Set of Outlandish Icon set to Give a Spanking Look to Your Windows

In this post we are displaying you the set of creative icons to give that enhanced refreshing look for your system’s icons. While discussing about creative icon sets; our web designers and graphic designers tops the charts with their excellent and experience in creating outstanding results. By showcasing an alluring set of icons designers can actually provide attractive accessorising tool for your desktop and showcase their talent.

A nicely designed set of attractive icons spells the powerful creative instinct behind the every piece of icon. There are endless sets of icons available online for free download but rarely anyone is good for executing better message through them. In this post we are offering spanking new set of designed icons for free download for your help.

By downloading these icons one can successfully illustrate various dock icons with these outlanding icon designs. The motive of our designer for creative these imaginative pieces is to avail a all new look to your windows with attractive icon sets. This is July edition for the set of amazing icons for free download. Please see to this space for the next month’s edition too.

Below we are displaying the icons designed by our eminent designers for your to download freely:

Icon Set 1


Above shown set of icons is most attractive examples includes a home icon displaying homepage, image screen that displays an image, a mouse icon to replicate cursor, and attractive file icon to display various folders.


Icon Set 2


The set of icon shown above is another piece of outlandish icons available for free to download for your personal computer. The file icon displays the set of office files, the floppy icon can be used for save files, and the box icon is an attractive icon that can be utilized for folder icon. Lastly the notepad icon is available to download for notepad icon.

Icon Set 3


The third set of icons displayed above is another master piece display home icon for home pages, computer system as icon for my computer, and last print machine icon to use as print command or printer in the control panel.

Here are some examples of summer designs for color poster printing.

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