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Most Important and Effective Tips to Build Team Management Skills

Everyone talks of building effective team but very few understand how to create team, and very few of them succeed in this. Hence, hereby, we are enlisting here some of the promising factors which are responsible for enhancement of team management skills.

A well coordinated team understands the mission of the organization and dedicate themselves to attain that, which is one of the most important things for any firm or enterprise. The entire team of any organization or enterprise work towards achieving a common goal set by that very organization or enterprise. An effective team management plays a major role in building strong teams whose members are seriously indulged in working towards the objectives and mission of the organization. Thus, it is the role of a team leader behind all the scenes of success in any organization. Working in a team oriented environment can contribute to the overall success of the organization. Thus a team leader must have those capabilities and motivating factor which can convince his team members to work towards the way in order to attain the specific goal set by the organization. For this the team leader should hold seminars, meetings, retreats and other activities which can bring the team members closer to the team leader resulting in better interaction among them.

Although team cohesion and team member’s skills can work together in order to produce better outcome, but in this post we are providing some tips which when adopted by a team leader can help him in improving team skills and enhancing team performance. These tips will enhance team management skills of team leader. Go through the entire post and learn how to develop team management skills. Also apply these in your working like and watch what changes you have noticed after that.

Successful recruitment

Team management starts from the first day of recruiting any staffs under you. Recruitment is the first step where it all starts with forming a team. It is the duty of an effective team leader that he should ensure that whether the person being recruited is right for him or not, and whether he can work in cohesion with people in his team. The team leader should also take care of the fact that the person recruited is fit for the work or not, he can play his role effectively or not. Only after ensuring all these things, the person should be successfully recruited.

Training the team

Right after the successful recruitment, training comes as the primary aspect. It should be taken in consideration that the person being recruited should be trained in such a manner that the gaps in his skills and the team’s skills or capabilities must be filled. The gap between the new employee’s skills and the already working team member’s skills must be analyzed constantly in the beginning and this should be updated from time to time to be more at par with the latest technology or process. In addition to these, a team leader must understand who needs additional training, why it is needed and so on.

Hold Team Meetings for Productive Conversations

Productive conversation between team members and team leaders is very much required. For this team meetings should be held time to time. Team leader should understand the comfort level of his team member and only then, he should put up the right questions which must be non-threatening. It is better to focus on their interest rather to your own. It is advised to avoid the disadvantages of your team member, take the weakness of any member in positive manner and try to find out what is the cause of that, try to find out proper solution of that one without demoralizing or underestimating that employee. This type of team management skills paves the way for enhancing team performance and improving team skills in the workplace.

Boosting team confidence

Confidence is the most important tools which every individual should possess. It is the base which tempt people move his steps in forward direction toward performing any particular task. And hence it is very much important for team leader to boost up his team member’s confidence. With confidence, a team will gain the strength to work smoothly and obtain the desired results overcoming all the obstacles coming the way. This can be done by providing timely appreciation, counseling, assign a mentor to members, and so on.

Read Body Language

Body language of any person speaks much loader than what he speaks. An effective team leader should carefully watch the body language of his team member while their conversation. If somebody is unable to explain in words try to catch out through his body language what he wants to speak and then adequately give your reaction as per situation. This is because improved team effectiveness can be achieved through reading how your employees speak while interacting personally with you and what they during team meetings. You should note that a good team communication is based on an excellent rapport between team members.

Emotional intelligence

In our daily life, we face different types of situation and earn different experience, sometimes well, while other times bad. When bad time occurs in our life they bring hardship in our working life affecting our productivity. Thus it is the duty of an effective team leader that he should take care of this thing and maintain emotional harmony in the team. Emotional intelligence is the most versatile approach which can reduce conflicts, reduce stress, improves working relationships and builds team spirit in each and every team member.

Listen to the team members problems

As we know that listening is considered as the good quality of any person, and when it comes to team leading, it takes the most important role. It is advised that an effective team leader should have ability to listen to what his team members say as it results to team communication and rapport. Hence a team lead should be attentive and listen to team members being silent and waiting for what his employees say. These all will lead to improvement in team performance because employees become loyal and open to your team management effort.

Resolving conflicts or any other kind of problems

Conflicts are the most inevitable event in a workplace as workplace consists of different individuals, different perspectives, and different ideas. So, an effective team leader should take care of the fact that whether conflicts are disturbing the equilibrium in a team. If it does so, he should find resolution using conciliation and reaching consensus democratically.


An effective team leader must inform his team members why they have kept in his team, in which context they are recruited. The context of their work should be clear so that the team member must understand where their work fits in the total context of the organization’s goals, principles, vision and values.

Delegating effectively

To delegate means is to assign work to people. Sometimes, Delegation has great advantages. The key to effective delegation is to identify what, when and whom to delegate. An effective team leader should expand his work or handover his work to the deserving delegates providing opportunity for others to grow.

Receive Team Feedback

For a team leader, it is not only necessary to guide his team members every time, but also taking feedback from them sometime. We agree with the statement that training to the team members and improving their skills is a difficult task. But the process of team skills improvement will be efficient if you receive and analyze feedback from team members. Team leaders need to establish the team environment in which employees are ready to critique your team management effort and send you feedback on strategies for improving team performance. All these criticism will help you make activities for enhancing your team management skills and achieve better results. Really feedback taken in constructive manner enhances an individual’s performance and helps in the overall performance as a team too.

Varying motivational strategies

Different team leaders adopt different motivational strategies for encouraging and motivating their team members. As motivation is an important factor in boosting up productivity. So an effective team leader should follow such strategies which are different and unique from others and which must be appreciated by team members. Try to motivate your team members with suitable rewards, tweak your leadership style to suite different people.

Management by setting organizational objectives

Team management can also be done in better manner by setting organizational objective, dividing it into different parts and allotting it to various employees of your team. It can be preceded in the following five steps:

  • Set organizational objectives: First of all roll out objectives and targets of organization that must be met.
  • Cascade the objectives to employees: Then, break down objectives into several parts and distribute it to different section of the organization.
  • Monitor: Monitor the work of employees on smart manner and track deviations from the goals.
  • Evaluate performance: Evaluate work performance of each of your team member and set steps to improve if anybody is lacking behind.
  • Reward employees: Give reward to those employees who are performing, motivate them and inspire others by setting example for others.

Helping in change management

Any project or organization is characterized by change management. Sometimes managing change is quite difficult. As we know, change can be adopted and accepted when the causes for the change, and the benefits involved in that change are well understood. An effective team leader can play an important role at explaining this to the team and convince them to view the change as positive. He should encourage your team members to adapt themselves to the changes occurred.


Going throughout the post you have found that an excellent rapport between team members can be build through conducting productive team conversations, reading the body language, seeking employee feedback and being an empathetic listener. Thus are working as a team leader and want to learn tips to build team management skills in order to enhance team performance, then you should follow these tips. We are sure that you will be able to boost up your team performance.

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