Making an image gallery with WordPress isn’t exactly easy, and having a great plugin to help you is essential to puling off the perfect gallery. Thankfully, there are many plugins that are able to fill this need. Here is a list of five of the best WordPress gallery plugins that are easy to use and are great at transforming your blog into an expansive image gallery.

Picture Perfect: 5 WordPress Plugins For Image Galleries
NextGEN Gallery This gallery plugin comes with everything you need to make a fully-fledged image gallery. You can use templates to setup your images, and there is a slideshow option to easily let people look through each of your images...

It’s one of the most important steps to any successful internet marketing campaign. It’s also one of the most challenging. You can easily find hundreds of “how to” articles on doing keyword research and you’ll also find a handful of paid and free keyword research tools on the web.

Finding Search Volume While Doing Local Business Keyword Research
The problem is none of them are very accurate. In this article I’ll highlight how I personally do keyword research – both identifying keywords and finding search volume. The Status Quo The Google Keyword Tool, set to exact match, has become the status quo for keyword search volume data...

These days in the technologically driven world we live in, who hasn’t heard of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? It’s almost impossible to run a successful business without a website and you’d be living in the dark ages if you didn’t have a working computer in the home. With as much opportunity as we have to become successful entrepreneurs in the online world, how exactly do we leverage who we are and what we do to the best of our ability?

Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogs, Oh My! How to Use Social Media For Your Business
By using social media marketing in smart, innovative ways to reach out, expand our business and take advantage of the tools available. Here’s how. Come Up With a Social Media Strategy One of the best things about social media marketing is how accessible it is for anyone who wants to take advantage of it...

In the Internet of 2012, it’s tempting to get caught up in the cult of words. Content is king, after all, and entire social media phenomenons like Twitter were created out of the love of words. Search engines look for words, your readers look for words – heck, you’re reading words right now.

Why Your Blog – And Your Readers – Demand More Multimedia
But as much as words can be of value to your blog’s readers, let’s not forget that many people can be enticed to view and share your content if it’s delivered in a form that deviates from the prose article blog post...

Facebook is a fantastic social network. The biggest and quite possibly the best, many people, businesses, websites, organizations and more already have a presence on this top site. The reason why so many businesses, websites and other groups are on Facebook is because it is a fantastic marketing and promotions tool.

Tips and Tricks for Promoting Your Website with Facebook
It is also so fabulous and popular because it is free. If you are starting to promote your website with Facebook, you are making an excellent choice. You have the potential of reaching an astronomical amount of folks with the network, and this could lead to many more visitors to your website...

If you do not work in the world of online search, you probably do not give much thought to search indexes and who can blame you. The jargon can be intimidating, the advice is frequently conflicting, and some people’s eyes immediately glaze over when encountering words like “algorithm.” Still, if you are trying to promote an endeavor online, either by yourself or with the help of an online marketing firm, there are a few things you should know about search engines and how they connect you to your audience.

Search Indexes: What You Should Know If You Want To Be Found Online
In the simplest terms, a search index is a catalog of every single web page on the internet. Search engines like Google and Bing use web crawlers to collect and analyze each page. By drawing upon hundreds of signals, they rank web pages and categorize them...

When we talk about designing especially for website designing, it is quite impassable to avoid the significance of color. It has been proved as a most critical element to bring an elegant, captivating and alluring website in existence. As, website designing is something rock like and full of challenges in the mean time choosing the right color is also resembles like piercing the fish eye.

Latest Web Resources of Color Schemes for Web Designers
Even most of the experts and web-designers never hold back to concord colors among basic primary component of website designing as well as delivering an effective, engaging and eye-catchy website. Therefore, designers are required to memorize number of things while going to opt colors...

Guest Blogging is often considered nothing more than a marketing tactic for websites, and people use it as a method to acquire back links and drive some traffic to their blog/website. But does that mean, if you don’t have a website to promote, guest blogging can be of no use to you? That is precisely what I used to think when I first started doing guest posts on different blogs to promote my websites, but with the passage of time, I have started admiring guest blogging for more and more reasons. In all honesty, link juice is not all guest bloggingcan bring to the table; it can offer a lot more benefits even for those who don’t have a website.

Five Ways You Can Benefit From Guest Blogging Even if You Don’t Have a Website
Imagine doing a guest post where you’ll be getting no back links? Sounds like a total wastage of time? After all, it is the back link from third party, independent blogs that makes guest posting a method worth going for? Well, the answer is in no, guest blogging is a lot more than being a link building tactic...

The explosion of social media has created a lot of issues regarding the privacy and security of information shared on Face, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media. The issues range from people sharing their own private, personal information and having it fall into the wrong hands, to people sharing the information of others. In the latter category falls concern by companies about employees sharing company secrets on line, and the phenomenon of angry individuals sharing personal information of others, as by an ex-spouse or ex-lover.

Social Media, Privacy, and Security
Facebook has an estimated 400 million users worldwide. Twitter has an estimated 100 million global users. It’s inevitable that in an information marketplace this large, concerns about privacy and security would come to the fore...

If the cost for internet service with your current ISP is too much to handle, you might be wondering if there is something cheaper out there. But today's landscape of internet providers is vast, and there is more than enough information about them online to keep you busy for awhile. So how do you find a cheaper ISP without spending a lot of time? Read on for information on 7 ways to make your search shorter.

Seven Ways to Find More Affordable Internet Providers
Consider the Real Cost Of Bundling Bundled services are popular with almost every ISP these days. Customers’ sign up for more than one service with their broadband company, such as phone or TV, and can get all of their bundled services for a lower price than if they ordered them separately...
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