WordPress CMS : King Among All Content Management Systems

Wordpress is unquestionably one of the most admired Content management system among the web developers. For the huge fan following of WordPress the credit goes to its astounding features and easy customization. This post is a bundle of all those features that account for its popularity among the Bloggers and website developers.

WordPress is a name that every web technology lover is aware of. Whether it is a newbie or a popular international brand, WordPress is surely the preferable choice for the CMS practitioners. If you are also thinking of establishing your identity online while choosing the CMS for your website or blog, then this post will surely help you decide with confidence.

Below are some of the main features of WordPress that made it as the uncrowned king among the Content Management Systems.

Blogging is Not the Only Thing that Matters

For those who have no intention to profit from their blogs and websites, they do not concern themselves about the importance of having a generous CMS or content management system. Commercial blog and website owners, on the other hand, sees the need for CMS because it allows them to produce and administer great quality contents ranging from articles, audios, video images, animated content and even a mix of all.

Apart from CMS, the availability of endless themes is another reason why WordPress is preferred more by business-minded individuals. Designs of themes are available in ready-to-use templates and these are the easiest choice since no alterations are needed from the user’s part. At the same time, for those who want their blogs and websites to appear exclusively unique they can always customize their layout designs to suit their business image.

The convenience of adding up various different plug-ins into a blog or website is another factor that makes WordPress the ultimate choice of consumers. With plug-ins, it is easier to enhance the functions and performance of a blog or website.

SEO Becomes an Effortless Attempt

In the past, website and blog owners had to work hard in order to increase their presence on the internet. They had to figure out their own way to push their positions upon the popular search engine pages. Fortunately, today with the help of WordPress, SEO or search engine optimization strategies are already implemented within the system.

Therefore no hard work is necessary for a site or blog to receive the amount of exposure it needs over the internet. This leaves them with more time to focus on the production of quality contents, which is a branch of SEO techniques, and it helps a lot to increase web exposure. By having quality content, the ‘spiders’, ‘crawlers’ or ‘bots’ will recognize a site or blog as a useful presence and therefore placed in a higher rank in the search.

Having a proper layout for a website or blog is another required thing in SEO. If an advanced, professional look for the site or blog is desired, the use of a web programmer and designer helps in achieving this purpose. However, for most users the existing templates and plug-ins in WordPress are more than enough in order to create unique and professional looking sites and blogs.

Get Published Within Seconds

Getting your contents published using WordPress is very simple. Prior to registration, a user will be assigned their own personal dashboard and from their publishing contents can be done by simply clicking on the ‘publish’ button. This makes it easy to be used even by a person who is just learning how to blog for the first time. Once content is published it will remain live as long as the owner of the blog or site wants it to. The same thing goes with deleting contents – it can be done 24/7 by just utilizing the ‘delete’ button with no questions asked.

Get Back Links Automatically

One of the effective ways of driving huge traffic into a website or blog is by acquiring as many quality back links as possible. The way to do this is by posting the URL in higher-ranked websites including free article directories. In the past, posting articles had to be done manually in Ezinearticles, wherein a user had to sign into the official article directory website before he or she can submit a new article. However, today this can be done automatically from WordPress. This is done by installing a specialized plug-in into WordPress. This means posting an article in two separate places can be done in half the actual time. As a result, backlinks can be built simultaneously without any extra effort.

There are many other advantages consumers will get to enjoy when they choose WordPress as their hosting platform. In fact, a lot of people have benefited both in terms of personal and financial aspects with the use of WordPress. Signing up only takes a couple of minutes and it’s free of charge.
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