Why use CRM?

CRM helps businesses to get to know their existing customers better and get a clearer picture of what their interests and needs are, which of course helps your business to cater to them. CRM enables stronger customer relationships to be built as part of your overarching customer relations strategy.

Once your company has a clear idea of their main business goals, it can decide on the CRM software that is best suited to achieving them. There are many vendors of CRM software who will happily customise a package to your customer relations strategy, so having this well thought out is an absolute must. For example, Salesforce integrates easily and is one of the most popular solutions.

Although there are a number of different CRM software packages out there they all have similar basic functions and bring similar benefits and advantages to your business. CRM helps your business to store, track and effectively utilise the likes, dislikes and consumer activity of your customers. Naturally, this is invaluable for your marketing, sales and customer service teams, helping them deliver tailored solutions based on the customer’s detailed history.

It is the way CRM software seamlessly and firmly integrates marketing, sales and customer service processes that makes it so popular in the modern business environment. Not only does it shorten the length of time your employees spend on finding and using the detailed customer histories, making operations far more efficient, but it is also extremely cost effective, with many CRM software packages being very competitively priced.

There are a multitude of reasons to use CRM, which quickly become obvious after just a few weeks of use. A large number of marketing, sales and customer service processes can be automated, databases can be managed more efficiently, customer data can be utilised more effectively and business forecasts can be made more accurately.

The analytical capabilities incorporated within CRM software systems also enable fast and effective problem resolution, meaning your customer service team can use the customer history data to quickly create a plan for leaving the customer satisfied, should some unforeseen occurrence momentarily cause some friction. The speedy resolution of customer problems is likely to ensure they remain a customer and continue to use your business.

Another good reason to use CRM software is the sheer ease with which it can be integrated within your existing system and the relatively short amount of time it takes to train your employees to use it. This intuitive data integration between all your systems will help increase transparency and take your business to the next level. For example, you can connect your CRM software with other systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and programs with e-Commerce integration. Once your employees have become proficient in using CRM, the software itself can be used to train in good practice, using the data to highlight successful scenarios in which customer satisfaction was maintained.

Integrating CRM within your business will greatly enhance your customer relationship management and boost the effectiveness of your marketing, sales and customer service teams.

This article was written by Workbooks, a leading supplier of CRM software.

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