Want To Increase Customer Engagement? Follow These Top 5 Trends in 2018

The new year has already started and we all are seeking for trick and tips to increase the customer engagement. We all want to achieve something more than other.

In this digital era, customer interaction level has become all that you need from last some years. For 2018, there are some of the trends which we need to follow in order to gain more user interaction. So, let’s have a look:

Here is the list of Top 5 Trends

Augmented Reality (AR):

Augmented Reality

People have started reading and knowing more about Augmented Reality. Companies such as Snapchat, Facebook, Apple and many others are emerging with Augmented Reality technology to their platforms and adapt creativity at first. They offer their clients to test their products in prior to purchasing it which is possible by AR. Here is a great example of it, Facebook provides facebook bot to its users which suggests clothes and lipstick shades to the customers who upload their pictures. This can be the first thing each should adopt and can increase the user engagement.

Omnichannel Experience:

Many brands and companies are still struggling in optimizing their channel constantly whereas Omnichannel is not a new concept. Actually, the great Omnichannel experience depends on the kind of quality service provided on the same channel. People sometimes worry about their industry niche to connect with Omnichannel. Omnichannel call center software can do more than just allow interactions for each industry. Collaborate with any good firm to get the guidance.


Once you are treated as an individual, you respond positively to the particular brands for sure. This reality makes personalization an absolute necessity for each organization, for both client administration and deals rehearses. As indicated by Marketing Insider Group, 78% of U.S. web clients assert that their purpose to buy increments when brands furnish them with by and by important substance. Now, utilizing focus on advertising offers, each brand ought to likewise adapt every communication by tending to clients by name and utilizing dialect so that everybody may get it.

Internet Of Things:

The most trending one and buzzword for some kind of period. Firms in segments as assorted as a fund, assembling, and interchanges are utilizing innovation to make their items more astute and offer proactive arrangements previously issues even emerge. IoT is in this manner changing client engagement in areas already unexplored. Bosch, for instance, can settle issues in its washers and dryers remotely, on account of sensors that impart such data. Neos, an “associated” home insurance agency in the UK, gives clients the latest associated innovation to enable them to screen and anticipate dangers progressively.


Do you know? 80% of internet users have the smartphone as we all know and with the rise of technology, people are getting more attracted to geolocation tools which provide better marketing tactics and customer services. Airports world while from international Hong Kong terminal to John F. Kennedy used to communicate important travel information with each other. Really this can be helpful to the real-time customer to communicate and get the location details easily.

geo location

Thus, the trends are not new but we are not much familiar with them and so we have not adopted these trends in real life to gain customer engagement. Follow these trends now in 2018 and get the results soon.

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