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How to Get Started on Google AdWords

Get Started on Google AdWords

How to Get Started on Google AdWords

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The competition of standing out with your business on the internet can get pretty rough at times. Thus, it is natural that most brands are looking for any way to stand out.

Some methods are clear winners when talking about popularity. However, you could argue that pay per click marketing is not getting as much attention as it should, and it is quite difficult to fathom why this is happening.

If you have not had an opportunity to start on AdWords or PPC in general, this article should work fine as an introduction to the world of pay per click marketing.

Automation Tools

It is only natural that things are not static. Technologies are moving forward, and so does AdWords. Google is looking to introduce all kinds of neat features in the next few years. One notable trend is how everything appears to become more automated.

Machine learning, AI, and all that will play an even more significant role in the future. Moreover, you have google ads software for ecommerce from the likes of Cleverecommerce and other notable companies. All in all, things are looking bright so there is no need to concern yourself if you are worried about the sustainability of AdWords.

Budget Planning

Budget Planning

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Every click you get comes at a price. But that is the beauty of this particular method. It is a lot of fun having to test out new things which ultimately leads to a campaign that costs you little but returns so much that sometimes it is difficult to comprehend just what had happened.

It should be a no-brainer that keeping your budget in check is a big priority. If the results are not there, look to change some of your keywords into those that are not as competitive.


One should always be curious and find out how others in the industry are faring. Sometimes it can be a good source of inspiration, especially when you have a tough time coming up with something yourself. And even if you end up having some doubts and start to believe that this is not the most ethical thing in the world, do not bother yourself with that. This is something that everyone is doing anyway.

Compelling Ad Copy

Compelling Ad Copy

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The benefits that come from PPC usually comes to those who have put a lot of effort into their work. However, there is one area that can be an extremely difficult nut to crack. And that is copywriting.

The text of the ad is more important than it may appear on the surface. Thus, it is not that surprising to see so many marketers leave writing a compelling copy in the hand of professionals.

Becoming good at writing takes time and some people simply have no time for that. After all, they want to focus on other aspects and elevate their business to new heights.

Ultimately, it all comes down to a personal choice. If you have the patience and would like to learn copywriting while honing your PPC marketing skills at the same time, then by all means, go for it. But it might be worth looking for a freelancer.

Landing Page

Do not disappoint those who click on the ad. A landing page is your brand’s representative, and if someone who ends up there leaves immediately, something is definitely wrong.

First of all, your goal is to increase the number of sales, correct? Well, just because they are on your website, it does not guarantee that these visitors will convert into spending customers.

A good landing page will also help with search engine optimization since Google knows about the bounce rate and other metrics. So how does one create a good landing page? Here are a few suggestions:

Simple and minimalistic designs are the optimal choice as they load faster and are easier to navigate through.
Make use of visuals that will catch the attention of the customer.
Put some bullet points to make things clearer and easier to read.
Use clear calls to action and refrain from clickbait titles.


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A tight budget means that you will not have the luxury to run your ads 24/7. But that should not be something you would want to do anyway. The only benefit of having your ads on display non-stop is for raising brand awareness.

There is a good reason why you can schedule the ads and set when you want them to be active and when they should be turned off.

It may take a while to determine how certain ads perform during particular timeframes, but if you are looking to build a sustainable business, you will want to emphasize efficiency.

So there you have it. This short article will serve as a decent reference for those who are looking to start with their PPC marketing journey. Keep in mind that things take time and be patient. Nobody started knowing it all, and given how difficult pay per click sometimes is, it is only natural that cutting corners is not an option.

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