Yahoo Answers Hits 300 Million Questions, Still Q&A Activity Is Declining

In highly trend of internet technology nothing is unknown. It makes you flexible as well as helps a lot in terms of retrieving any kind of data that includes educational terms, business information, any location through out the world, places and many more. Thanks to web search engines that make it possible. People used to search about their desired terms through Google Search, Yahoo, Bing etc.

An announcement from company conveyed this statistics:

Through services of Yahoo Answers almost 2 question are being asked and 6 question are being answered at every second. However, it seems to be very amazing that 7000 questions and an excellent value of 21,000 answers appears per hour.

Eventually, a total count of 28,000 questions and answer are being published each and every hour.

But around 2 years back, Yahoo Answers proclaimed about a billion of questions and answers it had. Further, the company added that it was tracing more than 34,000 combination of questions and answers per hour.

It was a downfall by 17 to 18 percent in the neighborhood.

Since several years, Yahoo Answer has been considered as one amongst the largest search engine over the internet – and irregardless that is decline and almost still is. However, it seems to be very confounded to compare step by step in the case when you include some websites like ChaCha, that incorporates voice-generated questions asking for phone numbers form the section of Q&A database, or, and appears as a hybrid application between a search engine and Q&A website.

Though in current, Yahoo Answers hang on Google Answers, which tends it to eliminate its services within a year since Yahoo Answers launched. Also, Facebook Question also opened it eyes about two years back, but doesn’t appear as so effective as it was expected.

Since the previous year and so Quora has been emerged as a favorite Q&A site and verily has got lot of preference in its favor. The company hasn’t proclaimed the quantity of question but still users have attempted to figure it out through employing a code “QID” which is visible in the code of website. If it is supposed to be the appropriate method to count then according to my quick digging this site has comprised almost more that 700,000 questions at present.



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