Wix Free Website Builder: Have Your Website Up & Ready in Minutes without A Professional Web Designer!

There are many reasons why many small business owners and professionals shy away from developing their websites. Even in this age of the internet, majority of businesses, professionals and those with personal pursuits are still contemplating that they could do with a professional-looking website, but can’t.


The complexity of designing and developing a site is one of the most common reasons why they don’t. Wix is a free website builder that makes site building a breeze for anyone with basic IT skills. As long as you can read and write and can drag-and-drop items with a mouse, you will find it to be just the right tool for creating a site and putting it online.

So what makes this free website builder an outstanding yet simple tool for developing a site that looks to be professionally designed? Here is a list of features that give it that edge.

Essential Features

It offers the following essential features that help in making site-creation easy and effective.
Drag & Drop Feature: Most people think that creating a website means dealing with complex coding. But with Wix, you can create a site by choosing free landing page templates and using the simple drag-and-drop interface to create a custom site.

One-Page or Multi-Page Websites: A personal or professional website is usually composed of a main page, accompanied by a few sub-pages, and sometimes even from just a single page (“single page website”). Larger portals, such as news sites for instance, require multiple webpages. With this free website builder, you can create anything from a single-page site to a website with dozens of pages.

Responsive Websites: Creating a responsive website doesn’t mean that you will need the help of an experienced web designer. You can easily create a mobile-ready website using this free website builder. Wix has many mobile friendly templates, and an easy to use dedicated mobile editor that will help you in getting your website ready for any device.

Install Advanced Apps: Want to create an online store? There is no need for advanced knowledge or skills. Wix offers a full-fledged app market, from which you can select and install any app to enhance the functionality of your website. Just a few of the functionalities include: forum creation, SEO tools, contact forms, events, subscribers list, events calendar, comments, site search, hit counter, analytics, Google AdSense, bookings, Blogger, live chat, testimonials feature, reviews and rating feature, callback feature, currency converter, price table, PayPal, audio playing, polls, and much more.

Custom Domain & Reliable Hosting: Domain and hosting is another area that most business owners and professionals are confused about when it comes to creating their website. Wix allows you to choose a custom domain name and offers secure hosting solutions. A custom domain is a must-have for any business that wants to stand out from the crowd.

Choose from Hundreds of Beautiful Templates

The unique and free landing page templates from Wix are what bring ease of site creation and uniqueness to your website. There are more than 500 professionally-designed templates on offer. You can edit most of the elements on a template to create a completely unique website that represents your business or professional practice.

Beautiful Templates

The key features of its templates include:

Image Editing: You can not only choose from millions of stock images and add to the site templates, you can also edit those images. Wix offers its own image editor that is easy-to-use for anyone. There is no need for advanced image editing skills.

Dozens of Galleries: This site builder also offers millions of images in high-resolution covered under 40 different galleries. You can browse through a specific category to find photos which are specific to your niche. And then edit the selected images for perfect customization.

Add Video Background: Modern website designing is all about user experience. The more engaging and rewarding your site is, the more likely people are going to spend time on it. With Wix, you can also create a video background (even with your own video) and create a stunning effect. You can add strips in different areas on your site and add video or textual information to them.

Add Blog: Blogs have the power to drive more traffic to your website. They can also enhance the SEO value of your site. And adding a beautiful and custom blog to your site is also a breeze with this free website builder.

Wix allows you to create parallax 3D effects, add audio/video effects, build an online store, accept payments, manage shipping and tax, add SEO wizard or email marketing, site analytics, social media integration, and contact manager and do much more. If you have a website idea, this free website builder can make it possible. If you have been thinking that website building is a complex task left to the professional web designer, this easy-to-use tool will change all your perceptions about it. You can have your own website, fully custom designed, functional, and up and running without the need for any other help.


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