Google AdWords: Landing Page Experience Improvement Tips

We are living in an era where the virtual experience is much more than the physical stature or volume of a business. And, Google being a user-centric search engine, always puts its user’s best interests ahead before giving heed to paid ad campaigns.

Landing Page Experience

A study by adAlysis has found that the landing page experience weighs a heavy 39% compared to all other factors put together in Google Ads Quality Score equation.

How is Google Ads Quality Score calculated?

The primary intent of Google Ads Quality is to give you a hint of where your ad stands in terms of converting users who see it. There are three major parameters that determine the Ads Quality Score:

  • Expected Click Through Rate
  • Ad Relevance
  • Landing Page Experience

How the ad and the keyword have performed in the past will also be taken into account to determine the Quality Score. Google as a practice rates ad on a scale of 1 to 10. If you see a Null Quality score, (denoted by “—” ) it means your ad failed to garner sufficient impressions to verify the ad’s score. Let’s say that is one ad which you really need to work on to maximize engagement.

Some Handy Tips to Improve Your Ads Quality Score

To make things clear, the landing page is the webpage or URL that users land at when they click on your ads. Let’s say it is the gateway to your online store, blog, product page and so on. Remember, that how well your Landing page delivers on experience while determining your AdRank.

In case, you have been struggling to improve landing page AdRank, here are some handy tips to improve it overnight (or at least a fortnight!).

Pick the Right Keywords

Be it in search engine optimization or for your ad placement, picking the right keywords is a make or break decision. The right choice of keywords will bring more clicks and engagement to your ads whereas the wrong ones will only waste your money.

Few pointers to pick the right keywords:

  • Use specific keywords that relate to the product
  • Use long-tailed keyword for maximum hits on search results
  • Use Google Keyword Planner or similar tools to select keywords with maximum search volume

Group Ads by Campaigns

One of the key ingredients to make your Google ads click with users is to make them relevant to users. To make your ads more relevant, always club your ads in a similar group within the campaign.

Assume you are a fashion clothing seller, you can create separate ads for summer clothing, sportswear, winter wear, etc. to improve relevancy.

Position Keywords in Ad Copy

Although this seems to be such a straightforward pointer, many advertisers make the mistake of omitting the keywords in their ad copy. Positioning the keywords in the ad copy serves to reach your target audience directly. It informs that your ad is exactly what they are searching for.

Use an Action – Triggering CTA

“Buy Now”, “Take a trial”, “Get a quote”, “Talk to our experts”; these are some call to actions that persuade your audience to take some immediate action after reading your ad. Hence, any ad which does not have a CTA is bound to spiral down in performance.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat

Like in anything that is related to the Internet, there is no “Do it right first”. A constant trial and error method is what yields results. Even in Google AdWords, the only way to get your message across is by analyzing what works and what does not and doing more of what has really brought in leads.

Landing Page Improvement Points

Now that you know how to bring people to your landing page, you must do everything to pep up your landing page experience. Here is how you can deliver an exciting and engaging landing page experience to your visitors:

Be Great at Storytelling

In marketing, stories have a magical power to sway customers towards you. They create a bonding that no intended marketing stunt can do. And so, the best way to show your story is on your landing page.

By story, we don’t mean you write a novel, but a short snap about who you are, what your business does, why it does what it does and who are running the show. This storytelling gives the business a persona that the customer can attach and relate to.

Along with the story, make sure your page has adequate information about the product/service, its technical aspects or Unique Selling Point and every other information that a customer would want out of a business.

Show You are Trustworthy

A business that is transparent and trusted wins more sales than one which is nondescript. Let’s face it: transparency in business is a selling point. Why not tweak it to your favor with security measures? After all, customers prefer to spend their money with those businesses which ensure the safety of their personal information.

We suggest encrypting your landing page with an SSL certificate like the RapidSSL Certificate to make customers feel secure when they land on your landing page.

Be Responsive to All Screen Sizes

There are more number of mobile and tablet devices than desktops and laptops. The explosive growth in mobile usage also has influenced web behavior a lot. All websites need to be mobile friendly and adaptable to varying screen sizes so that users get to experience a smooth and cherishable navigating experience.

Since user experience is one of the key factors that drives ad traffic, it is impertinent that your landing page must ace UI/UX game to maximize conversions.

Fast is the Name of the Game

Imagine this. You type in a website and wait forever for it to load load the contents. How does it feel? Terrible, right? The same goes for your users. Slow page loading speed can kill your landing page experience, no matter how great content is getting loaded slowly.

Your website needs to be fast in order to be worth experiencing. You have a span of three seconds or less to show your product on the landing page and win them over. Especially a customer who comes to your page clicking on an ad will not wait for long. They need information fast and immediate.


That brings us to the close of how to improve your landing page experience and make your Google AdWords work better. Got anything to ask? Feel free to probe us.

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