What Do You Do Before You Make Your Website Live?

There is not a more enthralling and bewitching job than designing and developing a website. In fact the industry is so vast and huge, that it has now been a source of bread and butter (and pizzas and pastas and cakes and cookies and God knows what all) for various working professionals – be it full time designers and developers or freelancers.

The repeated studies over the time has revealed certain stereotypical behavior on the part of website designers and developers before they finally make their website live. In this write up we are discussing the common behavior patterns, which the developers and designers all over the world exhibits, on the eve of the launch of their websites.

As you humor yourself reading how your fellow designers respond to the anxiety of dealing with the night before the website launch, you can secretly read out your own behavior pattern and know what it says about you. So what do you before you launch your website and what does it reveal about your personality?

Panic and Loose Control

Amusing, isn’t it? Most of the users just simply panic and loose control before the release of their website. The entire process of the launch of the website is filled with anxiety and nervousness. You are never sure what you are doing with the website is right and no one can predict with optimum precision how the end users would respond to the website. The stakes are high if you are trying something out of the box with the website design, more so, when you are doing it for a client who himself is freaking out.

Characteristics Revealed: This primarily shows lack of self confidence in one’s own self. And it is okay, because life has made us all a little pessimistic in nature. However, this may work in your favor if you only freak out and do not break down. In fact a little anxiety is required to ensure nothing is wrong with the website design. If you are concerned about the design, you will spend more time on it and ensure no vital element is missed in the design.

Test the Entire Website for Flawless Performance

Partially originating out of the the above stated anxiety disorder, this is one of the most common behavior of various website designers and developers. Most of them usually like to run various tests on the website, just to ensure everything is perfect with the functioning and performance of the website. The various tests against which the website are tested are – script checks, link tests, spell checks, speed tests and so on. In fact most of the designers have a list prepared for all the tests they wish to perform on the website.

Characteristics Revealed: It just reveals how much of a perfectionist you are, when it comes to ascertaining highest standards with your craft. It is a good way to channelize the energy that builds up before the launch of the website. In a way it is better than panicking and loosing control. You are smart, sensible, logical and you believe in delivering the best result, up to your capabilities and skill set. Besides, you know the best use of your time.

Relax, Take it Easy!

So it is the launch of the website, so what? It is not the end of the world, right?! Every other day a thousands of websites are launched. In your heart you are convinced that given a chance to go back in the past and design the website again, there is nothing that you would want to do differently. That is, you have done your part and instead of loosing the night’s sleep over it, you would rather hit out, go for a fag or a drink, watch a movie or just pass time pursuing any of your interests.

Characteristics Revealed: You are stable, determined, organized and self assured. You believe in giving your hundred percent in the very first place and do not lose your mind no matter what. You have the qualities of a budding leader inside you and can handle project works in the organization.

Drop an Invoice!

So is that what you do (or like to do) before the website is actually launched? Well payments are essential to maintain a healthy work flow for the coming working cycle and if you have a habit of dropping down the invoices before the website is launched, it is actually a good thing.

This way, the ball is in the client’s court. The website will not be launched unless the payments are cleared and thus you clear off with all the clutter while receiving the payments.

Characteristics Revealed: This shows that you are a thorough professional and you mean business. You do not compromise on the quality of the work from either side (that is, yours and the client’s) and it is a good habit to steel clear of the payment factors.

However, remember to conduct yourself gracefully and patiently. Some of the clients may take offenses to this type of behavior and it is never worth it to disturb the promising and fruitful relationships with the clients.

Run a Cross Browser Compatibility Test

It is really important for your website to have the attribute of cross browser compatibility. Most of the website simply explode in the Internet Explorer 6. Thus prior to the launch of the website, some of the designers run a cross browser compatibility test. It is more likely that either one of the many popular browsers will give you some sort of headache.

Characteristics Revealed: If you save it for last, either you are just trying out some sort of time management, or you simply hate carrying out the mundane tasks. Ideally, the sooner you start with cross browser compatibility tests, the better it is for you. It is a good practice to ensure that the website functions well with all web browsers from the early stages of the development cycle.

Ask for Opinions

Before the launch of the website, it is always one of the two typical scenario – either you feel there is nothing wrong with the website or you feel nothing at all is right with it. Thus it is a smart way to head back to your support system – perhaps your team or your mentor etc and ask for their opinions. You can have others who would run various tests on your website and check its performance. Besides, you can just ask for a general opinion that the users have about the website and see how much popular it would be with the users?

Characteristics Revealed: You are smart and sensible. You have contacts that you can count on and you do not shy away from using the same for a particular project. You can easily ask favors and often render favors effortlessly to others. You are a key team player, you can confide in your social circle and they can confide in you. It is not a problem for you to let your mistakes being known to others. In fact you pro-actively ask for your mistakes to be revealed, so that you can work on the same.

Backup Backup Backup!

After all system crashes, files goes corrupt and obscure stuff which you could not even think of, happens! Technology has a knack for failing you when you need it the most. Thus, backup is an essential step, which needless to say, is often missed by various designers and developers.

Some of the smart designers and developers (who may have probably suffered a loss sometime before) now says that before launching the website, they take the snapshots of the same, archive it or take and SQL dump of the same.

Characteristics Revealed: You are really smart working professionals. After all, taking the pain of reproducing the website, in case of any loss could be quite detrimental. Backing up eases out the entire process, gives you a peace of mind and only reveals how much a thorough and smart working professional that you truly are.

We are not judging!

This was just a quick and crisp overview of your personality as a web designer, revealed on the basis of the behavior your exhibit prior to the launch of your website. And though on a normal day all the inferences will have a 99 percent accuracy (and we are being modest here!) but the purpose is not to judge, just to have a good heartfelt laugh at our own secret web designer behavior.

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