Capturing Videos From Various Sources with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

At times when you want to create videos you’ll have to record and capture the footage from various sources. For example you may need to record your screen to capture footage of an app, and at the same time insert footage recorded via a camcorder, smartphone, or your webcam.

Don’t you think it would be much easier to create videos if you could capture videos from various sources and edit them – all under one roof? That is precisely what you can do with Movavi Screen Capture Studio, and if you intend to create videos that look impressive you should definitely try it out.

Using Movavi Screen Capture Studio you can record video on PC from a variety of different sources. Once you launch the software you can choose to:

capture video

  • Record videos from your PC screen

As a screen recorder, it should come as no surprise that Movavi Screen Capture Studio will let you record video footage from your PC screen. More importantly however it will make it easy to do so, and to get started you just need to select the ‘Record screen’ option.

Using your mouse cursor you can then draw a frame over the area that you want to record, and select the audio source, adjust the sound levels, and set up the other recording parameters on the interface. It is worth noting that Movavi Screen Capture Studio has other features that you can use to capture keyboard and mouse actions or automate the recording.

After it is all set up you just need to press ‘REC’ to start recording then ‘Stop’ later on when it is done. If you want you can then either save the video immediately or open it up in the built-in editor.

  • Import videos from AVCHD cameras

If you have already recorded video footage on your AVCHD camera, you can import it into Movavi Screen Capture Studio easily. After launching the software you should select the ‘Edit Video’ option then click on ‘Record Video’ in the editor.

Assuming you plugged in your AVCHD camera, it should be automatically recognized and Movavi Screen Capture Studio will display a list of the videos contained on it. All you need to do is select the ones that you want to import, and click on the ‘Add files to the Editor’ button.

  • Capture video footage from a webcam, TV tuner, VHS player or other device

Make no mistake you can record video footage from a wide range of other devices using Movavi Screen Capture Studio, including webcams, TV tuners, or VHS players. All you need to do is connect the device to your PC then select ‘Edit video’ then ‘Record video’ just like before.

In the window that opens up you should be able to select the device that you want to record from under the ‘Video capture device’ field. After that you can adjust the other parameters and click ‘Start Capture’ to begin. Once you’re done click ‘Stop Capture’, then click ‘Back to editing’ to go back to Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s editor.

Keep in mind that once you’ve recorded the footage you need, Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s editor will help you to compile and improve it. With its help you can easily apply filters and special effects, cut and trim out any parts you don’t want, add captions, include audio tracks, insert animated transitions, and much more. By the time you’re done you should have a video that looks great and the best part is you can do all that and more in the same software.


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