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Google Zeitgeist 2012 : Most Google Searched Queries Of 2012

Isn’t it interesting to think which query was mostly searched on Google? Which Song get the most searched volume this year? Which celebrity was the popular eye candy? And many more questions are utterly answered by Google with the Zeitgeist 2012.

With the fading steps of 2012; Google has officially announced the list of top 10 searched queries in different countries and categories. This list is announced on the Google 2012 Zeitgeist website incorporation with 838 lists from 55 countries which covers around 1.2 trillion searches on the Google.

These lists are subdivided into two categories:-

Trending Searches: These are the searched queries of 2012 which earned an avalanche in a short interval of time.

Most Searched: Most Searched 2012 queries are those searched keywords which have topped the volume of the most searched query in 2012.


In this post of mine I am providing the complete list of Global and US searched queries as per the Google 2012 Zeitgeist website



Whitney Houston

1. Whitney Houston
2. Gangnam Style
3. Hurricane Sandy
4. iPad 3
5. Diablo 3
6. Kate Middleton
7. Olympics 2012
8. Amanda Todd
9. Michael Clarke Duncan
10. BBB12

Whitney Houston is the most searched person on Google in the year 2012. The second spot is acquired by the popular song Gangnam Style; the people around the world had searched about the natural disaster ‘Hurricane Sandy‘. This list have the names from different categories and it is quite noticeable that the personalities are more searched as compared to other categories.


One Direction

1. One Direction
2. Selena Gomez
3. iPhone 5
4. Megan Fox
5. Rihanna
6. Justin Bieber
7. Harry Styles
8. Minecraft
9. Nicki Minaj
10. Katy Perry

The image section is again ruled by the popular personalities. The first spot is crowned by the English-Irish Band ‘One Direction’ followed by the Actress ‘Selena Gomez’. The people around the globe also seems curious about the latest iPhone 5 and Minecraft.


Jeremy Lin

1. Jeremy Lin
2. Michael Phelps
3. Peyton Manning
4. McKayla Maroney
5. Junior Seau
6. Sarah Burke
7. Tom Daley
8. Lance Armstrong
9. Mario Balotelli
10. Ryan Lochte

The Athlete section is ruled by the world most popular basketball player Jeremy Lin and followed by the swimming champion Michael Phelps. The Google 2012 Zeitgeist website has surely shown the true phase of search queries.


Hurricane Sandy

1. Hurricane Sandy
2. Kate Middleton Pictures Released
3. Olympics 2012
4. SOPA Debate
5. Costa Concordia crash
6. Presidential Debate
7. Stratosphere Jump
8. Penn State Scandal
9. Trayvon Martin shooting
10. Pussy Riots

The Hurricane that hit the Caribbean and the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States in late October is the most searched even of 2012 as per the Google Zeitgeist.



1. Whitney Houston
2. Kate Middleton
3.Amanda Todd
4.Michael Clarke Duncan
5.One Direction
6.Felix Baumgartner
7. Jeremy Lin
8. Morgan Freeman
9. Joseph Kony
10. Donna Summer

The American recording artist and actress ‘Whitney Houston’ died in February 2012 and is the most searched person on Google. The second spot is acquired by the wife of Prince Williams ‘ Kate Middleton’ followed by the girl ‘Amanda Todd’ who committed suicide after posting a video of her life cycle on You Tube. This list from the Google Zeitgeist 2012 website had surely revealed a lot of facts.

Feature Films

The Hunger Games

1. The Hunger Games
2. Skyfall
3. Prometheus
4. The Avengers
5. Magic Mike
6. John Carter
7. Ek Tha Tiger
8. Paranormal Activity 4
9. Taken 2
10. Dark Shadows

The Hunger Games is the most searched movie on Google from all around the globe followed by the James Bond Series “Skyfall“.

TV Shows


1. BBB12
2. Avenida Brasil
3. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
4. The Voice
5. American Idol
6. Game of Thrones
7. Homeland
8. Revenge
9. Cheias de Charme
10. Carrossel

BBB12 or Big Brother Brazil 12 is the most searched TV show on Google in the year 2012.

Performing Artists

Performing Artists

1. Whitney Houston
2. Michael Clarke Duncan
3. One Direction
4. Donna Summer
5. Lana Del Rey
6. Carolina Dieckmann
7. Dirk Bach
8. Carly Rae Jepsen
9. Michel Telo

The two artist Whitney Houston and Michael Clarke Duncan are the most searched artist on Google. They Both died in the year 2012.

