Yahoo Axis offer Browser & Visual Search Experience

In recent, Search engines are offering great features and achievements towards making search for desired information over a huge trap of internet, website, web-pages and blogs also. Perhaps, you would remember that a couple of week ago Google with Knowledge Graph, Bing Social came into existence and now you have Axis, an exquisite launch from Yahoo.

However, Yahoo is still overboard in search and going ahead to “innovate” around UX and UI. Also, there are some interesting things efforts which sits behind those lines on PC earlier (Yahoo Search Direct), Thus, apart of that Axis is actually an elegant and noteworthy search from Yahoo.

Experience of Three Screen

Undoubtedly, Axis is innovative and quite obvious which is useful for three distinct screens, i.e. iPad, iPhone, and the PC (as a browser plug-in) as well as Android has also intended to invade. Axis is referred as a complete functional web browser which synchronizes almost all kinds of content throughout all screen brilliantly while the user has signed in. Likewise, other web-browsers it is also accompanied by most worthy features including bookmarks and tabs which is capable to render any web-page.

In respect of PC it acts more like a “companion” search bar that is located at the end of each page at almost all major web-browsers such as: Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, for better comprehending you may refer to this below provided illustration that will tell you how it appears in Chrome for “Hawaiian vacation.” Here, at the screen end you can see the Google results and next Axis results horizontally.

Yahoo Axis Search Browser

However, it doesn’t include or mirror the search query made by you on Google or Bing or the module appeared above. Towards this context you are required to put a little bit of efforts towards putting your search query at the bottom of the page. Next, it conveys a visual preview of all the top ranking websites. Moreover, the ranking of these websites are something distinct from other conventional search result of Yahoo. Thus, in the Axis results ranking time and clicks also factored in the primary websites.

Later, rather than of clicking links back and forth users can scroll these results horizontally. It shows the images of first two pages of search results and rest appears as text and descriptions. Also, In Yahoo standpoint most often people don’t used to explore a page or two of search result. Therefore, a probability for people will be more to explore horizontally in context of vertically for longer searched link.

Yahoo Axis Search Browser

This experience with PC is quite useful and worthy as it deliver back-up or secondary kind of search capability. The Axis perform excellently and superb in terms of delivering a pleasant and mobile-optimized experience that used to eliminate “10 blue links” completely.

Get rid of blue links

Ethan Batraski, Yahoo special products director stated that Yahoo was attempting to give up the epoch “second page” from the search results (a bunch of links) and shows perfectly matched result for the query at “one step.”

As, the era of visual search engine has been rolled out, various PC and mobile apps search engines are available who used to display visual results instead of blue links. The latest among mobile is formerly known as Do@. But all of those failed. Apart of this, Yahoo has incorporated a great achievement of scale and great visualization in contrast of other visual search startups which unveiled earlier.

Yahoo Axis Search Browser

Whenever you holds on a particular website, you can drag the web-page and access the search result’s horizontal bar. It is supposed to sit all time in the background. As you touch any another images in search result page, it tends to open that page but in the mean time search result sits in the background and available to access until a new query has been made. Hence, in order to fetch the search result page you are not required to hit the back button.

This impressive feature usually works with iPhone especially for image search but is considered as best shown on tablets. The visual nature of Axis glows with larger screen.

Yahoo Axis Search Browser

It has also owned a personalized homepage that includes saved articles and bookmarks which carries throughout the entire screen in the case when the user is logged in. Furthermore, it allows the user to login with their Google, Yahoo or Facebook account in account of credentials to access the features.

Differentiated but will it “move the needle”?

Walt Mossberg stated that, I can add after enjoying it over both iPad and iPhone for several days and to a acute degree. I think that Yahoo has build a worthy and differentiated mobile search functionality. In addition the synchronizing and capability of multi-screen are not unique even though are very useful and significant.

The parents of this amazing experience is considered as Search Direct. And when it “takes” the traditional Yahoo search on the PC may be appear incorporated with many or some of these UX/UI elements and features. Also, it is very much continued to be appear as contingent on the Axis success.

Whether Axis will move the needle for Yahoo? This question might be potential to strike one’s mind. Well, at this time, only it could be concluded that It depends how people are going to implement this and how many will stick with it as well as how Yahoo promotes Axis. Currently, there are no ads for it, but one can envisioned to display ads with visual search results which is almost standing at doorstep. However, before it initiate of include ads, Yahoo wants to generate it audience first.


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