Focus On The Perspectives Of The Images To Post On Instagram

You must take, select and edit your photos just like a pro. However, there is no reason to believe that you will need a spacious photo studio or the equipment that professional photographers use to make their images stand out from the others. All you will need careful planning, a strategic approach and a creative eye for it.

Steps to follow to Post On Instagram

There are lots of things that you can and should do to make your images stand out from your close competitors.

Focus on making the most advantage of negative space when you shoot a photo to post on your Instagram account. Now, if you are not aware of what negative space is how it works then you may find it a bit difficult initially but as you come to know the ways to use it in the best possible manner, you will surely have a larger audience and increased traffic to your fashion site. Negative space is typically the empty space or white area around your subject in the image. If you leave a considerable amount of such negative space around your subject then:

  • It will automatically draw the attention of the viewer towards the desired focus of your image.
  • It will also ensure that your image does not look overcrowded with unnecessary elements that will shift the focus of the viewer from the main subject toward unnecessary things.

Next, you should look for more interesting photo perspectives and subjects that are much different from what your competitors use on their Instagram accounts. Typically, people are used to viewing a picture from their eye level. This is the perspective that most of photographers follow and that is why you find those pictures of National geography so appealing and impression-creating. Follow this principle as well as consider all other commonly used perspectives to take different shots. This will help you to create fresh photos. All you have to do is:

  • Change your shooting perspective
  • Capture images in a bird’s eye or worm’s eye view and
  • Experiment with different angles to find new and better perspectives on your fashion model or subject.

Remember, common sights will be ignored by the viewer easily and thereby result in a loss of prospective traffic and client towards your fashion site. In case, you are unsure take cue from experts such as stormlikes and their likes for better results and photography ideas.

Leverage the level of engagement

When you are done with your photos, you must focus on leveraging the engagement level of the viewers in your Instagram account. If you add proper, compelling and easy to understand links then it will entice the users to click on it and visit your fashion to know more about the features and other information about your fashion product. This will help you in two ways such as:

  • It will not only increase the number of traffic towards your fashion site but
  • It will also increase the chances of converting them into your prospective clients and buyers.

Make sure that you use proper hashtags for that matter to build your own community and to ensure that you create your niche in the market with your product. Remember, keeping up to the current trend is the most common fashion among the fashion sites!

Instagram Story Viewer

In order to leverage engagement among your Instagram followers, you must make sure that you leverage the symmetry and pattern of the images of your fashion product. This is an important aspect because it is human nature that they or their eyes especially are drawn towards symmetrical objects and shapes. You can ensure this in a whole lot of ways and some of the useful ways are:

  • Breaking the rule of thirds sometimes
  • Center the scene in the frame
  • Use more leading lines as these are the more specific forms of symmetry.

All these factors when considered will draw the eye and focus of the viewer towards your photo.

When it comes to selecting specific patterns you may select specific manmade patterns such as:

  • A natural pattern
  • A tiled floor pattern or
  • A breakup pattern.

If you want to make things more interesting and attractive you may include other patterns such as vines on a wall or petals of a flower. This will make your subject even more beautiful but make sure that the focus is never distracted from the product that you have created and want to showcase.

Make your images better

Since Instagram is essentially a photo and video-sharing app, all your focus should be on making your images as attractive as your own creation of the fashion product that you want to sell.

One best ways to show your product is to present it under natural light instead of artificial one because:

  • This will not make the images, the subject and the model look like staged and illusive.
  • Moreover, if you use standard overhead lights, it will create harsh shadows.
  • Artificial lights will also highlight annoying dark and light areas in the photos.

Therefore, in order to prevent all these things from happening the most prudent way to shoot your product is by using soft natural light as much as and wherever possible. Place your model next to a window or you can even take shots outdoors. Make sure that if you choose to shoot outdoors you do so half an hour before sunset or after sunrise. This will give your shots the best look as these times and conditions will offer the most striking lights because the sun will be low on the horizon.

All these photo features will draw more Instagram followers and more traffic to your fashion site.

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