Little Known Facts On Advanced Twitter Marketing Strategies

Include link at the very beginning of your tweet

Normally, most of the bloggers and internet marketers place their links or call to action at the end of their tweet. However, according to the recent research, it is not effective.
Place links at the beginning or at the middle to get a maximum response instead at the end. A study from Dan Zarrella shows, the click-through rate (CTR) for links on tweets was higher when used closer to the beginning of tweets.


Put out multimedia content

When twitter was initiated, tweets with just pictures was introduced then video and now gifs. Therefore, it is constantly upgrading with time so being in phase with twitter updates is also an effective strategy. Use all forms of content on this platform.

How to Use Followers on Twitter

Identify the influencers and give @mentions while tweeting on any topics that connect them. There are the people on twitter, who love your products or services.

Make use of list functions

You might not want to miss any tweet from some of your favourite influencers or brands. Then add them to your list. It helps you to view their tweets at any convenient time.
Select “Lists” option by clicking on the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the drop down menu. This stores their every tweet in that list so that you can view it and interact with them.

Twitter search box – one of the best search engines is considered to be one of the greatest search engines. Only twitter search box helps you to build your presence outside the circle of audience.
You can also track your competitors. Once you find them having interaction on twitter. Type the name of your product or service on the search box to find other industry experts of the same service.

Twitter is the best-suited marketing channel for bloggers

There are many bloggers, who just setup an account on twitter and start tweeting. This random approach is fine if you are doing it just for fun. Remember you are trying to build a brand and influence people to follow.
Once you set up a twitter account just follow these following steps.

  • Include your blog link in your setting
  • Include location
  • Upload your blog/website logo
  • Design your brand image for a twitter background. Don’t ever leave it blank
  • Integrate keyword relating to your blog topic in the description of your twitter settings.

Conquered a trending hashtag

If you own a twitter account you might have seen the top 10 trending topic on the left side of the twitter page. It is just an indication for the people like you to conquer. Make your tweets reach the large roof of the audience using those trending hashtag.

Everyone, who monitors those trending hashtag will see your tweets.

Tweet at the right time

Send the tweets to your followers when they are online and active. To know when your followers are active, signup for Tweriod, as it helps you to so that. It will analyze your followers to create a schedule for each day.

Never Depend on the Retweet Button

Several social media experts think, retweeting is the best way to acquire followers on Twitter. It helps attract followers and build relationships in your industry. Also, you should not rely blindly on the re-tweet button. Include some text.
Most often, retweets only appear to people directly involved in a conversation. That limits the reach of your influence.

Therefore, instead of clicking the retweet button, copy and paste the message, so that it reflects as your own. Add RT and the original poster’s handle to the beginning of the message. This will allow followers know who wrote it. If you modify the original tweet, use MT instead of RT.

Keep your tweets short

According to Track social research, the tweets between 70 to 100 characters get more response.

Twitter is more complex than you think. It offers you 140 characters. However, to engage the people in this platform use of all 140 would be ineffective. It will limit the number of retweets that pour into your tweets.

As the followers add messages of their own while re-tweeting content, you make it difficult for people to share your tweets with 140 words.


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