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50 Free Blogging Websites

It has taken the pickup in the late 1990s when it coincided with the advent of web publishing tools that in turn facilitated the posting of content by non-technical users. The superb quality blogs are interactive in nature as it allows visitors to leave comments and even message each other via GUI widgets on the blogs and it is this interactivity that distinguishes the blogging websites from other static websites and can be considered as a form of social networking without any hesitation.

Although there are number of free blogging sites available on the web but choosing the best blogging sites among them seems little bit confusing and troublesome. It takes immense importance especially when anybody is the first time blogger or jumped into this field first time. Thus, here we have compiled a comprehensive list containing 50 free blogging website which will save your time wandering here and there in search of best blogging sites.

Floost is a free blogging platform offering facility to create free Text, Video, Image & other forms of blog. Moreover it’s user friendly interface make it bit different from other.


LiveJournal is a great tool for writers having with hundreds of groups set up designed to let you join a writing challenge. This is the perfect place for anyone who is looking to have their skills as a writer tested. It has customizable theme, avatars, layouts and a few more things that you can get after paying some costs.


Bloggeries is the ultimate blog resource having clear and concise layout. It is one of the most respected blog directories where readers can easily find what they are looking for in a snap. Users can find quality blogs as well as can add their own to the directory.

EatonWeb Blog Directory

EatonWeb is a sophisticated blog directory that uses a variety of indicators to measure the importance of each blog. It is having powerful directory list where blogs are ordered within each category according to their perceived importance. It is contributing a lot to the Internet, emphasizing quality, and providing an accurate guide to the authoritative blogs across a wide variety of topics. is a free, manually-edited directory that enables the bloggers to meet thousands of bloggers who share their unique interests and submit their blog feed and publish content to Twitter and Facebook thereby setting up their own top list. One can use the site’s social features, article directory, and other great tools to build your blog.

Blogged is an interesting mix of a directory and a Google News type site and serves as a place where one can get reactions to major news events. It is full of blogs with no more tired old newspapers. It is here, where one can start sharing interesting news clippings and events with their trusted network of friends and like-minded individuals and can interact with news like never before.




WordPress is one of the best ways to blog and is enlisted in the number one blogging website because it does not have ads on your blog. Here you have full freedom to set up your layout, color scheme, theme and everything just the way you want it.

Blog Catalog

Blog Catalog offers you an environment where one can buy, sell and trade and can enter in the marketplace which they can trust. Also, here bloggers can explore, discuss as well as read about the current trends going on in the market. It features a vast number of categories, from “academic” to “writing” offering people the ability to search by country, language or user.

Globe of Blogs

Globe of Blogs is the superb blog directory consisting of too many features which lets people to stay in touch with the latest topics and market trends. On this site, only non-commercial blogs are accepted. One can search here either by title, author, location, topic, or subject.

Ultimate directory of British blogs

Ultimate directory of British blogs, as the name reveals is really an ultimate blog directory of British blogs which contain the very best human reviewed directory of British Blogs. It is having more than10,000 editorially reviewed blogs which you can explore and read and at the same time allow you to submit your own blog.

Blog Universe

Blog Universe boasts an easy to navigate layout with a unique directory list containing blog from different fields such as sports, Internet, Entertainment, and Business etc. This site is really worth to submit your own blogs.

Bigger Blogs

Another great blogging site having with rich resource containing blogs from several fields such as entertainment, education, directories, business etc. It is intertwined with a business directory and an article directory, giving you access to several powerful tools in one location.



Facebook is a renowned name which has gained too much reputation in the last few decades. Here, you can have “Notes” which can be viewed by your friends. Also, if you want to make your notes private or visible to the limed friends, you can also do that as Facebook also provides option for that.


Bloggernity is one of the exciting bloggers hangout and directory on the internet which allows you to search for latest news, entertainment, humor and politics issues. It is a crisp, clean and easily navigated site with low ad-to-content ratio which has helped this site to solidify its reputation as a quality directory.


Enriched with an interesting and eye-catching homepage, Bloggapedia allow its readers to get easily connected to top blogs and new posts. It is fed with several blogs under diverse innovative categories and attracts its visitors with its colorful design and blogger tool kit that contribute a lot in making this directory a hit.


Spillbean is a great resource where one can find well-designed directory of blogs on several topics and subjects such as arts and entertainment, daily living, games and sports, health and fitness etc. Here bloggers can also find several blogging tools and resources.

Blogging Fusion

Blogging Fusion Blog Directory is a premiere blog directory on the internet boasting over 60 categories, including family-focused blogs. It has a good number of listings currently containing 3,238 submitted blogs. Besides submitting their blogs, bloggers can also increase revenue, back-links, and readership or improve their search engine visibility to get maximum traffic and exposure.


Blogflux is organized and clear spot especially designed to be a central destination for the blogosphere, providing them everything they need to get their blog up and running. Powered with stunning blog directory, to themes, stat tracking, and advanced services like poll and quiz makers, Blogflux is the excellent resource you need to get your blog online.



Enriched with beautiful, customizable templates and layouts, Blogger is a quite use friendly blog website enabling you to link with others and keep updating. It provides you option of deleting comments, which is nice for those who don’t want people advertising on their blogs.


BlogListing.Net is a free blog directory for directory submission that is continuously taking steps to continue to improve it’s own rankings in the search engines. Enriched with good page rank value, one can greatly increase their blogs strength and increase traffic. One of the most advantageous part of this blog site is that it displays the page-ranking blogs, which is a helpful tool when determining with whom you want to exchange links.


Blogio is another renowned blog website that stores plenty of quality blogs categorized under various headings such as arts, business, computers and Internet, Electronics etc. It also sports solid on-site search which is one of its great advantageous part.

