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Are you a blogging newbie?

So how do you get the most out of your blog? If you are experienced blogger or a newbie this article will help you blog the right way and appeal to your current and potential readers.

Don’t Advertise

Whats in a blog? Why do people read your blog instead of someone else’s? Well the answer to this is to get information about things in your industry. They don’t come to be advertised to, they have enough of that in their every day life. So blogging about products or covering books might make you money but it doesn’t provide your readers with much value.

If you want to cover news instead, Google trends is a good place to start. It was accepted into Google news a few years ago, this meant that it could appear really high in the Google search results for almost any search term. You can analyse Google trends and write on things that are hot. This is a great way to get tons of traffic.

Pick a niche

Now I don’t have a specific niche with Melting Posts, but if I had, it probably would be more popular. I generally provide information to any person or business who is digitally connected and uses social media on regular basis. Make sure you pick a niche with your blog.

Pick a big niche

Don’t pick a niche thats too small or one which is already targeted by others. Because unless you think you can do a better job that your competitors you would probably not get much traffic or even give up. Focusing on a wider picture would help you appeal to more readers. You don’t have to stop blogging about your industry, but you could expand and cover other thing related to your industry.

You want to pick a niche, but it can’t be too small. If it is, you may run out of content ideas.

Be passionate

If you aren’t passionate about what you are writing on, your readers will be able to tell. Losing readers id the last thing you want. If you are not passionate about what you are blogging about instead of quitting think about what you could do differently. You could change the design of you blog, get people to guest post or post on other peoples blogs. Figure out why you stoped caring about your blog, then when you know the problem, look for a solution. Last thing you want to do is abandon the ship as this doesn’t give a good message to your readers, customers and clients.

Don’t burn yourself out

When I started blogging, I used to blog twice a day. I got burned out and felt that I was writing too much. Blogging shouldn’t seem like a chore, you should enjoy it. I now blog once a week on average and I love doing it. Don’t force yourself to blog to often or else you will get burned out.

Make money

There is nothing wrong with making money. If you are spending a lot of time blogging, you should be rewarded from it. If you are in a position where you don’t need money, that’s great. If you aren’t, you better figure out a way to make money off of your blog.

Don’t spend too much on a design

I didn’t spend a penny on getting Melting Posts designed. I did it all myself. Now I’m not a computer geek and until a week after registering the domain name I didn’t even know what Word Press was. It was time consuming trying to learn everything from scratch but the reward is priceless. I have a great blog and I did it all myself now that is something money cant buy. But you don’t need to have a cool design to have a popular blog. If you look at some of the most popular blogs on the web, such as Boing Boing or Tech Crunch there isn’t anything special when it comes to their design.

The main thing you should be concerned about when it comes to your blog’s design, is that it needs to be usable and simple.

Have a unique design

Make sure that your blog doesn’t blend in with thousands of other blogs. If you are using Word Press you have two options:

  1. Modify the theme and make it look different
  2. Change the design

Write detailed content

If you write detailed blog posts, I can guarantee your traffic will increased and your audience will start to enjoy reading the blog.

Respond to every commentor

Don’t take commentors for granted. If you respond to every commentor since the first day you started blogging, you would have built tons of relationships. If you do this great if not then start right away. After I started to respond to every comment, I got to know a ton of people on a personal level. What could be better for building networks and relationships with your audience?

Build relationships with other bloggers

If you want your blog to be popular, you better get to know other bloggers. The easiest way to make your blog popular is to get other bloggers to blog about you and your blog.

Tell your story

Open up to your readers by telling them your story. You should have a good, detailedhere

What do you think?

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Nola J Arney is working as an application and web developer at HTMLPanda. Her core technical skill in web designing, Sencha touch, PhoneGap, and other platforms has contributed a lot of benefits to the business. She has an interest in writing and hence, she has written numerous blogs & articles that specifically shed a light on website the designing & development technology. All her write-ups have earned a gratitude from the specialists worldwide.


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