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Join Failure Party: RIP Top 10 Failed Social Networking Websites

Who doesn’t want to be as much popular as Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey? Social networking websites are really money making machine right? If you think that Social Networking Websites are a sure success then THINK AGAIN PAL! Beside with success stories of names like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin; there are hundreds of other names which couldn’t gather even the name suggestion in Google search results.

Social networking websites are experiencing a neck to neck competition from each other and this competition has thrashed away many social networking websites from the list. In this post I am going to pay a tribute to those failed social networking websites by organizing a ‘Failure Party’. In this post I will discuss their golden phase and the reason behind their failure, At the end we will say a healthy goodbye to them; RIP.



Here comes the Killer! MySpace had undoubtedly plucked away the competitors like Xanga at a particular time but at present it is too waiting for the users to log in or join in.



Hey I was connected to Friendster; My ID is hmmm..My ID is…I forget my Friendster ID? I Forget Friendster? And the answer is hard to say but yes! Yes! Friendster is not in the browsing history of internet users.



No doubt Digg has attended a lot of success parties but the time has changed now and the winds are flowing in different direction. Even if you are a big fan of Digg; you will need to accept the fact that our Digg is no more. The Social Networking monsters like Facebook and Twitter has engulfed this favorite news aggregator of ours.



When the wings of Xanga were going to make a long fly; suddenly they were cruelly chopped by the MySpace. Although Myspace is too a part of this failure party but Xanga could have make an excuse to skip this part if MySpace was not there.



It is undoubtedly the Facebook before Facebook. Who was not addicted to check the scraps? Uploading pictures? And much more but as it is the rule ‘survival for the fittest’; Facebook destroyed the caste of Orkut with no –mercy. RIP Orkut; we really miss you when we get some time to think anything except Facebook



I was really expecting a lot from this social networking website but then I realized how I expected a lot from my Math’s teacher during exams; the result of both expectations was horrible. Nobody missed the poor Diaspora but I will pray RIP for this website and concept.



The reason behind the failure of this social networking website ranges from poor interface to out of box strange concept. The Eons was founded by the founder of and now we only hope that the employees of Eons will get better job options via Monster.



Delicious was started in 2003 and has earned a golden phase during the year 2008 but after that its bronze age continued and now we don’t even know if it exist or not. If anyone of you found Delicious than please do inform me too.



Google+ can’t actually be called a failure but if we compare it with the other social networking options then it surely deserve the invitation to this party. Google+ is of course a social networking hub but according to many social media experts; the motive to design this website seems to be a jealousy factor of Google to Facebook.

iTunes Ping

iTune Ping

Apple is looked as the undefeated king of technology but you will be surprised to know that Apple also follows a long list of failed projects. Apple’s iTune Ping is one of those failures whose both presence and absence can’t make an impact among the users.


I hope that you would have enjoyed this failure party of failed Social Networking Websites. The other guests who are not invited at this party can be a member next time if they try hard to disappoint the users. Please Bookmark Webgranth if you like my posts. I will love to entertain you in a technical prospectus.

What do you think?

Written by Williams Heilmann


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