So, What is Ruby on Rails?

So how these two platforms came together: Ruby was not designed to use on the web until the introduction of Rails. Ruby has made it possible to write Ruby applications that become a website! Although Ruby on Rails is the legitimate name, most developers refer to it as “Rails”.

ruby on rails

Why Beginners Love Rails:

Rails is great for beginners because learning to program in Ruby is a great deal easier than other languages. It’s extremely flexible and forgiving. A beginner can spend more time understanding the fundamentals of programming and less time trying to figure out what they did wrong.

Rails is very potent and does most of the really hard work for you. The downside, Rails takes care of much of the hard work, allowing you to take care of more fanciful ideas. Unfortunately, you will get ahead of yourself quite easily and not truly understand the fundamentals you should know.

This is why it’s really critical that you learn and understand Ruby on Rails from step one all the way through. You must become really comfortable working in this program in order to improve your skills as a programmer

Now, you can work with Ruby web apps using various other frameworks, but chances are you will be hired just writing Ruby on its own. You need to learn Rails! That said, you should become comfortable with Ruby before learning Rails. This is because the majority of time you spend working in Rails is spending time writing Ruby!

You do need to understand various basic terms such as data types, object orientation, debugging and methods (to name a few).

Why You Should Learn Rails:

When Rails was launched, it was a total disclosure, due to its excellent achievement in design. It’s designed in such a way that it will guide you into writing excellent code, even if you don’t have any experience. If you want to create strong web applications that will scale and are easy to maintain, Rails is the answer.

Another reason Rails is becoming so popular with startups is its rapid prototyping. If you dream up a Rails app you want to build, you can have it up online within a few hours! Some websites that have built their sites using Rails include: Airbnb, Basecamp and Hulu.

You cannot actually build an app for a mobile device, but you can build a web application in Rails and have it serve as a backend for the mobile devices. In other words, you can’t use Rails to build an app to sell in the Apple Store, but it will play an important part in the overall project. Again, keep in mind Rails is a framework, Ruby is a programming language and has become very popular.

Should You Learn JavaScript:

In order to be a Rails developer you are going to have to learn JavaScript. You do not need JavaScript to learn Rails, but it is a skill you are going to need down the road. The more you learn in the tech world, there are going to be many different technologies you will need in your portfolio. The upside, the further you progress, new languages and frameworks are going to become easier to learn.

I do believe that Ruby is an easier language to learn than JavaScript. But the further you learn about developing, the further you will have both of these platforms under your belt and the better you will progress.

How Long Will It Take To Learn Rails?

You can grasp a good understanding within a few months. But to master Rails, or any other framework, will take many, many hours so the sooner you get started the better. Also, if you have a general knowledge in programming, the sooner you will pick up Rails.

As a total beginner, Ruby and Rails are excellent places to start off with and then grow from there. If you have never written code, you need to learn HTML and CSS, both of which are really easy to learn.

To get started, have a project to work on, an idea to work toward and good support! You are always going to have many questions as you move forward, so having someone to help you makes common sense. Stick with it, work hard, learn all you can – you will find the success you are looking for.

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