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Five Ways You Can Benefit From Guest Blogging Even if You Don’t Have a Website

Imagine doing a guest post where you’ll be getting no back links? Sounds like a total wastage of time? After all, it is the back link from third party, independent blogs that makes guest posting a method worth going for? Well, the answer is in no, guest blogging is a lot more than being a link building tactic. Following are just some ideas of making the most from guest blogging, even when you aren’t looking for back links.

Hone your writing skills:

I see many blogs being run by the bloggers who possess below par writing skills, in their posts you will find everything from weak grammar to poor sentence structure, but because it’s their own blog, they can continue to publish content ofwhatever quality. It’s not that I am bragging about my English writing skills, or trying to write down bloggers with substandard writing skills, because many are still doing a decent job with their blogs and the information they are providing, however it’ll only help if you can challenge your writing skills by trying to write for other blogs every once in a while, because that will push you out of your comfort zone, because you will have to go through, and proofread your posts many time, because now, you reputation is on stake.

Use to get freelance writing jobs:

With hundreds and thousands of websites getting launched on daily basis, there’s an ever increasing demand forunique content on web, and if you’ve got acceptable writing skills, freelance writing can turn out to be an ideal full time or part time profession, especially if you are looking to work from home. However, you’ll need to have some samples of your writing in order to bag your first feworders, and again guest blogging is the ideal way to get those samples on your portfolio. Simply choose some blogs from your preferred niches and write half a dozen guest posts. Rest assured, that’ll do a much better job than having a profile and some articles in one of those article directories.

Earn by revenue sharing programs:

Many blogs are offering revenue sharing programs for people who can write good relevant posts while keeping in line with the theme of blog. These blogs are better than the content farms because a big majority of those websites are frowned upon by search engines (except the “chosen ones”) hence losing value and traffic. And that’s not all, if you are writing good quality posts on regular basis, you might even get a paid writing job at the same blog after some time. You can try different blogs and gradually narrow down the blogs with maximum returns to focus.

Add to your resume:

Doesn’t matter what’s your line of work, chances are that there will be some blogs covering a similar subject. If you can write some posts for those blogs and get them published, that will definitely add a lot of value to your Curriculum Vitae. Good writing and communication skills are seen as a bonus for almost all professions, and if you are able to demonstrate these skills, it will add quite some value to your resume, especially if you are a fresh graduate without any previous experience and looking for your first job.

Get heard:

Guest blogging can also be used to make some point, to lobby or push for something. For example if you are looking to stir a debate on a new development in your industry, looking for opinions from experts, share something that’s nagging you, and the likes, you can choose reputable blogs with sizeable readership and write your heart out. Rest assured, if you have got some point, it will be picked by other bloggers as well, resulting in some buzz around the blogosphere.

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Natasha Mesty is an Internet Marketing expert and writes on topics related to guest blogging. Watch this video on guest bloggingto learn more about and how it can help you in your guest blogging endeavors.

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