Web Designing Mistake: Top 10 Common Mistakes in Web Designing

Digital ranking has become one of the most discussed issues among the website owners. Everybody wants to have the highest traffic to their website. Hence they mostly focused on SEO techniques. Even though implementing the best SEO strategies with perfect content and links their site still lags behind or does not reach expected level. The reason is the poor Web site design. Website design play crucial role in obtaining anticipated ranking. Here Webgranth share some of the common mistakes that are adopted in website design.

Website design, as we all know is one of the key factors for User Experience (UX). The scope of design of websites is not up to interaction strategies, having an effective web design can also bring more traffic towards the website. Now questions are how the graphic on the web page can improve ranking and what we need to do improving traffic. To answer these Webgranth feature mistakes those are adopted in web design and how to minimize these faults.

10 most common mistakes in website designing

Put meaningful or appropriate label for the Image

Image searching or searching content with the help of Image is currently becoming the trending technique. So putting the right label according the picture description instead of just writing picture 1 or simply using alphanumeric character will definitely bring lots of traffic. So select the appropriate file name for the picture which is going to be placed on the web page.

Over using Flash and Ajax effects

Sometime web designer use lot of Ajax or Flash effects to groom their site more glittering and stunning this is one of the most common mistakes in Web design. Because putting lots of Ajax/Flash effect needs huge coding which step down the speed of loading website and also shortens content which influence the lower ranking on Search Engine Result Page. So use as much Flash and Ajax effects as required in website design.

Less space for text

Don’t fill the website design with full of graphics or images that there is no space for introducing important content such as you can see this Portfolio WordPress theme that is completely full of images here putting the text is a very cumbersome task. Try to use pictures or images when required and also concentrate on the appropriate dimension of Images so that content can be viewed by search engine crawler easily.

Giving a flat design to menu

Having defined all the sub menu items in the single menu is not effective. Owing to this most of the pages which deserve huge traffic never get that kind of request directly, this problem reflects the ranking of a site and reduces the traffic flow. So it is needed to implement the navigation page. Navigation page is a collection of different page category wise. This technique will help to improve ranking towards websites.

Giving proper description of site

Implement appropriate description for the site. The description is one or two line sentence that describes the website. The websites that do have improper or no description have very less traffic even having highest rank. So try to put the meaning full or impeccable description for the website.

Abandoned the web page

Abandoned the web page means defining no links for particular web page under different web pages. This type of practice degrades the ranking because there is no possible way to reach that abandoned page. It will good to implement links systematically with correct flow.

Stuff proper keyword with appropriate frequency

Keyword plays a very important role in bringing the content to the top level in the result page of search engine. So define proper keyword with appropriate frequency. Here frequency means the number of times a particular keyword is used. So never over use particular keyword/master word suppose there is a keyword “ PSD” and designer use this in every part of the page like in footer, header, navigation. So this keyword will work like spam for search engine crawler and will definitely put the site in black list or avoid the site to be appeared in the search page.

Using Lots of links at side bar

Having a large number of links on the side bar is very disadvantageous factor for various sites because most of the site got invisible in front of search engine crawler. And the only sites which have higher weight get spotted by the crawler.

Timely updating/ upgrading web design

With time there is always the increase in traffic and contents; in these cases most of the web designers continuously adopt initial design which is not good for user Experience and for crawler. Hence update web design with content in links, navigation, menu and much more in regular time period, will improve the visibility and search engine crawler can easily discover the page.

Non use of keyword in navigation menu

The use of apt keyword for navigation menu is very helpful in bringing traffic towards the webpage now the question is what kind of keyword should be opted. So here implement that kind of keyword which have very low competition and don’t use the high competitive word. Suppose “psd to html” have the highest competition, then use “step for psd to HTML” or something that has low competition but should match according type of the page. This will definitely result in the increase in traffic flow towards the website.


Hope that this post will save you from doing such kind of web designing mistake that leads to the loss of traffic and degrading ranks. This post is designed to teach you for putting right effort in the right direction in terms of web designing. Share your views regarding above and do ask about any of the above discussed issues through comment section given below, so that we can understand your problem and mention solutions in the next post.

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