Consumer Electronics

ipad 3

1. iPad 3
2. Samsung Galaxy S3
3. iPad Mini
4. Nexus 7
5. Galaxy Note 2
6. Play Station
7. iPad 4
8. Microsoft Surface
9. Kindle Fire
10. Nokia Lumia 920

iPad 3 is the most searched consumer electronics in the year 2012. It is quite interesting to see that the iPhone 5 couldn’t make the place in Zeitgeist 2012.


southwest airlines

1. Southwest Airlines
2. United Airlines
3. American Airlines
4. Delta Airlines
5. Air France
6. Lufthansa
7. British Airways
8. JetBlue
9. Air Canada
10. US Airways

Southwest Airlines has spotted the first place in the category of Airlines.

Google+ Hashtags


1. #SOPA
2. #Awesome
3. #Sandy
4. #IO12
5. #Curiosity
6. #Olympics
7. #SXSW
8. #Debate
9. #BlastFromThePast
10. #Eastwooding

Google+ Hashtags were the hottest topics of search all around the year and this category is ruled by the #SOPA.


gangnam style

1. Gangnam Style
2. Somebody That I Used to Know by Walk off the Earth
3. KONY 2012
4. Call Me Maybe featuring Justin Bieber
5. Obama vs. Romney Epic Rap Battles of History
6. A Dramatic Suprise on a Quiet Square
7. Why You Asking All Them Questions?
8. Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling
9. Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen
10. Felix Baumgartner’s Supersonic Free Fall

Which video was searched by maximum viewers? Google Zeitgeist answered the question and Gangnam Style won the title of most searched video worldwide.

After the global search queries, I had concentrated on the Google Zeitgeist 2012 list for United States.

                                  United States



1. Whitney Houston
2. Hurricane Sandy
3. Election 2012
4. Hunger Games
5. Jeremy Lin
6. Olympics 2012
7. Amanda Todd
8. Gangnam Style
9. Michael Clarke Duncan
10. KONY 2012


people us

1. Whitney Houston
2. Jeremy Lin
3. Amanda Todd
4. Michael Clark Duncan
5. Kate Middleton
6. One Direction
7. Morgan Freeman
8. Peyton Manning
9. Joe Paterno
10. Paul Ryan

Events of 2012

events 2012

1. Hurricane Sandy
2. Presidential Election
3. Super Bowl
4. Olympics
5. UEFA Euro 2012
6. KONY Movement
7. SOPA Protest
8. Aurora Shooting
9. Trayvon Martin Case
10. Hurricane Isaac

How to…

How to

1. How to love
2. How to rock
3. How to vote
4. How to install
5. How to hate
6. How to archer
7. How to wobble
8. How to calculate
9. How to root
10. How to tebow

What is…?

what is

1. What is SOPA
2. What is Scientology
3. What is KONY
4. What is Yolo
5. What is Instagram
6. What is Pinterest
7. What is Lent
8. What is Obamacare
9. What is iCloud
10. What is Planking


Justin bieber

1. One Direction
2. Funny Pictures
3. Nicki Minaj
4. Justin Bieber
5. Love
6. Flowers
7. Selena Gomez
8. Heart
9. Money
10. iPhone 5

Cities in Google Maps

google map

1. San Francisco, CA
2. Chicago, IL
3. Denver, CO
4. Los Angeles, CA
5. New York, NY
6. Dallas, TX
7. Washington, DC
8. Houston, TX
9. Seattle, WA
10. Boston, MA

Local Places in Google Maps

google map hotel

1. Hotel
2. Restaurant
3. Walmart
4. Apartment
5. Starbucks
6. Target
7. Parking
8. Bank
9. Camping
10. Home Depot

Int’l Travel Destinations from US


1. Toronto
2. Paris
3. San Juan
4. Cancun
5. Vancouver
6. Rome
7. Montreal
8. Tokyo
9. St Thomas Island
10. San Jose del Cabo

I hope that this post and Google Zeitgeist 2012 would have provided you a lot of information about what the people are searching. You can find more categories among different countries in the Zeitgeist website 2012 .

What do you think?

Written by Tina Smith


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