Why a Well Structured Approach to CRO Is Crucial for a Customer-Centric Web Design

User engagement is essential for the success of any online business. For that you need a targeted conversion rate optimization (CRO) approach that is well structured and suited to your business. Only such a clearly defined approach can make your website design more customer-centric and facilitate conversions and earnings.

Users expect much more from websites these days. When potential customers visit your site, they look for a great, user-friendly experience with faster loading times. It must take below 1.5 seconds for your site to load!

Why CRO Strategies Are Essential

Conversion rate optimization strategies are more important for online businesses since there’s the trust element involved. A website that’s hard to navigate fails to convey its value to the visitor or show its trustworthiness. Unless the various elements of the website are easily accessible, visitors would leave the site even if they had decided to add some item to their cart.

  • With CRO strategies, your online business can make the most of the traffic you already get through SEO and digital marketing strategies, and make the visitors convert, without having to spend more on customer acquisition. You make more money with the traffic you already have, since your website is giving those visitors a great feel, conveying great value, and motivating them to buy the product or perform any call to action. You save on digital marketing and earn more on conversions.
  • The shorter attention span of the new consumer generation is another worthy factor to consider. They look for instant gratification and don’t have the patience to hang around, as this study suggests. When the average user heads to an ecommerce site, they want to find what they’re looking for immediately. With an efficient CRO strategy you can make the website user-friendly and easily navigable, potentially leading visitors to a call to action within the short attention span they have.
  • And you can’t discount the social media effect as well. Youngsters are gravitating towards Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest while Facebook is losing its popularity among teens and young adults. The reason behind this is that Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat convey experiences instantly, without the user having to read through blocks of text or keep scrolling for checking out other interesting stuff. This instant gratification is expected by this new generation of users in almost every site they visit. And that’s where a strong CRO strategy helps.
  • One of the great benefits of adopting CRO is that you get to understand the spending habits of your customers better. That helps you plan your future marketing strategies better, and to decide what kind of products to stock in your store more.

Continuous optimization of your online store helps you give customers a better shopping experience. The better the experience you provide, the easier it is for you to keep them coming.

CRO from the Perspective of an Ecommerce Site

Let’s look at some CRO steps from the perspective of an online ecommerce website.

You need to figure out how your store can engage shoppers long enough to get them to perform the call to action. That involves getting visitors’ attention to exactly what they’re looking for, and not let them get distracted, particularly when you realize that the attention span of the modern consumer is pretty low.

Now let’s look at the major aspects you need to work on to improve the CRO of your eCommerce pages.

Text Content

The text content in your site pages must engage your audience really well. There is also a distinct voice your brand needs to have. You can test a generic style as well as a unique style for an ad campaign and see the difference for yourself. Adopting a unique style does drive more engagement.


Headlines are the only aspect of the content that gets the attention of your visitors hooked. The rest of the content only works later. You need to conduct A/B testing on the headlines you have in your landing pages, contact pages and blogs to find out what works best for you.

As far as the product landing pages go, your headlines should be short and to-the-point. You must have the name of the product prominently and the call to action (CTA) must be placed so as to not appear intrusive, but also not in a manner where the user has to grope around to find it. It’s worth testing the color of your call to action buttons to see what attracts your customers more.


Now if you’re dealing with online retail and ecommerce, images are everything. Strategic arrangement of images is essential, particularly in your product landing pages. And a white background usually works best, highlighting the product and being easy on the eyes.

Test various arrangements, but make sure you have the main product image prominently placed, with the various views expanding from easy thumbnails. And always have images of alternate or similar products right below, close to the “Add to Cart”, “Buy Now” or any call to action button you’ve placed there.

In your listing pages, you need images of various products fitting that category with their name, short description and price. The example below has arranged the products in a style that suits fashion and garments. The most interesting products and categories are highlighted above, with the product listing following below.

Product images featuring people along with the product, or using the product, have been found to emotionally connect with customers.

The image below has products listed in a more conventional manner, but that’s okay since people here are searching for electronics, and not fashion accessories. Here, technical specifications and hard facts matter.

It’s always important to figure out the layout that works well for a specific niche. The other categories of products are conveniently listed on the left while other interesting products are on the right.


Remember, testimonials are essential for building trust in your product. Request your customers to send in their experiences of the product, and place them strategically in your product pages after testing various arrangements.

These are some of the basic steps you can employ to improve the CRO of your ecommerce site. Efficient CRO can help you make the most of the existing traffic you have to facilitate greater conversions. Save on marketing and gain on conversions.

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