Web Designers and Web Designing: The Complete Encyclopedia

With this post of mine I am putting a spotlight on the complete encyclopedia of Website Designers and Website Designing. This movie of Web designers and Web Designing is incorporated with all tastes of History, War, Mistakes and Fame. Let’s explore the story of Web designing that sparkled its name from dusk to dawn.

“Last night, I kicked my luck to find an ideal mobile application development company. Even before I could type the complete keyword; Google pasted a gamut of 201,000,000  results for my query. I was so much confused about my query but really thanks to Google to transform my confusion into a PHOBIA.”

It is really a wonderful aspect that we are now offered by a zillion of options for our every request on the internet. But this attribute has also transformed the simple process of choosing ‘the best’ into a confusing hassle. When we hit on an unknown website we try to judge its services by the User Interface and here comes the rhythmic magic of Web Designing and Web designers.

In this present internet freak world; Web designing is one of the spiciest choices of every website development process. When we explore a website; do we even care about the buckets of code used in that? And I know your answer, sorry OUR answer would be “no; we have a lot of other IMPORTANT stuff too, to care about”.

So the User interface or website designing is the signature statement of every website. Beside with attracting the crowd towards it; Web Site Design sticks the current users to the web page. Web Designing is a wide spectrum of different skills and discipline along with the User Interface design. It includes the visible process of Web graphic design, Interface design, User Experience design and invisible process of SEO, standardized codes and proprietary software.


In the year 1990, When I was enjoying my childhood with my favorite toys, the world was subjected to one of the biggest inventions of the era; ‘World Wide Web’. At its birth steps; the websites designed on world wide web were just text based. As the technology keeps spreading its wings; the trend of the website design was updated with the table based design in mid 90’s. The unsatisfied zeal of the designers encouraged them to make a long jump in the technology and in the late 90’s Flash and PHP came into the game.

The time keeps flowing and the technology keeps growing. At the present time; the web designing has undoubtedly crossed the horizon of ‘Impossible’ with the aid of the latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. The super astounding design of web sites can force anyone to say “wow ! How do they do that”.

For a much more detailed study about the history of the Web designing; below is the Web Designing History infographics that easily explain the complete journey of Web design.

Infographics History of web designing

One on One- Web Designers V/s Web Developers

Many of us sometimes get confused with the term Web designers and Web developers. Beside with almost similar spelling; web designers and developers correlate in the working algorithms too. But if you enlighten a bit deeper preview than you can easily measure the huge gap between these two breeds of Web site development. So to make a sharp way between this confusion; below I am discussing some make up factors:

Round1 : Role and Weapons

role-definition of web designer and developersA web designer is a person who handles the front end graphic tasks of a developed web page whereas a web developer is a person who develops the website from the ground using architectures and programming codes. The arsenal of a web designer includes Photoshop, fireworks, gimps, Dreamweaver etc. whereas the arsenal of a web developer is loaded with PHP, HTML, Java Script and CSS.

Round 2 : Smart or Smarter?

physical-appearence of web designers and web developersBoth web developers and designers rely on each other; neither of them can alone make the website a blockbuster. But both of them are the biggest competitors of each other too; it is always an uncrowned war going between these both warriors of website development to prove him ‘the best’. You can easily differentiate between web developers and web designers just by their physical appearance (NOTE: exceptions are always there).

Round 3 : Fear Factor

fear-factor for Web developers and DesignersBoth the web designers and developers have some fear factors. While Web designers are having a short hand with database and client revisions; Web developers feel uncomfortable to fit with server crashes and EPS files. But beside with different fear factors; they both have a common factor too. They both fall short and unhealthy with women.

Even after spending a lot of money and time on the website design; there are a lot of web designers who couldn’t taste the fruit of traffic on their websites. But what could be the possible reason behind this flop show?  I checked a lot of websites and I noted the same mistake committed by everyone. So in this post I will like to discuss those mistakes of web site design. You too can learn from these mistakes to be the favorite click of the visitors.

Mistake 1 :

Perfect Recipe to Irritate Customers on Ecommerce websites

No prices mistake 1

This mistake is mostly committed by the B2B and B2C eCommerce websites. Price of a service or a product is the most common factor that a customer looks for. A customer feels lost when he couldn’t find the price for the service. So it is a prime responsibility of a website designer to make it an ease of the users to find the tag price.

Mistake 2 :

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions # Foolish Amusing Questions

Faq Mistake 2

FAQs are the list of the general questions and topics where a user could need troubleshoot but a lot of website FAQs is jammed with the questions that ‘company wished the user would ask’. This really makes a bad impression! A designer must keep in mind that the FAQ is not the place for advertisement. When a user links to the FAQ section, he is expected to be already tensed and frustrated; believe me that the list of stupid questions can put oil into the fire.

Mistake 3 :

Fonts Of Numerous Types and Styles Makes Reading Easy

Fonts Of Numerous Types and Styles Makes Reading Easy

The style sheet of a website provides the authority to the admin to enable or disable the website’s ‘change font size’ option. In most of the cases the website designers disables this option for the users by pasting a micro size static font. Many a times this font is really difficult to read by the aged users. So it is always advised to the designers to respect the user’s preference and give them the facility to resize the font according to their need.

Mistake 4 :

Horizontal Scrolling: BIG : NO

Horizontal scrolling is a no
At the present time users really hate to scroll from left to right. The vertical scrolling of the webpage is in the common list and could be an easy move with mouse wheel navigation. Users avoid the websites which incorporate the horizontal scrolling. So a web designer must follow this trend to put a smile on the faces of its visitors.

Mistake 5 :

LlllllOoooooNnnnnnGggggg URL Is A Lengthy Hassle

long URL is a lengthy hassle

URL is the identity of a web page or website. Users want this identity to be simple and short so that it can be easily remembered. A long or complex URL is NEVER REMEMBERED; hence it is expected that the organic traffic for these URLs would be in single digits only. If you too are looking to get a URL then this point should be underlined at the priority.

I hope that you had enjoyed this post on Web designing and Web designers; for more information and queries you can leave your comment or can visit my other posts. I would be encouraged by your reviews and feedback. Keep visiting Webgranth for more bags of information and freebies.

Web Designers and Web Designing: The Complete Encyclopedia

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