WhatsApp Blue Tick: How to Remove Blue Ticks on WhatsApp

Last year, WhatsApp came up with a Blue Ticks feature that allow the senders to know whether their recipients have read the message or not? Most of the WhatsApp users are not happy with this feature. Therefore, to please them WhatsApp has come up with an APK that stop displaying the Blue Ticks only on Android platform. How to deploy this APK and how other platforms’ users can stop this, to answer these questions, this blog presents some key tips.

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Within short time span from inception, WhatsApp has become the most used messaging platform for millions of users. With the changing times, this platforms has come up with the update. Therefore, the people like to own this app. In November 2014, WhatsApp launched new version that shows Blue Tick to let people know when their messages have been read. Prior to this version, the users were only able to know that when their message get sent and delivered with the help of single tick and double ticks in Grey color.

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The WhatsApp Ticks feature has created frustration for many users because this has made them reply to their senders (if the users have read the message). Therefore, this messaging platform has come up with APK that can disable the appearance of the blue ticks in the senders mobile. The update is only for Android platform that means the users of iPhone, Windows, Blackberry and other platforms users cannot use this update. Moreover, this update is not available at Google play store. Therefore, here this blog provides helpful tips for Android and other users that can cease the appearance of Blue Ticks on senders’ mobile phones.

Let’s Have A Glance Below

For Android Users, below are the step by step instructions that disable the WhatsApp double blue ticks

Before following the below given steps, you need to be sure that you are having the Android 2.1 or later version.

Step 1: Enable ‘Download from Unknown Sources’ in the setting page
Step 2: Go to WhatsApp’s website and download & install APK file
Step 3: When installation is completed, Go to ‘Settings’ of WhatsApp
Step 4: Tap on Account and Open Profile.
Step 5: There you will see “Read Receipts” option. Click the “Read Receipt” for disabling the blue ticks.

whatsapp Blue Ticks Setting
Remember after disabling the blue ticks, not only your senders, but also you will not be able to see the blue ticks.

Here is short video that explain how install APK and change Read receipt option:

For other users, here are tips that can assist in hiding the blue ticks

1. Enable Pop-up Notification

By enabling the pop-up notification, you will be able to see the message through the Notification. As you do not need to open the application, the blue ticks will not appear. To enable the Pop-up Notification, follow the below given tips:

  • Open the WhatsApp Setting
  • Tap On Notification and then Click Pop-up Notification
  • Click Pop-up Notification, you will get 3 options
    • No popup
    • Only When Screen ‘On’
    • Only When Screen ‘Off’
    • Always Shows popup
      Notification Option
  • Choose Always Shows Popup

After enabling the Popup notification, you will see the message like this
WhatsApp Message

2. Switch To Older Version

You can download and install the older version of WhatsApp. There are many websites that offer older version of WhatsApp. Just search the older version of WhatsApp and download & install the application. Before installing the older version, make the backup of all the conversations, so that you will not lose any data. Second thing, disable the automatic updates in play store.

3. Change To Flight Mode or Airplane Mode

Turn on flight mode, before opening WhatsApp to read message. By doing this, you will hide yourself from the senders and read the message. But when you switch off the flight mode, the sender will see the Blue ticks.

airplane mode


Hopefully, all these tips are helpful for you in disallowing the senders to know that when you read the message. How is the blog, is that informative, please share your views. If we get any more information or better tips regarding disabling WhatsApp 2 Blue Ticks for other platforms like iPhone, Windows, etc., then we will come up in another blog. Till then, stay connected with us.

WhatsApp Blue Ticks: Know Simple Tips To Disable It Manually


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