, you have just opened your eyes, focus to build audience instead of tweeting much. Just designate the Twitter users in your field who incorporates lot of followers and observe the topics and subject about which they used to say and aspect to listen. Now follow them and in return some of them will follow you back and hence you initiated to build your audience and followers. Always consider following influential Twitter users and in the same time buoy up the simplicity to manage research and Tweet rendering easier and productive.

Make a Unique Image

It is highly obligatory to stand out from the crowd especially when you are employing Twitter to grow up your business and beat the competitors. Now, point out interesting post and start retweeting as well as participate in discussions too. Always, be cautious when tweeting or retweeting regarding valuable content. Be real and professional, avoid to tweeting like you are going to bathroom. In the same path, search on your brand name and designate the customers facing distinct kind of problems and resolve them. You can also share latest events and news about your company, but do remember, keep it not more than one-quarter of the total post and never Spam.

Drag Attention and Don’t Copy Others

Don’t care what others are doing. As even from big companies to small and business owners are using Twitter, but it matters that they don’t implement in right way. So, nothing to bother about. You are supposed to employ Twitter to enhance your business just by Search, find, follow and engage the Twitter users you wish to connect with them. Though they might be authorities in your company or potential customers or clients. However, the is the basic structure, and sticking consistently with this will verily work a lot.

Moreover, with Twitter you can take a poll, ask a question, hold a contest or initiate a hash tagged discussion thread (it is referred as the keyword that is prefixed by # sign).

Use Twitter for Business Strategically and Promote it

Before, implementing or doing anything, first of all you are required to think twice that what is your purpose and goals to use Twitter for business. However, when you will figure out your end goal and objective then it will be quite very easy for you to take right steps in order to achieve your goal. Furthermore, Enrich your Twitter handle wisely on your website and in all your marketing measures and materials to make prospects and lets customers to connect with you on Twitter and become your follower.

Hopefully, this blog might be very useful and worthy especially for those who own an account on Facebook and Twitter, even though being hooked towards implementing these to grow their business. So, it can be assumed that they are not well-versed with the tips and effective ways of employing social media marketing tool for their business. Now, what are you waiting for, just go ahead and follow these effective tips and beat your competitor as well as create a unique image in the crowd at both on websites and in the market.

However, you learned a lot at least the basic of social media marketing that what role they can play to grow up your business. As these are highly potential to search, find and connect you with more than millions of active users among which you can share, notify, update, promote and advertise regarding your company, business, products or services. Do remember, among millions of users, many users might be your prospective customer or client as well as a source to promote your business. So, these great social media marketing tool ‘Facebook and Twitter’ are excellent platform to grow your business. Just be consistent with them, provide genuine value and indeed you will begin to have new ‘fans’ and ‘followers’.

What do you think?

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