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Google Plus Challenging FaceBook with Cool Features: Father of All Social Networking Platforms

The motivational factor behind creation of this effective platform is to provide a different level of experience to the user combining qualities of various social networking sites into one single place. The idea was to create a better medium that can succeed all other in the same field.

From its name only it sounds positive and valued with some added features which were never experienced before. Google Plus is an attempt made by the biggest internet giant GOOGLE to mark its presence in social networking field. For people who own a good nose for every new thing on internet, Google plus is going to be a great fun space.

In lesser period of time Google Plus has maintained a serious level of enmity with the existing social networking platforms. With Google + Google is putting a challenge in front of various connecting sites proving their strength for social networking for a long time. With this application Google is confronting the popular existence of social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Orkut, MySpace, Hi5 and many more.

With much of the discussion everyone is eager to know about it, the question rises in everyone’s mind is “What Google Plus is all about?” Actually, Google Plus similar to other social networks is all about sharing thoughts, experiences, and opportunities with various mediums. But if it is similar to other networking platforms then for what reasons it is different and unique. To answer in this context, we would like to some up few of its added features for you which make it completely different from other social networking sites.

Google has introduced a next level of sharing and networking with Google+. The team has worked hard on Google + by combining various added features to this to avail the networking experience that has not been provided yet by any other networking medium. Below we are detailing its main features to make you understand this new social podium better.


This can be better described as various social groups of people in your known circles categorizing friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances and others. With this feature everyone can share various things with various people; it can be a picture, song, video, story, thoughts, suggestions and many more. With this feature you need not worry for categorizing your various contact people for selection to share different information. Google+ performs it own task by putting various people in different section of circles. You can arrange different groups of people in your life easily and share things with the desired people. For example if you want to share your office video with you office friends then you just need to select the office circle and you are done.


This is an attractive feature from Google+ to share important pieces content and matter from discovery engines. Anything that seems to you important to share it with family and friends can be saved separately in Sparks and related matter will not be over shadowed by pictures and video. With this part your save and separate the attention of your special content and video for various matters. So, whenever you have spare time to do something interesting there is always something g in this folder for you to read, share and watch apart from your usual network sharing.


This is great application from Google+ that avails you freedom to hangouts with friends whenever you feel like. This avails a way to group video chat with your buddies face to face. This is much cooler options works without integration from Skype and any other chat software as in FaceBook. You can have fun with your friends and by un-planned meet ups on hangout.


Texting provides a great way to communicate with a friend. But in order to share text message with a group of friends you need something plus. Huddle is a great feature that let you know what your friends doing. It is kind of text messaging service with added advantage to chat with a group of people at a single point of time. This is mobile friendly feature with which you cab endlessly share texts till the time you want.

Instant Upload/Mobile

This application from Google Plus is another added value to social networking. We all love to take photos and sharing them online with family and friends is ultimate fun. Sharing instant photos instantly is great feature provided by instant upload where you can take photos in a sec and share them in the next second.
So, above provided features are some of the features from Google Plus to make you updated and connected in a special way with different group of friends. You can socialize easily and create a great network through it.

Google+ VS FaceBook

Google+ is unveiling an open face-up challenge to the long dominating existence of Facebook by providing cross over experience of online networking. Though Facebook is a successful networking platform which has proved its rein all over the world, but Google Plus is putting a great competition to facebook in great sense. Without any doubt it is clear that people with and without facebook account will surely going to try this new feature full networking medium.

To count few advantages of Google Plus over FaceBook we are listing some points below:

1. Google Plus proves safer as it provides better privacy control than facebook. One cannot create a Google Plus account with a fake name. It avails encrusted grouping with its circle feature.

2. Google Plus is available with combining features of FaceBook and Twitter both with which you can share information, thoughts, pictures, images, videos and share instant messaging with groups.

3. It is simple and designed with clean format. Its looks are attractive and do not confuse the user.

4. Google Plus avails Google chat for chatting with option of video chat too. This feature is better than FaceBook chat.

5. Better group video chats without integration of skype.

With so many advantageous features Google Plus is popularizing as Facebook killer and successor of all social networks. FaceBook is also getting threatened by the popularity of this amazing platform due to which Google Plus was blocked officially by Facebook authorities soon after the first week of launch of Google Plus. This step from Facebook is a sign of great battle between the two titans in networking field and we just can wish for the win of the best.

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