Why to Use Zend Framework (ZF): Amazing 10 Incredible Reasons

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), a server-side scripting language originally introduced by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1995. PHP is based on the concepts of OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) and is used for the creation of dynamic web pages to enhance your business in accordance with the today’s scenario of online marketing. It is fully equipped with numerous outstanding advantages as well as frameworks such as Zend, CodeIgniter and many more.

The main point of discussion to be focused here is Zend, so let’s have a look at this leading edge of technology in the world of designing and development.

Zend Framework (ZF) is an open source framework based on object-oriented approach and used for the web-based application development. Zend is coded in PHP5, the latest version of PHP and licensed under the New BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution). It was developed by Zend Technologies Limited, a worldwide software development company headquartered in California (United States). The first version (Initial Release) of Zend was released on March 03, 2006, while the latest version 2.2.5 (Stable Release) was executed on October 31, 2013.

In terms of Operating System, Zend is Cross-platform, i.e. easily compatible with Windows, Linux and Macintosh. Different databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Oracle are supported by it in an effective manner. It also provides MVC (Model-View-Controller) implementation. http://framework.zend.com/

Amazing 10 Incredible Reasons To Opt For Zend Framework (ZF)

Reason 1: Extend Classes

Zend Framework is purely object-oriented, so the usage of concepts, like Inheritance, Interfaces and Polymorphism is a default activity. This makes it extendable up to the great extent. It allows the developers to create their own functional modules, objects and classes. In other words, Zend is highly flexible as well as customized.

Reason 2: OO (Object-oriented) Goodness

Zend Framework treats everything as an object. The main advantage of implementing this concept is the reusability of code, which is considered a very good thing in the field of programming.

Reason 3: Use What You Need and Forget the Rest

Zend Framework is nothing just only a collection of classes. It provides MVC components, but other components can also be loaded according to the needs. Zend is decoupled very easily, so the advantages of individual libraries can be attained instead of the whole framework.

Reason 4: It lets you do a Lot of Things!

There is a wide range of components associated with the Zend Framework to perform a lot of things. Some most common ones among them are Zend_Auth, Zend_Acl, Zend_Form and Zend_Feed for authentication, access control list, forms and RSS feed respectively.

Reason 5: No Model Implementation – Choose your Own Adventure!

Zend is actually a VC (View-Controller) Framework as it lacks Model implementation. This makes it quite typical for the starters to perform a smooth functioning. According to Zend Philosophy, model implementations are unique, so they must be incorporated by the developers themselves. Not having a Model implementation is a good thing as developers are free to use what they feel to be right from programming approach.

Reason 6: Integrate with Whatever you Want!

The decoupled nature of Zend Framework makes it as the perfect choice of programmers. It makes the integration of other libraries very simple. It can be done by creating a wrapping class for Zend_View_Abstract. The other way is by using Zend Cache and Zend Log components.

Reason 7: Guidelines and Standards

Zend Framework follows certain guidelines and standards such as CLA (Contribute License Agreement), Testing of code by a unit test using PHPUnit and the last is adhere to strict Coding Standards.

Reason 8: Test-Driven Development

Test-Driven Development is a programming technique, where developers are required to write a test for the function before coding that particular function. This practice ensures that the code does not contain any sort of error(s).

Reason 9: Community and Documentation

Learning a Zend Framework is not too complex due to its multiple components and object-oriented approach. A complete “Programmer’s Reference Guide” is provided to boost the programming skills that consists of amazing examples, code and theory.

Apart from this, there are a lot of blogs that share useful tips and tricks to enhance knowledge in today’s highly competitive market.

Reason 10: Certifications

This is the most prestigious thing regarding the concerned framework. Zend not only offers Zend Framework Certification, but PHP Certification as well. Such certifications help you boost your CV and differentiates you from market competitor’s, especially when job seeking procedure is in pursuing stage.


As it is clear that dynamic websites are more effective from business perspectives, in this regard PHP and its Zend Framework comes into play to enhance quality & performance of the website for better growth of the business.

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