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Google Update 50 Advance Search Changes

In coming section I am going to present the list of march updates, that will give an excellent overview on how it could be possible to made this decision. So go ahead and a take a look over this.

*Autocomplete with math symbols

When you make any query in Google, it attempt to predict in autocomplete by regulating them with more appropriate predictions from their database. These changes comprises various characters which has been normalized earlier like “-”, “+”, “/” and other special symbols. However, it enables you to make search for popular equation like e=mc2 in very easy way.

*Improvements to handling of symbols for indexing

In the process of making queries, generally we ignore punctuation symbols. On the ground of query stream analysis, now Google has initiated to index regularly used punctuation symbols like, %, \, @ etc.

*Better scoring of news groupings

Google used to organize news results of same story into groups. Now, the scoring system is being implemented to regulate the sorting of these groups for a given query. Eventually, this quite significant change may capable to enhance this scoring system for better news clusters ranking.

*Sitelinks data refresh

This change has been made by an offline process which analyze the structure of a website and other data in context of showing more relevant links to users.

*Improvements to autocomplete backends, coverage

Towards this endeavor, Google employed consolidated system and however, minimized the quantity of backend calls which are useful to create autocomplete predictions.

*Better handling of password changes

Generally, when you modify your passwords, you become sign out from your account over all machines. However, the change made towards this context ensures that when you attempt to modify your password consistently, Google signs your account out of search.

*Better indexing of profile pages

This change is quite obvious which enhance the extensiveness of public profile pages in Google index from more than 200 social networking sites.

*UI refresh for News Universal

Google proclaimed to update the News Universal result design through delivering more results from the top cluster in account of consolidating UI treatment of cluster of distinct sizes, including a larger image, adding an article with larger font at top and including author information.

*Improvements to results for navigational queries

A “navigational query” is referred as a search where a user attempt to navigate a specific website. However, it seems to be confounded when the search query is straightforward. For example, what if user doesn’t know the exact URL? Or what when the URL’s searching by users seem to be a parked domain? Therefore, with such kind of search the results will definitely improve.

*High-quality sites algorithm data update and freshness improvements

Likewise various changes made by Google, the aspect of high-quality websites algorithm is based on processing which is executed offline and pushed in a regular interval of time.

*Live results for UEFA Champions League and KHL

Google has included live-updating snippets in his search results for Russian Hockey League and UEFA Champion League incorporating schedules and scores. However, it enables you to get live results for diversified categories of sports leagues like NBA, NHL and many more.

*Tennis search feature

Google has introduced a new feature in search in account of which you can procure live tennis score at the top of search result page.

*More relevant image search results

By means of this change, you can search and get highly relevant images, even from lower quality pages.

*Fresher image predictions in all languages

Recently Google has made a quite significant change regarding more relevant image search predictions that will be autocomplete in the language of English as well as extends the update to diversified categories of languages.

*SafeSearch algorithm tuning

With change in SafeSearch algorithm tuning Google has updated its classifier to render it more more precise and
smarter. Moreover, they employed some innovative way to filter adult content which likely to appear even a user doesn’t look for it.

*Tweaks to handling of anchor text

Google state that on the basis of their experimental data the ways of anchor processing had excellent success, so they supposed that turning off this element may result in cleaner scoring and render it robust.

*Simplification to Images Universal codebase

Google has adopt some enhanced feature to simplify their Images Universal Codebase and to employ these features excellently in general web ranking as well as also deliver improved image results.

*Better application ranking and UI on mobile

It make you more ease to search any application on your net accessible phone as well as will be appear with enhanced search results including app icons, prices, star ratings and download buttons which are capable to fit in smaller screen size.

*Improvements to freshness in Video Universal

Google claims about his enhanced freshness of video results that designate stale video excellently and provide fresh content.

*Fewer undesired synonyms

Recently Google has tweaked a classifier that will check unhelpful synonyms in the results set which is being introduced as content.

*Better handling of queries with both navigational and local intent

This significant change will result in enhanced appearance of balanced result that make you ensure regarding highly relevant local search result or very navigational result at the top of search result page.

*Improvements to freshness

This month Google announced a change for news-related traffic which has been rolled out for all queries.

*Improvement to processing for detection of site quality

In order to analyze site quality, Google made some improvement towards longstanding system which very efficiently provide them confidence in their classifications.

*Better Interpretation and use of anchor text

The Google has improved their system to analyze and employing anchor text as well as determine the relevance of a anchor that might be given for a query or website.

*Better Local results and sources in Google News

Google is detracting a wink to help people in order to find out content from their local country as well as attempting to build identical logic into other signal they employ.

*Deprecating Signal related to ranking in a news cluster

According to Google this signal was basically unleashed to help people in order to find out better quality articles on Google News.

*Fewer “sibling” synonyms

They are working to ferret ‘sibling’ synonyms and however claims that their latest system is more debuggable, updatable, easy to maintain and extensible to other systems.

*Better Synonym accuracy and performance

They have developed more accurate methods to designate appropriate synonyms in those cases where there are multiple synonym with distinct context are implemented.

*Retrieval system tuning

They have introduced a system which very effectively determine the terms in a search query that are not necessary to fetch relevant documents. However, transform it more robust and faithful result to the original query.

*Less aggressive synonyms

This significant modification in Google make synonym system less aggressive as a result which include results for other query terms, delivering high value weight over the original user query.

*Update to systems relying on geographic data

Google made a statement about incorporating various signals that boasts on geographic data and this modification enhances some of the geographic date they are employing.

*Improvements to name detection

They adopt an enhanced system that points out the name particularly the name of celebrities.

*Updates to personalization signals

This change from Google leads to upgrade the signals employed to customize search results.

*Improvements to Image Search relevance

Google has improved the signals to promote reasonably sized images brilliantly on quality landing pages.

*Remove deprecated signal from site relevance signals

Google has abandoned a condemned product-focused signal from a website comprehending algorithm.

*More precise detection of old pages

This modification update the process of detection of stale pages from their index in account of more relevant signals. At consequences, user interact with minimum stale pages.

*Tweaks to language detection in autocomplete

Basically the autocomplete determines the language predictions to show in account of display language. However, for most of the languages Google attempt to designate the query language of user by analyzing the script.

*Improvements in date detection for blog/forum pages

This modification from Google update the algorithm that arbitrate the dates for forum and blog pages.

*More predictions in autocomplete by live rewriting of query prefixes

By means of this transformation they used to rewrite the partial queries on the fly to fetch predictions for the query of users of more potential matching.

*Expanded sitelinks on mobile

In context of delivering better presentation and organization of sitelinks in search results Google has launched enhanced sitelinks feature for mobile browsers.

*More accurate short answers

Recently, Google has improved the sources that sits behind the feature of short answers which rely on data retrieved from Freebase. However, this enhances the accuracy as well as make it more easier to fix bugs.

*Migration of Video advanced search backends

Google proclaimed that they have migrated some backends employed in video advanced search to their primary search infrastructure.

*+1 button in search for more countries and domains

Recently, Google announced about internationalization of Google +1 button on the search result page, also in additional domains and languages. However, it allows you to share recommendations from your search results.

*Local result UI refresh on tablet

They have improved the user interface for tablets in order to render local search results more compact easier and compact to scan.

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Written by Tina Smith


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