What Is The Scope of on Demand App Development?

Doctors advise that you should drink water always. In fact, waiting until you feel thirsty before taking a cup of water is risky. There’s an indescribable feeling you get, though, when you satiate your appetite instantly. The feeling of getting a meal instantly, or getting a ride within seconds, even, getting a babysitter just in time before you step out is hard to top. This is the joy of on demand app development for businesses.

The Reach of on Demand App

On demand service apps are, more than ever, changing the way services are being delivered. Food, taxi, medicines, grocery shopping, tickets, are all enjoying the proliferation of on demand apps and the results are promising.

Harvard Business Reports reported that over 22 million consumers spend almost 58 billion dollars on, on demand apps services yearly. And luckily, this is not one of those trends which fades away as quickly as emerges. The adoption of this tech is widespread, with millennials accounting for 49% of the total consumption while people from ages 35 to 54 are about 30%.

Consumers expect more companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Fiverr. The increasing expectation creates a concurrent increase in demand for on demand app development for services like plumbing, cosmetics, lessons, consultation, etc. Similarly, on demand app developers are also being featured in the limelight for their skills.

Roadmap to Successful on demand App Development

As tempting as it is to quickly jump on the bandwagon and adopt on demand app service apps, it is important to outline certain factors which ensure the success of your application. In doing this, modeling businesses such as Uber and Airbnb and their ascension will be helpful.

Solve a Prevalent Problem

This is the advice every entrepreneur touts, it is the same when it comes to on demand service app development. If your service fails to find relevance in the daily public sphere, your on demand app will struggle in the market. The cause of eventual failure, will hardly be attributed to the on demand app developer in this situation.

This is why, companies like Uber; providing people who need to commute daily, and Airbnb; helping travelers, minimalists, & tourists secure a safe accommodation are successful. This success has also birthed the concept of Uber for X; a burgeoning service market where you get swift delivery of virtually every service you require.

Make Your Transactions Seamless

Convenience is the driving force of innovation. By offering to save time and stress, people will gladly utilize your services. Ideally, you should ensure that the process of selection is very fast and easy. Make the process of payment equally seamless and swift. Also, one factor you should consider is giving consumers an easy way to access reviews of the products or services you deliver. You might consider speaking at length to an on demand app developer to table your ideas.

Make Provision for Unlimited Supply of Service

The world is changing. Facebook; arguably the largest source of news and daily information, is run by almost 3 billion users. Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba, the three largest online stores, are being managed by thousands of sellers. Finally, Uber; no introduction needed, is being serviced by hundreds of thousands of drivers who are eager to work.

Similarly, you should ensure that before considering on demand app development, it is important to get a myriad of suppliers ready. This will ensure that your business scalability is not threatened. Also, with the aforementioned model, you need not struggle when the growth occurs. Within 3 years, Uber’s driver-base increased by 1500%, yet, they remained unmoved.

Creating on Demand Apps; Points to Ponder

Cost of On demand App Development

Failure to account for the budget of your on demand app development is a recipe for disaster. As you know, time is money. The number of hours put into developing the application determines the amount you’ll spend.

However, be careful. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to get cheaper or better deals on the services rendered. You might end up discarding the whole idea eventually, or worse, pissing off your board of trustees. You should also explain your budget in detail to your on demand app developer so as to draw up a concrete plan.

IT Services

On demand app development can be very demanding, especially when your aim is to create a truly disruptive application. You cannot afford to go cheap neither can you let nepotism cloud your judgment. You should opt for an on demand app development company with a strong emphasis on research, design, planning, development, and marketing.

Paperwork and Business Management

Here, multiple thoughts go into brainstorming. Basically, you have several odds you want to work with, giving the customer the best, making enough profit, pleasing your investors, etc. You also work with sometimes limited resources such as the courier company, delivery, the assets required, among others.

Key Features

Booking Module

You should ensure that the process of booking appointments or services is not burdensome. There are certain ways to keep the operation short and simple.

Payment Solution

There’s nothing more off-putting than a very convoluted payment platform. Supporting a wide range of payment services is one way to attract customers since it shows transparency and credibility. It takes a highly skilled on demand app developer to come up with this sort of solution without complicating the process.

Shipping and Delivery

On demand service app is just as good as regular apps if the delivery isn’t expedited. When it comes to the tech market, the first impression can as well be the last impression.


No matter how long it will take the service to be delivered? It is important to inform the customers of the transition journey. Simple thoughtful messages such as “Your driver is 3 minutes away” or “Your coffee will be delivered in 2 minutes” or even “Your sneaker is a foot away” can make all the difference.


While it might appear as though the pioneers of on demand service apps were simply fortuitous, this is not the case. They carefully thought the process through, envisioned it, pitched it to professionals and critics, adjusted accordingly, and implemented the solution. Within a very short while, they have carved a niche for themselves and now, they appear indispensable.

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