Web video productions help you reach customers around the clock

Let’s face it, the web is available twenty four hours per day and to everyone around the world. A great way to reach customers around the clock is to create an engaging video. But, it is important to have focus during the video production process and have a plan to reach your customers.

Here are a few ideas you can use as a foundation for reaching your website visitors around the clock.

  • Promotional videos are designed as short documentaries about a business. The documentary explains who you are and what your business offers, while at the same time giving highlights of your facilities, processes, products and services. Such a documentary can be so engaging that the viewer spends a longer time on your website. If you have longer page view times, this will ultimately turn the general audience into customers.
  • Viral marketing videos are a great idea, and these are best used with social media such as Twitter and Facebook. A viral marketing video will bring more visitors to your website and it will also raise awareness of a brand. Whether you are searching for engaging and versatile tools to showcase your products and services, or a method of boosting your sales in an affordable manner, a video is great for achieving these objectives.
  • Allowing satisfied customers to give a firsthand promotion of your products and services through word-of-mouth is a very effective way to use testimonial content. This coupled with the decision by Google to integrate online videos into search results means that a video is now a very cost effective tool that you can use to market your products and services.

The flexibility and potential of online video productions is almost unlimited. You can make an impression on potential customers with a compelling video that encourages customers to take action. Immediately after a video completes, customers can make a decision to contact your business for additional information, or to test your products and services. A video can also send a message to a global audience, and you can instantly access and reuse the video. Just remember, the most important aspect of a video on your website is that it communicates with your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Author Bio
Tristan Pelligrino is the co-owner of 522 Productions (video production dc) and specializes in developing recruiting videos. Tristan also runs 522 Digital, a digital marketing agency in Northern Virginia.


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