Yahoo launches its cocktails: Super Tools for developers

Yahoo has jumped in the development league to woo over the minds of developers with its technological cocktails on November 2, 2011. This time yahoo has come up with its newly crafted set of tools named Yahoo!’s Mojito and Yahoo!’s Manhattan powering the new technology Livestand from Yahoo Development Network.

The company appeared with a simplified set of web developmental frameworks for creating and deploying various web applications in an uncomplicated manner. All these cocktails have been developed with a technological mix of standardized web technologies HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Talking about the qualities, Mojito is a superb web based application frame that allocates the programmers to write a simple JavaScript code that works compatibly on web browsers and servers. With this new tool, developers will be able to use the same code for the browser frontend and server backend. Mojito is a wonderful tool that helps the web application to run on a cloud server at the moment user’s browser blocked through JavaScript. Therefore, Mojito is a great web app based on JavaScript structure that helps to create your stuff operate on both sides i.e. serve and browser. By using Mojito, developers will not face a warning note on the web pages reading, “JavaScript permit required,” as the application based on Mojito will run on the server side and all were using single code language and hence not require the browser to be based on the JavaScript language.

The application Mojita is well defined with this illustrative name, as it makes an application based on its unique in a large manner. Every MVC unit in this tool works as a module as well as a widget. This tool is a self-contained parcel of trade logic. With its interactivity with the user being an illustrative factor of UI, it is known as widget. Mojoto apps are combination of modules and widgets as duet to this named Mojits.

On the other hand, Yahoo Manhattan is a server-side hosting milieu in JavaScript designed for Mojito-based apps presently working on yahoo’s cloud. It is a hosting server providing an interface for the execution and deployment of the Mojito based applications. This outstanding platform ensures of stable and secure environment with scalability, availability, and performance that active programmers require from the service providers. Yahoo Manhattan avails you a fault-isolated and fault tolerant server to work perfectly.

These applications from yahoo are powering the technology livestand which is known as an all-new digital newsstand for iPad. Yahoo is now having plans to come up with Mojito the open source by using the Yahoo Development Network (YDN) as a platform in 2012. We are really hopeful and eager to work with the community to make Mojito as the leading web frameworks for the developers all over the globe. The motive is launch a structure that can help the large number programmers to develop great web application that run effortlessly on the client’s server. Yahoo is also planning to stage another cocktail the Manhattan later in the year of 2012 for the use of publishers. The basic purpose by launching it is to empower publishers to run the Mojito-based apps on Yahoo’s cloud.

Conclusively, we can say that both the applications are going to prove beneficial for the user. By using Yahoo Mojito and Yahoo Manhattan, one will be successfully able to develop one app and can deploy the application on various devices by lowering the cost, increasing the suppleness of the design with symmetry.

Williams Heilmann

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