Blog Digger

Blog Digger is a strong search tool, especially for local blog listings which enables you to check out the latest blogs sort by date or relevance. One can also find several important links, media news, local news etc. and can submit their own too.

Technorati’s blog directory

Technorati’s blog directory is one of the best blogging website where one can explore, read as well as submit their own blogs relating to entertainment, business, sports etc. It is a well reputed website that spans more than 30 categories of blogs featuring a powerful community element, on-site analytics, as well as a clean design.


Browse the site and explore the most popular and cool blogs categorized under different headings. Having with strong base of blogs and a solid text-ad system for its front page, you can set your own blog and can drive traffic to your blog by keeping content fresh and avoiding blogging burnout.



Multiply, as the name signifies, mixes blogging and social networking along with photo galleries and much more. This is one of the best blogging website that allows easy blogging.


Blog Hints

Blog Hints is a well known blog directory as well as search engine featuring over 100 categories. This blogging site is very picky about which blogs should included and which not, and if included, those blogs are listed under a category via a visual interface that shows the site’s design and page rank which in turn makes it the perfect site for finding link-swapping partners.


Vox offers you the personal blogging service where you can share thoughts, photos, and videos with friends and family.


BlogSome is the fastest growing blog host in the world which enables you to get blogging in minutes. It is fast, easy and free blogging site that offers you diverse choice of themes, allows you to upload photos, personalize your design and much more than that.


Xanga is more community-centric blogging, including Friends lists which permits you to explore as well submit your own blogs.


MySpace is another more community-centric blogging website that let you to get all sorts of layout and backgrounds to play with.



Tumblr is a renowned blogging platform with special focus on allowing media-rich posts. It allow you to explore several posts relating to media and adding the same.



BlogABond is a site dedicated to travel blogs with map integration and more that lets you to know the stuff people blogging about recently. It lets you to start a travel blog at this site.

Blog Cheese

Blog Cheese is a renowned video blogging website which permits you to start blogging today itself.

Busy Thumbs

Having with lots of cool features, Busy Thumbs is a free blogging website and is easy to operate. It allows multiple blogs per user and provide sub-domain for each blog. It also offers a highly customizable platform and is specifically built for your text messages and camera phone images.


FreeVlog website is specifically designed for video blogging and is completely free. It does not require any expenditure to start blogging and thus save your money.



Offering a highly customizable environment, Trippert website allows you to create and share blogs of your travels.


Word Count Journal

This is really an interesting website having with new blogging format that is also part challenge. It allows blogging by writing one word on the first day, two words on the second day and so on, at the end of the year you’ll have written 66,795 words. This is really funny to use; it also counts your words for thereby not allowing you to write too many.



This is a great blogging website that offers you multiple templates, anti-spam, free sub-domain and much more. It is highly recommended website for blogging and allows you to avail paid services too.



It is WordPress powered blogging website for educators and students alike enabling you to easily create & manage student & teacher blogs, quickly customize designs and include videos, photos & podcasts. It is safe, easy and secure way to start blogging.



Another amazing website offering free blogging services and increasing visitors traffic on your blog. Blog offers free blog hosting with unlimited bandwidth for their free package. No doubt, the paid members can avail more advantage and benefits of the services offered by this website.



Blogr is a most reputed blogging website that allows you to blog, host photos & videos, and podcasts.



Blogster is another extra ordinary blogging website which offers you free image hosting in addition to free blogs. Here you can see who is online and can explore latest blogs.



Bravenet is one of the best website builders at affordable hosting plans facilitating you with easy editing online, tons of bandwidth, excellent support, and stock photos for members and lets you to create more traffic by using a powerful email marketing system. It features everything you need to host your Website, and start blogging providing you with tons of storage and bandwidth, PHP, databases, and much more. It allows you free blog hosting with RSS feeds and more.



ClearBlogs is an ultimate blogging website that allows free blog hosting and offers templates, friends only posts, IP-Banning and much more.


Open Diary

Open Diary is one of the greatest ways to connect with friends, keep your life online, and learn about yourself as it offers unlimited storage and posts. Also you have to bear low cost subscription rates for advanced features. The best part about it is that you can get your own interactive diary, with unlimited storage and posts.



ShoutPost is one of the best blogging platforms that allow you to create blogs that people see. It offers you a platform where you can represent your thoughts to the public, creating blogs with a focus on generating traffic, without the restraints of in-flexible templates and clunky software.

Soul Cast

It is the place where you can get to blog anonymously uncensored and without constraints. You can write about your life and receive real feedback from people who get you. Also, you can read extraordinary blogs about sex, politics, gossip, scandals and more that are unfiltered and uncensored; you can read about the stuff you can’t find on other blogging sites.




Weebly is the easiest way to create a website and start blogging today itself that permits you to create a site and blog, free hosting and change designs on the fly. It is free powerful and professional too which explains why do over 8 million people and businesses use Weebly. So, browse today to have an easiest, most powerful, and affordable website building as well blogging experience.



Launched in July 2005, this website has set its benchmark and is open to the people above the age of 13 and above. The site holds approx 1 crore users and has been ranked as 2279 as per Alexa page ranking.



Flickr is a photo sharing, commenting, photography related networking, website which is accepted worldwide. Launched in February 2004, and having millions of registered user, it is open to all.


Google plus

Launched on 28th June 2011, and holding the acquaintance of millions of users, it welcomes all the people to submit their notes or blogs here. It aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life.



The above enlisted comprehensive collection is a glimpse of some of the well known and most reputed blogging websites best chosen among the large and vast world of blog directories. These websites also contains the valuable inbound links that can enable your blogs to get maximum exposure and attract huge visitor’s traffic. We would be delighted if you will share your opinions with us about which one you have liked the most. Please share your view in the comment bog given below.

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Written by Williams Heilmann


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