Yahoo Removed Its 75,000 Content Pieces And Shifted To Its New Yahoo! Voices Platform

A latest news came from that Yahoo has been clearing up its Associated contents by removing most of the articles and shifting it to its other new domain. The company has announced that over over 75,000 Associated contents have been retired from its website and will retain only the best content submitted over the past seven years. The Associated content will be shifted to yahoo's new website, Yahoo! Voices.

Yahoo! (contributor Network) acquired Associated Content in November, 2010 and now it is closing it from Yahoo! , and keeping all on its official website Yahoo! Voices. This website will contain original content including new articles, slide-shows, videos from all over the world.

Yahoo! Voices is an online house content, which has got the capacity to store more than two million pieces of legitimate content, thousands of different wide topics, developed by more than 5,00,000 individual professionals and enthusiasts.

Along with that, yahoo has come up with the new submission guidelines for writers. Next year, Yahoo is planning to commence a new online training program for writers to assisting them to deliver better and higher quality content.

The reason behind this shifting was that the majority of the content developed on the yahoo (contributor Network) was still published by the original name and domain at To to overcome this issue yahoo launched this (yahoo! Voices ) platform.

New guidelines are set by yahoo! Voices to for content submission.

➡ Accepts content which has no rehash, should be unique, legitimate with well written perspectives- especially considering first person stories submitted by enthusiasts, professionals and citizen journalists.

➡ Those retired content pieces from Associated content will be sent to their respective authors for ammendment and can be submitted     only if followed by new submission guidelines set by yahoo! Voices.

➡ The content articles should have strong headlines with no grammatical or punctuation errors.

➡ Don’t over-link a lot. Only relevant links will be considered that make the content readable.

These were the few points of submission guidelines. But this clearly states that Yahoo is focusing more on quality and it is evident that Yahoo will kickoff a Yahoo! Contributor Academy an “interactive learning program”, that will provide aid to the writers for delivering healthy and useful online contents.

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