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How to Increase Speed and Testing Tools of Your Website

Now give up the worry because this post How to Increase Speed and Testing Tools of Your Website will make you acquainted and provide recommendations to enhance your website loading speed faster. Thus, towards the usability as well as success of your website, it is highly obligatory to manage the website’s performance and capability to perform exponentially which is crucial too.
Website speed is very significant and worthy towards optimizing the website for your visitors as well as search engines too. The faster speed of loading a website, no doubt minimizes the bounce rate of your website as well as preventing your users/visitors from having to wait for long. That is the reason why software testing tools for websites are so important, these tools ensure your site is running optimally. It is also good to conduct best internet speed test.
When we go through in context of search engine, the website speed put a very earnest impact on search ranking too. A website with good loading time will literally comes at top in search ranking rather than of slower websites.
However, in order to boost up the loading speed of your website, its performance and troubleshooting, I have amassed some useful website of speed testing tool and hereby presenting the same through How to Increase Speed and Testing Tools of Your Website which you can render your website loading more faster. So, check it out and enjoy!!


Aptimize is a very unique tool which used to provide the complete analysis report through e-mail in pdf format. Unlike other tools, you can review whenever you want. It is featured by Yslow grading, shows, browser and server processing time, shows multiple loading times and most worthy apart of conveying website’s server response time, JavaScript, HTML, CSS load time it provide an overview of how much time you can save through optimizing the files.

Free Speed Test

Free Speed Test is a very significant tool seen ever before. It works in very unique way which allows you to know actually how much time your website takes to load through out the world as it is capable to analyze loading speed of your website almost all around the globe via multiple data centers.


This Hoover Web Design is very simple and single step tool which is useful to analyze the loading speed of any website exponentially and accurately.

iweb Tools

iWeb Tools is very affable and handy tool which analyze and provide accurate data about speed of your website. It allows you to test as well as compare your website’s loading time with other 10 domains’ loading speed.

Pingdom Tools

It is a very captivating tool which facilitate you to analyze the loading speed of websites as well as educate about how to enhance the speed. Its features include Performance overview, grade and tips, Examine all parts of a web page, Trace performance history and many more.

Speed Tester

This Speed Tester is one amongst the most useful and valuable speed analyzing tool especially in SEO. Some significant features of this website includes Estimate load time, speed analysis, provide separate analysis report of Images, CSS Files, Javascript files etc.


WebToolHub is a very useful and worthy website speed tool. It has two analysis mode one simple and another next is advanced. In Simple it provide only loading time of the website on distinct hosting server and internet connection. While advanced mode give a complete report of loading time of each and every element through out the entire website.

web-inspect is a user friendly and simple website speed testing tool to analyze your website loading speed and time in respect of certain internet service provider.

Website Goodies

Website Goodies is literally nice and effective website testing tool through which you can analyze loading speed of your website exponentially in very convenient way and without any hassle.

Website Optimization

This Website Optimization is a very affable and user friendly tool which conveys complete analysis regarding loading time and overview to enhance for your website. It comes with several unique features which include speed report of your web page, global report, External files calculation, Analysis and Recommendation etc.
So, here I opined that the recommendation and overview from How to Increase Speed and Testing Tools of Your Website will be highly useful and significant towards enhancing the loading speed of your website that proliferate the number of visitors/users as final result as well as get higher placement in search ranking too.

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Written by Bryan Lazaris


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