Best Career Options with a Job in Digital Marketing

Working in digital marketing, there are so many different career options that are available. If you haven’t already specialised within a Computer Science degree or a professional certification, then it’s difficult to choose the right career path.

Perhaps the best way is to consider your natural abilities. Are you artistic, or a people person? This could suggest either graphics designer or outreach/PR as two jobs within digital marketing. Similarly, if you have a way with words, then being a writer or an advertising manager who pens pay-per-click ads might be suitable too.

Let’s explore some job options in digital marketing a little more closely now.

Outreach and PR

SEO outreach is where marketers reach out to contacts within specific niches. They’re looking for obvious win-win situations. Perhaps a guest post published on a peer’s site. Or, an exclusive deal in exchange for some much-needed brand promotion.

With PR, this is a different kind of conversation. Here’s a chance to engage with social influencers and movers at big brands. You can try to get greater exposure for a client’s brand using various promotional tactics to encourage better brand awareness and site visits.

Advertising Manager

An advertising manager is focused on creating profitable ad campaigns for clients. They use different ad platforms to do this, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google AdWords. Dealing with tons of data to figure out what is and is not working with an ongoing campaign is key to staying profitable. Not knowing how to avoid mistakes in advertising leads to steep losses.

Managing pay-per-click, pay-per-impression, and other advertising forms takes considerable experience. Sometimes you need to have run campaigns privately for your own clients to have gotten sufficient experience first. This way, before you look for digital marketing jobs Bangkok area or elsewhere, you’re fully prepared. Being capable across multiple ad networks is also a selling point when applying for an advertising manager position.


The web developer is a dab hand at working with the code. It doesn’t matter whether it’s HTML, CSS or JavaScript, they’re able to whip up a new web page in no time. If this sounds like you, then you should also know WordPress and some other content management systems like Drupal too. WordPress is exceedingly common these days and a web developer may be called upon to code up a WordPress plugin or add some functions to what’s already within a WordPress theme.

Graphics Designer

The graphics designer brings the web to life. They create everything from banner ads to logos to backgrounds and themed designs. Whether designing an effective landing page to convert visitors to buyers or creating a new WordPress theme for a client, graphical artwork is where they excel.

You’ll usually know if this seems like your forte. Most graphical artists show an obvious flare for design early on in life, even if it starts with drawing, painting, or other non-digital outlets.

Whatever career in digital marketing that you choose, make sure you’re all in. It’s not an industry that suits people who aren’t totally committed.


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